“Not Guilty on all Charges” The Verdict in the Malheur Refuge Occupation Trial

By Cathy Geibel, TLB writer/reporter and activist 

“NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES”!  This was the verdict in the Federal complaint against the seven defendants in the Bundy Malheur Refuge Standoff case in Portland, Oregon on October 27, 2016.  The Federal prosecutors FAILED to prove conspiracy charges and FAILED to prove weapons charges against them.  And do you know why?  There really was NO conspiracy and there never were weapons being brandished about in the commission of a Federal crime.  I have said this from the beginning and have never wavered, because I went there and I WITNESSED!


And yet mainstream media outlets such as the New York Post persist in inaccurate and biased reporting illustrated in the following excerpts.  “Armed militants who took over a federal building and wildlife refuge in Oregon in a deadly, 41-day standoff with authorities were acquitted of all charges Thursday.”  “The seven anti-government militia members, led by brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, were found not guilty of conspiracy and weapons charges in the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge” (Joe Tacopino, New York Post).  Let me repeat, NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES!  Ammon Bundy was NOT a militia leader and the seven were NOT anti-government” Joe Tacopino, get your facts straight.  Rather they were there to shed light and support a true Constitutional government of We The People.

From the first day (January 2, 2016) that an unarmed Ammon Bundy walked onto the Malheur Wildlife Refuge… to find unlocked buildings easy to occupy… to the final and heartbreaking day of the arrests and ASSASSINATION of LaVoy Finicum, (on January 26, 2016) these people were attempting to bring light to (via a peaceful protest and occupation)  the United States Federal Government’s overreach and the dismantling of our Constitution.  

Sadly what they did was step into the middle of an Agenda 21 inspired Federal land grab and the Clinton Foundation’s brokering of Uranium Deals with China and Russia out of Harney County, Oregon.  

Ammon Bundy was there to support the Hammonds who were sentenced in a Double Jeopardy type situation to additional prison time despite already having served their sentence for supposed fires set on Federal land.  And do you know why?  The Hammond Ranch sits on one of the largest yellow cake Uranium deposits in the Western United States!  And the Federal government wants it… but first they had to rid themselves of the Hammonds by fear and intimidation.  There were reports early on of the Hammonds not wanting the Bundy’s involved in their situation.  

Again let me tell you why.  I met and spoke with one of the Hammond’s best friends while I was near the Refuge.  He, under promise of anonymity, shared with me that the Hammonds had been threatened by Federal officials that if they resisted “There would be bodies in the back of pickup trucks”.  They did not feel this was an idle threat and chose to avoid bloodshed.  And considering what they did to LaVoy, I don’t believe it was an idle threat either.  As a matter of fact, many of us were fearful that the Malheur occupation would turn into another Ruby Ridge or Waco and we got LOUD. We got VERY LOUD in calling out the corrupt local government in Harney County and Oregon governor Kate Brown who ordered the standoff to be ended “using any means necessary”.  

Personally I think this was the only thing that prevented more people being killed… a big social media spotlight on it.  Indeed, I walked the streets of Burns Oregon which had all the appearances of an armed occupation.  Only this occupation was by the Federal Government with FBI and mercenaries disguised as “Police”.  


Interestingly Kate Brown has been implicated in monetary gains via deals in Harney County and the Clinton Foundation, she being a personal friend of corrupt Hillary. This entire sad episode reeks of the rot that is eating away at our United States Constitution and our corrupt and dying government.  

I am ecstatic that these people have been cleared of all charges.  I spent time with Ryan Bundy January 25, 2016. I and a friend had a private meeting with Ryan and discussed how to gain the attention of the American people and put the spotlight on the Federal Government overreach.  I met Shawna Cox, she is a good woman, a mother and a grandmother.  Not a militant militia member.  I walked and talked with David Fry that day.  He is a gentle kid who felt God called him to be there and witness.  I met many of the occupiers that day.  Yes, there was a display of Second Amendment rights, a few were wearing firearms, but, as I walked alone around a beautiful clean Malheur Refuge, never once was I accosted, drawn on, confronted or threatened.  On the contrary, I was welcomed, given a tour and offered coffee.  They talked of God inspiring them.  And indeed, on that chilly day in January I truly DID feel God’s presence on that bit of ground which hosted a moment in history.

And finally I dedicate this to LaVoy Finicum.  He was never given his day in court to be declared not guilty.  The agenda mandated that there be blood shed and indeed, I feel he did martyr himself that day in defense of his friends and his beliefs.  You see, I also met LaVoy Finicum the day before he was assassinated.  I met a good man.  I spoke with him and told him how proud I was to meet him.  I begged him “Please don’t get yourself killed over this.”  He held my hand, looked me in the eye and stated “Things don’t look too good right now” and asked “Please pray for us.”  I promised.  He was killed the next day.  This has forever changed my life.  My heart bleeds for him and his family yet I also know that from his death has come immense awareness.  His legacy lives on.



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