The Answer Does Not Have To Be “Blowing In The Wind”

Elite 01By Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff Writer

“I still say [the answer is] in the wind and just like a restless piece of paper it’s got to come down some[time]…the only trouble is that no one picks up the answer when it comes down so not too many people get to see and know [it].” –Bob Dylan.

What will it take to blow the walls of divisions away? What will it take to persuade man out of His age old fanaticism of categorical imperatives and established prejudices? What will it take for Humanity to understand that Freedom is Man’s ultimate calling?

“The answer, my friend is blowin’ in the wind…”

This song represents a wake up call and was written during a period of upheaval, in the midst of a cultural revolution, multiple political crises, an unjust war and the realization of Man’s abject servitude. Its message underscores Man’s inability to redress His plights due to His influenced blindness.

Fast-forward 60 years and witness the frightening Man’s descent into moral and spiritual decay. How did it get to this? As the World approaches a new post industrial neo feudal age, brains are no longer required thus leading to a deliberate dumbing down of people and the soft genocidal policies delivered through poisonous substances borne via air,food, syringes and water were instituted.

As long as America was the leader of the Industrial age, the quality of Education was second to none as brains were desperately needed to compete globally and remain on top. Until the fateful day Nixon and Kissinger opened up with China with the design to establish a global slave labor zone, an initial step into the much maligned New World Order. A network of unscrupulous traitors were involved into transferring the American industrial technology assets, space satellite blue prints and nuclear deterrence knowledge right out the US institutes into China. Geopolitical global power is making its way East as well.

The past couple of centuries were the age of cheap credit and the subsequent insane exploitation of fossil fuels that drove the global population to swell well beyond numbers never seen on earth. The population boom helped in the procreation of many more geniuses than would otherwise have been created, were it not for the stimulus of cheap money and it certainly explains the rapid advances of science during the past two hundred years. The elite of this world have designed their plans for global domination over a period of centuries, time is no object for them.

New World Order[1]Having met these objectives, among others, the rapid acquisition of science and technology and the application of which negates the use of a large industrious labor base, a decision to rollback the population numbers was ineluctably adopted by the masters of the universe. Governments of the World have been mandated by their shadow representatives to implement various genocidal solutions in an effort to reduce their populations. The POLIO, AIDS, SARS, SWINE, all previously unknown to Man viruses, suddenly started to appear in addition to obesity, heart and cancer diseases, deadly vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, tainted water supplies and finally the denial of knowledge, why? Simply because knowledge is power.

But, the most obvious truth is that the answer doesn’t have to blow in the wind. Over the past two decades, thanks to the web, our world has turned into a village where everyone is presented with the opportunity to know each other, to understand our common struggle, which is the struggle for Freedom, always has. We are presented an abundant source of truthful information, the ability to connect the dots; we are presented with alternatives to official history, history conveniently written in favor of the victors. Everyday, every hour, every minutes and seconds, smoke and mirrors are being thrown into our face, isn’t it time to call their bluff?

Bruce Lee once said: Destroy the image and you will destroy the enemy.

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