Netanyahu, Clinton & Perpetuating Video Lies

By Roger Landry (TLB)

While we at The Liberty Beacon project harbor no love loss for Israel’s aggressive stance towards the Palestinian people or its neighbors, we are about the truth regardless of who speaks it, or calls it to task.

A video has been making the rounds on social media being represented as fact. This video portrays Netanyahu as soulless monster who is putting forth as the mission of Israel, the intentional targeting of schools, mosques and even children in an effort to achieve their goals. Now even if you believe this is in fact true, the false representation of it via a doctored video is wrong on so many levels.

In this video Netanyahu appears to say to Clinton:

“We are trying to maximize the number of civilian casualties. We prefer that,” 

“We are conducting these surgical operations against schools, mosques, hospitals, children,”

“This is something I don’t have to explain to Americans.”

The point here is if I can find the truth about this video, any Pro-Israeli blogger can, and if I am sharing this around on the blind faith that I was told by a shill, troll or someone ignorant of the truth, that it was legit (the actual scenario so many are falling into), without vetting it first … what results is massive damage to both your credibility and that of those of us who honestly rail against the Massive injustice being perpetrated against Palestine.

Does it look Legit … Yes … is it well done … Yes … will it convince far too many who wont take the time to authenticate it … Yes … Will they get what they deserve for propagating a lie in ignorance … Sadly … YES!


Doctored video …

Original video …

There can be little doubt where the first video came from.

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