Netflix – The Game Changer

ER Editor: MSM outlets such as The Telegraph and Buzzfeed are pushing this globalist documentary, so that tells us a whole lot right there.

We recommend Aleid DeJong’s excellent and concise explanation of the UN Agenda 21 nastiness, and just how innocently this kind of agenda finds its way into manipulative media productions.

The theme of driving people and farmers off the land puts us in mind of pieces we’ve recently published about how Dutch and German farmers have been protesting, even as recently as this week, against government policy that basically blames them for everything that’s ALLEGEDLY wrong with the planet. See this from a US perspective, too. While, of course, corporate-owned, mass-producing ‘mega-farms’ are quietly creeping in under the radar – over a dozen in the UK alone.


Netflix – The Game Changer


I must have had at least 6 people over the last few days tell me that they were changing to a plant-based diet and were stopping eating meat, fish and dairy – all of varying age groups.

I have overheard people talking about it in the local café, and on at least two occasions, heard people discussing it as they walked by. My neighbour’s children were even talking about it….

Preceding all the above, a close friend asked me to watch a new documentary on NETFLIX  about stopping eating meat and how great it was for athletes. He had a couple of bad injuries and was pushing 55 yrs, so was excited to try it.

The coincidence of the release of that documentary and the rise in interest, seemingly all around, in a plant based diet was not lost on me.

Now, arguments go back and forth on that topic: for some, with supplementation, that diet works; for others, not.

You see, those on a plant based diet, like vegans, can suffer from nutritional deficiences including choline and B12. Both of those deficiencies lead to an increase in homocysteine, which is associated with an increase in heart disease, stroke and dementia. And, unless you supplement with B12, you are in trouble. Of course, those deficiencies can be largely eradicated on a meat diet. Ipso facto: as vitamins and supplements weren’t available to our distant forebears, that probably is reasonably good evidence that they weren’t entirely plant based or vegans.

Even Joe Rogan is challenging the vegan over meat diet documentary —

So why the push? Is Netflix really concerned about our health?

Now, some consider Netfix a progressive left (Globalist) propaganda machine, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the featured ‘stars’ in the documentary, is labelled a Globalist.

And some might feel that it was more than apparent, regardless of the worth (or not) of a plant based diet, that this was a propaganda push. But for what?

What Global ideology was it pushing: Global Warming, and – dare we say – population control?

Can Brandon Showalter’s article give us some clues?


By Brandon Showalter, CP reporter

A group of over 11,000 scientists are calling for population control measures to avoid severe human suffering from global climate change, a notion a demographer says is heavily tied to money and not actual science.

The alliance of scientists signed a paper declaring a climate emergency is at hand and that in order to limit the damage to the environment caused by greenhouse gas emissions, there must be “more control over the massively booming global population, currently increasing by over 200,000 people a day,” the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

At the head of this international cohort of scientists is Oregon State professor of ecology William J. Ripple and researcher Christopher Wolf. The paper, which includes signatories from 153 nations, was published in the journal BioScience, and calls for the replacement of fossil fuels with low-carbon renewables, a shift in the world’s diet to plant-based foods, and the “stabilization” of the global human population, among other things. The paper portrays as a positive development the decline in recent decades of the global birth rate.

“We are encouraged by a recent surge of concern. Governmental bodies are making climate emergency declarations. Schoolchildren are striking. Ecocide lawsuits are proceeding in the courts. Grassroots citizen movements are demanding change, and many countries, states and provinces, cities, and businesses are responding,” the paper reads in its conclusion.

“As an Alliance of World Scientists, we stand ready to assist decision makers in a just transition to a sustainable and equitable future.”

Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, told The Christian Post on Thursday that it’s their ideas that prove destructive.

“In fact, their proposals to reduce the number of people born [in order] to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used, to reduce the amount of food produced, to reduce the amount of land given over to the production of food, all of these things will cause untold human suffering,” Mosher stressed.

Source here 


OK, so Netflix, as we have already seen, is considered a left wing, progressive [Globalist] outlet, and certainly has programs that appear on message with the Globalist Agenda 21 and its sustainable goals. But that’s not conclusive evidence. However, the possible connection between a plant-based diet, lower carbon and population control aka Agenda 21 is worrying.

Now, one of those Agenda 21 goals requires the government taking land, especially from farmers, because raising animals (and creating all that co2) takes a lot of land. And the government wants that land, in accordance with Agenda 21, so that it can protect it from us nasty humans. And those humans will need to be placed somewhere safe, maybe in a designated zone aka human settlement zones, and everything about them, monitored – 24/7, for their protection of course.

That’s great: it’s not a totalitarian control system, then? It’s really for the good of the planet and humans. Surely, only a conspiracy theorist and maybe Brandon would think something was afoot with that?

Well, if we were conspiracy theorists, it might go something like this:

How would they get humans to buy into being penned into settlement zones, controlled and monitored while their land and food supply is taken from them? Well, they might tell them that they are the problem— a Global threat; they’re warming up the planet; destroying the land and threatening the wildlife. How about some documentaries like An Inconvenient Truth and Open Planet (Netflix) to help convince them? And why don’t they release a new one about how great a plant-based diet is compared to a meat one, that’ll let the government get the land as they get people off meat…I know, how about giving it some snazzy title, like Game Changers (Netflix). And, of course, why not throw in another documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim (of Inconvenient Truth), also aired on Netflix about another controversial figure (considered by many to be a Globalist with an agenda to depopulate the earth) — Bill Gates?

No way — that sounds too much like propaganda, an inconvenient conspiracy theory: Totalitarian regimes and evil dictators? They’re things of the past, aren’t they? And we all know that history doesn’t really repeat itself, does it?

I think it’s time to switch on American Idol…hum along and then go to sleep; tomorrow’s another day.

Veggie burger, anyone?


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  1. Wow. Talk about population control. Let keep people consuming animal products so that they can continue to die from heart disease. All so the meat and dairy industries don’t loose money. So sad when dollars are more important than people health and lives.

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