NEO – Rouhani Checkmates Senate Sanctions Blackmailers

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by  Jim W. Dean,   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

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There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.” ~ Nelson Mandela

–  First published …  April 19, 2015  –


Foreign Minister Zarif and Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Saleh

Tensions are rising over prospects for a successful resolution of the Iran talks. Obama agreed to a compromise bill this week giving the Senate some time to review a final settlement in return for ending their new sanction threats during the final stage of the talks. This made sense to buy time for everyone to see while a final agreement will look like.

I had been concerned that the coordinated Senate attack on the new political agreement in the Iran nuclear talks would put Iran on the defensive, thus seceding momentum to those who want to kill the deal when we need to be putting a wooden stake through their hearts. They endanger our collective security and should be treated as threats.

Netanyahu had his sockpuppet spies in the US Senate launch a new bill that would virtually give them veto power over the final negotiations at this stage, resulting in a literal hijacking of the president’s power to execute foreign policy, even though he is the only party constitutionally empowered to negotiate with foreign governments.

The usual scare hoax was cranked up, charging that the current political agreement would guarantee a new Mideast, because Israel would be “forced” to attack Iran to defend itself. We have heard this ruse many times in the past in this region, where the aggressors claim they are defending themselves like Saudi Arabia does now with Yemen.

The fact that all the usual Congressional water carriers for Israel were using the same talking points betrayed the orchestration of the recent agreement’s sabotage. Iran had filed formal complaints with the US State Department about its re-interpretation of the agreement, which had stated that all sanctions would be removed when the final agreement was signed.

As English is my mother tongue, that seemed to me like a very straightforward and easy to understand clause. But John Kerry started walking that back with his verbiage of the sanctions would “begin” being removed after a final agreement. That was a red line for the Iranians, and they would not have signed the current agreement with that understanding. This “reinterpretation move” by Kerry will cast its long shadow forward to July 1.


Bibi continued his counterattack this week by demanding full recognition of Israel by Iran as part of the final deal, more confirmation that he has lost his mind. His sales pitch included spouting the bogus claim that Iran wants to annihilate Israel… an intelligence psyops that involved a purposeful mistranslation of an official statement that CNN was only too happy to help out with.

So I found myself hoping that Iran would make a strong statement to refocus public attention on this do-or-die deal. It’s the sanctions. The West got concessions from Iran as stated in the published agreement: “sanctions would be removed when the final deal was signed”. Iran is not going to pay twice for what was already agreed… not by a long shot.

President Rouhani said exactly that today with his statement that Iran would not sign a final nuclear agreement unless all the sanctions were removed FIRST. NPR misreported this today, stating Rouhani said he wanted them all removed AFTER the final agreement. The new demand is an acknowledgment that Kerry burned up all his diplomatic credit in Iran. Would you trust him after what he had done?


I was surprised at the boldness of Rouhani’s move — speechless actually — but it was the best move he could do by saying that Iran was not going to be a hostage to Western power-brokers over the ever-elusive nuclear deal. Given any wiggle room at all, those working for the Israeli Lobby would obviously begin a never-ending campaign to charge Iran with non-compliance and push for the re-institution of sanctions.

Iran is not so stupid to have come all this way, agreeing to conditions and inspections that no other co-signing Non-Proliferation Treaty nation has done before, only to let the Zionists have the last word through the Israeli-American Congress.

An important issue uncovered within corporate media has been that the recent agreement officially confirmed that all previous claims by Israelis and American think tanks about Iran’s nuclear weapons program were false. Yes, we all remember that no one put any proof of such a program on the table to kill the talks earlier, including Israel.

Murdering Iranian scientists was not “proof” of a weapons program, but just a cruel part of the hoax. But, of tremendous importance was Kerry’s statement that the new agreement would assure that Iran would “never” be able to build a nuclear weapons program. That was formal acknowledgment that the past claims had all been lies, including listing Iran as a major backer of international terror, when they were actually the victims of international state-sponsored terror.

Habilian Congress on 17000 Iranian terror victims

You can verify that with any of the 17,000 family members of the Habilian Association, who have endured almost the equivalent of six 911’s.

And 12,000 of those victims were killed at the hands of the state-sponsored terror group MEK, long supported by the US and Israel.This slaughter is still virtually unknown in the West because Western media hid the story from us at the behest of the conspiring governments.

The Congress on the 17,000 Iranian Terror Victims will be holding its first International event this August in Tehran, and VT looks forward to working with them to get this long hidden story made public.

If we are fortunate to defeat efforts from Israel and the Neocons in Congress to kill a final nuclear deal, there will be an opening of Iran, not only to Western business with the sanctions removal, but a booming tourism business of visitors to this ancient civilization.

Halibian Congress - Tehran

All the long-buried stories about what really happened since the CIA-British coup that brought down the Shah will be coming out of the closet. The Habilian Association will have a unique opportunity to be a leader and voice for all the terror victims in the world, as their story was literally buried alive. And it will be time to settle scores with all those who were guilty by putting them out of business.

You can add to that all the Iran nuclear hoax scamsters, as we need to make examples of them to dissuade future such conduct. If I could have been on Iran’s negotiation team, I would have played the bad cop when needed.

When Kerry tried to squeeze conventional weapons limitations into the talks when they were never on the agenda, I would have countered with demanding that Israel’s offensive weapons stockpiles, and the US’s in the region, would then also be made part of the negotiations.

If Iran was going to ensure inspections to validate it was not working on a bomb, then Israel’s WMD programs must be frozen and their nuclear arsenals put under international control. Additionally the final agreement must include the US’ guarantee of using whatever military force necessary to block a preemptive strike by Israel against Iran in attempting to trigger a new Mideast war.

And I would want a US guarantee that it would end all military and financial support if Israel attacked Iran, and require the EU and P5+1 to sanction Israel, as was done with Iran. The world could laugh all it wanted, but it is they who have sat by quietly, while the nation with the largest undeclared and uninspected WMD arsenal not only tells the rest of us to jump in a lake when it comes to inspections.

Israel then plays the victim, while threatening preemptive strikes on a nation that has no nuclear weapons that anyone was able to prove during the talks, and despite the exposure of that fraud, Israel still insists that it must have the final say on the nuke deal. This is so ridiculous it sounds like a Hollywood movie script.

A Western world that would not put such a country in a lunatic asylum has an incompetent and/or compromised political leadership. Afghanistan was a failure; Iraq was a failure. Syria was a failure, and now Ukraine is eating itself alive. And now those who were the historical liars on the Iranian nuclear weapons threat want to be left in charge of calling the shots? I have a bit of a problem with that.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean  and  Erica P. Wissinger



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