Nelson Mandela, Promoted by US Media Communists

MandelaBy Ken LaRive, TLB Contributor.

Nelson Mandela was born to a chief of the Xhosa tribe in 1918, South Africa, and was held in high regarded as royalty, a prince. As he grew, he got the attention of a white professor, Joe Slovo, who eventually helped Mandela to acquire a law degree. This communist professor was a Lithuanian, a Colonel in the Russian KGB, and their lives would be interwoven from that time on.

About 20 years prior, the African National Congress, the (ANC), was formed, and I speculate it was created for two primary reasons, or purposes. At that time, blacks were excluded citizenship in South Africa, by a white power structure called the Union of South Africa. They were considered settlers by the indiginious population, something like what happened to our American Indians by men with a gun and a bible. Secondly, the ANC wanted and demanded concessions from an unwilling government who thought them inferior, and the ANC began to organize with great verve to compensate for this attitude toward them. At the time the ANC was said to be mostly pragmatists and Christians, but soon after, Communists gained control, and both Christians and non-violent reformers were expelled.

Mandela was well-liked in the organization and moved up in the ranks fast to soon become the Commander of the MK, the military arm of the ANC, and a card-carrying Communist.

Three years later ten members of MK were arrested with 210,000 hand grenades and 48,000 land mines. In the cache, 107 separate plans to blow up specific buildings along with more than 50 tons of high explosives were found. In the mix was a box of papers and propaganda fliers naming Mandela as the leader, with a 94 page essay written in Madela’s own hand on “How to be a good Communist.” Mandela, and eight of the ten originally arrested, were found guilty of high crimes and sentenced to life in prison.

From his cell Mandela continued to advise and promote his violent agenda as he tried to transition South Africa to a Communistic state, very much like what we are dealing with today in America, where Progressive Socialism is morphing into a top heavy and manipulative Communistic government. Mandela thought that socialism must come from a revolutionary act, not by a slow peaceful process, as the reactionaries and Christian liberals advised. He saw that the land was taken from them in violence, and only violence could take it back. Communism would be a natural progression from there…

As the years wore on, Mandela was considered for release, and in 1980 he came before the board of review with the proposition of freedom. Freedom, if he would renounce his violent methods… Emphatically, he said no, and one has to ask the question why? Was he so honest? Was he such a man of honor that he could and would not give them a lie? Or was it a statement from his prison cell to those who continued his work on the outside? And so, after another ten years, a total of 27 in all, F.W. deKlerk gave Mandela his freedom… and then it was, within a short time, he was standing in front of 50,000 like-minded radicals, with the Communist Party flag as backdrop, and his right hand clenched in a fist of black power.

Through Mandela’s dreams of freeing the black man from the oppressive whites, who had built a modern civilization over widespread waring tribes and desolation, he justified his actions by the use of one word, Apartheid. The same word now used world wide to describe the abuses by Israel on Palestinians, and in the frey, black on black and white on black violence escalated unimpeded… In the middle, and in retrospect, the ones who wanted a non violent solution was tied in barbed wire, stuffed in old tires, and burned alive. They called it jungle justice, and this method is atypical in Africa, and produces abject fear and control.

Economic ciaos came in the middle of this struggle when the US Congress imposed sanctions on the country. It created a 50 percent unemployment rate among the black population, and American corporations who had brought with them fair and ethical employment practices, had to sell out or leave the country.

In the US, Mandela was touted by the New Progressive-owned media of the United States to be a hero, and was invited in 1991 for a 14 day tour. He was treated with the greatest respect, and his past was never an issue. And so, one has to ask the question why? Why would David Dinkins, the then mayor of New York, have a ticker-tape parade to honor the likes of Mandela? Could it be that his ideologies were considered identical to the Progressive media mindset? Could it be that the media moguls saw and promoted Mandela as a hero, because they truly idolized his Communistic Ideology? The so-called “American Free Press” then began a campaign to glorify Madella as a freedom fighter, comparing him to George Washington and Abe Lincoln. Some even proposed he was another Marten Luther King, but that would be ludicrous in the extreme, as those two men were worlds apart, a man of intellect, faith, and peace, and a man of revenge, violence, and government control of the masses.

In his homeland, however, the reigning government considered him anything but a hero. A local South African historian, Dr. Mzimela, wrote: “Mandela, the father of terrorism in South Africa, has done more harm to the cause of black liberation in that troubled land than any other person in living history.” Of course his followers thought otherwise, as Communists bringing down a democracy is quite an undertaking. And so too did communism break the back from the outside in, where as, here in America Communists are doing it from the inside out. There are many ways to kill a cat, and Progressive Socialist Communists are very good at that..

In his fiery speeches and pamphlets, Mandela began to promote a new concept, “Liberation before education,” and that promoted a new reign of unbridled terror as bands of rouge youths burned down their schools, tortured and killed white farmers and their families in mutilations too grotesque to be described here. Three thousand out of about 40,000 commercial farmers, their workers and families killed and farms razed, and to this day these actions are viewed in South Africa to be the terrorist acts of an orchestrated genocidal campaign. But then, didn’t the tribes of that area think the very same of the white settlers as they pushed them off their ancestral homeland by the point of a gun? Seems that depends whose side you were on at the time.

Dr. Gregory Stanton with Genocide Watch wrote that there was a great resistance to giving these white farmers asylum because they were afraid the world would see Nelson Mandela for the Communist monster he was. What an amazing accusation!

In 1984 Henry Kissinger and a team from the US, promoted and backed the ANC with money and support, and Nelson Mandela became president along with 16 out of 50 parliamentary members who also belonged to the Communist Party. One of these was his old mentor, Joe Slovo, who was then the chairman of the African Communist Party.

So wait a minute… even with McCarthyism after WW2, Korea and then Vietnam to fight Communism, we back a murderous regime-change that brought in Communism to a major democratic government in the middle of the cold war, to bring in socialism to the swarms of blacks who came from all Africa to find jobs? Do you think it possible, and it might be a stretch, that diamonds had something to do with that? Do you think that the banking system had anything to do with it? And where did the ANC get their arms?

Author’s note: One has to wonder why our American press idolized Madella, and suppressed his Communistic affiliations so effectively. Could it be that the powers that control our American press are of the same ilk? Today, though semantics may have changed, like the word Communism being displace by what is now called Progressive and Neocon, but the ideology is the same. A socialistic morph into Communism, where government grows with the suppression of rights and liberty, and truth is extinguished for an agenda all their own. This can be accomplished by the destruction of the middle class, and Obama Care promises to do just that. Instead of opening the borders of our states for competition, as a free market would dictate, states rights are diminished, as set forth by our 14th amendment. Yes, perhaps old Abe Lincoln and Mandela does have a bit in common.

The Black Caucus

A few years back, the Black Caucus, here in the States, and a veritable long-time promoter of Mandela, tried to solicit computer and graphic teachers to train black kids in South Africa at the expense of American taxpayers. I was newly retired at the time and applied. I was turned down for no evident reason, but came to realize that on their web site it stipulated that only blacks should apply. I was incensed, and of course contacted them saying, “Haven’t you folks learned anything from you South African Apartheid?” That request was soon taken off their site, but I’ll bet it was not for the reason one might think.

Wrapping your rotten fish with newspapers

Can’t say I’m a “real” newspaper man. I submitted about 60 essays over a period of years to a number of local newspapers with my own weekly column. At the time I was an international fluid engineer, and my submissions were about my travels, and interesting quips on culture. All of these papers were owned by one man, and he turned out to be a good friend, actually commenting his take on every essay by email. He enjoyed my conservative (Libertarian) take on life, and told me just that many times.

I started studying American History again, and current political science too, and found myself compelled to write about it. Several lawyers in the community did everything they could to discredit me, but the owner told me it was good to get the pot stirring, and actually laughed it off. But things started to change. He retired. The paper went from one editor to another in quick succession, and suddenly my efforts became inconsequential to some of them. It went from bad to worse as a photo of a wreck I had submitted was sabotaged in the darkroom. I have spent countless hours in a dark room, and it was evident that fixer was poured over it… so I questioned the photographer. I’ll remember that smiling glare forever. I figured she just considered me competition, but now think it far more than that. I really was confused back then, a young kid who believed that people were good and fair. But then, wrong pictures started being posted with my text, and one time my essay was published with question marks after every sentence, blamed on some new software… Slowly, I came to realize that the new management had ushered in what can only be described as a liberal mindset, and they didn’t like my conservative take on things one bit. They didn’t want a balance, but a slant, a liberal slant.

When I moved away I submitted twelve essays to my local paper without a problem, until the Jena 6 case where I tried to show that that community was being race-bated by Jessy Jackson. They refused to publish it, and it stuck in my craw hard as I remembered my past newspaper problems. Though everything I said was true, statistics taken from the FBI website using their own extrapolation method determined it was 18 times more likely for a black man to kill a white for racial hate… it would not be published with the excuse that it would incite more hatred. That essay is found here. Next I submitted an essay about Nelson Mandela, a small one of three paragraphs, now lost. It was about how he was a Communist, and not in the same realm as Martin Luther King, a Republican. I had touched on the fact that the American media had promoted Mandela without so much as a mention of that emphatic fact. Though I went straight to the editor’s desk with my request, I was told to “try again.”

That is how I became a blogger, free from the biased lies and half truths that makes most American newspapers unfit for anything but wrapping garbage. It is great to learn sport stats, where the pot-holes are, or who they want to promote in government, but you won’t find truth. Both sides will be needed for that.


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