Washington’s New Anti-China Strategy

May 29, 2020 0

ER Editor: We’re also linking to this short piece, also on Voltaire Net, on the unexpected death of China’s ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, on May 16, who was found dead of a cardiac ‘event’ […]


A Viral Pandemic or A Crime Scene?

April 15, 2020 0

A Viral Pandemic or A Crime Scene? GILAD ATZMON We have recently heard from frontline medical physicians that the current global health crisis is something they have not been trained to deal with nor do […]


Italy Must Never Forget…Or Forgive

April 1, 2020 0

ER Editor: We’ve dealt with Italy’s susceptibility to this virus in various articles, including the natural vulnerability of its senior population (which is considerable in size) to seasonal flu, which of course never makes headline […]


Ten More Experts Criticizing the Coronavirus Panic

March 31, 2020 0

10 MORE Experts Criticising the Coronavirus Panic By Off Guardian: Following on from our previous list, here are ten more expert voices, drowned out or disregarded by the mainstream narrative, offering their take on the coronavirus outbreak. […]


The Propaganda of Terror and Fear

March 29, 2020 0

The Propaganda of Terror and Fear: A Lesson from Recent History Dr Piers Robinson, Co-Director Organisation for Propaganda Studies The ongoing and unfolding reactions to the Corona Virus look set to have wide-ranging and long-lasting effect […]


Dr Anthony Fauci is now POTUS

March 24, 2020 0

Dr Anthony Fauci is now the President of the United States Jon Rappoport Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious Diseases . HEADLINE: “In Dr. Fauci we Trust.” (Daily […]


Gas Wars in the Mediterranean

February 8, 2020 0

Gas Wars in the Mediterranean by MIKE WHITNEY The unexpected alliance between Turkey and Libya is a geopolitical earthquake that changes the balance of power in the eastern Mediterranean and across the Middle East. Turkey’s […]


Palestinians ‘cut all ties’ Israel, US

February 1, 2020 0

Palestinians ‘cut all ties’ Israel, US Abbas refused to take US President Donald Trump’s phone calls and messages Gulf Today Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday announced a cut in all ties with Israel and […]

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