New cars to be equipped with ‘complimentary’ TSA PreCheck biometric scanners

New cars to be equipped with ‘complimentary’ TSA PreCheck biometric scanners

by mapi

I cannot believe what I am writing, the TSA has officially invaded auto manufacturing.

image credit: Ford

According to a Lincoln Motor Company media release, their 2018 Lincoln’s will offer ‘complimentary’ CLEAR biometric memberships to new car owners.

“Working with CLEAR, Lincoln takes effortless travel to the next level, offering complimentary memberships for new Lincoln owners.”

Lincoln owners and their passengers, wishing to travel to the airport or sports arenas will have the ‘complimentary’ pleasure of being spied on by DHS!

“To help make airport travel easier, Lincoln is collaborating with CLEAR – which offers the fastest, most predictable way through security – to provide new Lincoln owners with a complimentary CLEAR membership, allowing them to speed through security at participating airports and major arenas nationwide.”

Last year, I warned everyone that auto manufactures were working to put iris and fingerprint scanners in new cars. And now it appears that my worst fears, have become a reality.

Lincoln’s spying vehicles are much worse than you can imagine.

Cars will scan drivers irises and fingerprints

CLEAR is a DHS approved platform that stores people’s biometrics for the government. Currently, CLEAR is being used to spy on people in over 30 airports and arenas in the U.S.

“CLEAR delivers secure and easy travel to more than 30 airports and arenas nationwide. At participating venues, members go to a dedicated CLEAR lane where they are greeted by a CLEAR team member. After a simple finger tap or blink of an eye, members are escorted straight to security screening, bypassing the usual long lines. According to CLEAR, members walk through security in minutes every time.”

And who wouldn’t want a ‘complimentary’ government approved vehicle surveillance system, that pre-checks drivers and passengers into airports and sports arenas?

Sports leagues like the NHL have also begun installing facial biometric cameras. Pretty soon, no one will be able to watch a sporting event without DHS knowing who you are. Fyi, sports arenas are also secretly spying on everyone’s instant messages and Tweets.

CLEAR claims, they are thrilled to make travel simpler. But what they are really doing is making government spying simpler.

“We are thrilled to be part of Lincoln’s vision to enhance its clients’ lives in new and exciting ways,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker. “There is a natural fit between our shared focus on making travel simpler at every step along the customer journey.”

As if things couldn’t get any worse, CLEAR and the TSA want to install facial biometrics at every airport and you know what that means. That new Lincoln you purchased will be recalled and fitted with a TSA approved facial biometric scanner.

 Cars will send your biometrics to the TSA 

An article in the Points Guy, warns that Lincoln’s new cars will scan and send your biometrics to the TSA and sports arenas.

…”The biometric scan that took place earlier verified your identity, and all you need to do is hand your boarding pass to the TSA agent.” 

This is a hacker’s dream come true.

Soon, no one will be able to travel in America without government approval.

image credit: Moving On GPS

Want to purchase a new car in 2018 and beyond? Then head on over to your friendly DHS run, car dealership.

Want to test drive a new car? Sorry you will have to be CLEARed by the TSA first. (pun intended.)

Interested in purchasing a used car in the future? Do you want a detailed history of where the vehicle has been?

Not to worry, DHS knows who owned it, where they live and have a detailed report of the vehicles daily travels.

In the not too distant future, used car buyers could go online and check out DHSfax, sorry I meant Carfax, and get a complete history of the driver and passengers biometrics.

If you think I am exaggerating, checkout this list.

 Fifty-three ways Big Brother spies on motorists
  1. SiriusXM and in-car 911 services
  2. Car infotainment (surveillance) systems
  3. Car GPS surveillance
  4. Police Phone Trackers and cellphone towers
  5. Digital drivers licenses
  6. Real-ID  licenses
  7. Bluetooth readers
  8. E-ZPass surveillance
  9. License plate readers track our every movement and can identify the make and model of vehicles
  10. Pay-By-Plate nationwide ‘hotlists’ tracking system
  11. Red light camera surveillance
  12. Stop sign surveillance cameras
  13. School bus surveillance cameras
  14. Garbage truck surveillance
  15. V2V surveillance (Click here to find out more.)
  16. DOT surveillance
  17. DOT surveillance drones
  18. DHS surveillance drones
  19. Police surveillance drones (Click here to find out more.)
  20. DEA surveillance
  21. DEA, DHS, FBI, etc., combined surveillance
  22. DEA license plate reader program
  23. Border Patrol surveillance
  24. Smart billboards
  25. Police FaceVacs system
  26. Police facial recognition cameras, (Click here to find out about cop run facial biometric cameras.)
  27. DUI interlock devices
  28. Intelligent street lights or SmartNodes
  29. ShotSpotter streetlights
  30. Police X-ray surveillance vehicles
  31. Police handheld X-ray scanners
  32. Police handheld radar scanners
  33. DOJ facial recognition cameras
  34. Police Stingrays
  35. National Guard DRT boxes
  36. Police Virtual Block Watch and POD cameras
  37. Event data recorders or black boxes
  38. Speed limiters
  39. Insurance company surveillance
  40. DUI Checkpoints
  41. Super Bowl Checkpoints
  42. Drivers License Checkpoints
  43. Safety Belt Checkpoints
  44. DNA Checkpoints
  45. Heroin Checkpoints
  46. Pot Breathalyzer Checkpoints
  47. Drug Testing Checkpoints
  48. Police ‘Fake’ Drug Checkpoints
  49. Bus Checkpoints
  50. Escaped Fugitive Checkpoints
  51. Firewood Checkpoints
  52. Hunting Checkpoints
  53. Fishing Checkpoints

And it gets worse…

TSA’s facial biometric scanners are being installed at train stations and transit police are secretly spying on commuters. Public transportation buses across the country are being equipped with as many as TEN, DHS video cameras that spy on commuters. Last year, DHS was caught secretly listening to commuters conversations, law enforcement and DHS also use CCTV cameras to spy on commuters billions of times every year.

Two months ago, I warned everyone that DHS and law enforcement are using Real-ID to control ‘fundamental aspects of our daily lives’. But I never thought DHS would unabashedly infiltrate auto manufacturing.

CLEARly we are headed in the wrong direction. (pun intended.)

Equipping vehicles with TSA technology is abhorrent, misguided and a step backwards. Americans need more privacy not less.

How long will it be, before Americans have to seek law enforcement’s permission just to travel?


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