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By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

Since the Lincoln administration, a growing number of powerful industry cartels have controlled Washington D.C., making virtual puppets of those we elected — who now openly perpetrate fraud, counterfeiting, extortion, and more.

This nightmare is real — and it seems unstoppable: America as we knew it, crumbling around our feet…sins that were once considered unthinkable, now publicly parading in every medium…and funded by our government!

Washington D.C. has dropped any pretense of legitimacy; now controlling our lives through armed coercion and terror.  In the ultimate display of hypocrisy, it now brands as ‘potential terrorists’ those of us who love our Constitution and once put our lives on the line in the U.S. armed forces.

Washington DC’s criminogenic example has now trained our servants in state and local governments, too — our own neighbors and friends are now building bloated bureaucracies, inviting bankruptcy, and even commit armed thuggery right at our doors — and making US pay for it!

This is national insanity, folks.

But guess what?  If we are first repentant, and then bold and diligent, we can end this nightmare as quickly as the Germans brought down the Berlin Wall.

By the grace of God, a small but dedicated remnant among us CAN take America back; we are called AmericaAgain! — and below, we answer common questions about the most exciting popular sovereignty in American history…

Q: What is AmericaAgain! and what is its purpose?
It’s a perpetual charitable trust and membership organization to help you control Washington D.C. – not the other way around.

Q: What will AmericaAgain! do for me? 1) Every member of Congress is perpetrating and/or enabling violations of the Constitution. AmericaAgain! will be a new way of life; We The People criminally indicting (in STATE courts) members of Congress who violate the Constitution. Click on Indictment Engine™ to learn more.

2) AmericaAgain! will draft, refine, and force 20 key pieces of reform legislation through Congress to drastically downsize government, recovering our lives and liberty and shutting down the FED cartel to restore lawful U.S. money. See Legislative Action for details. Note especially that we will bring the members of Congress home, to office full-time in their district and State offices rather than teaming up against us full-time with their lobbyist handlers in D.C. where we have no control over their organized crime activities.  This one massive reform will change almost every aspect of federal government!

3) We will supply AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ Legislative Teams with materials and support to push Citizen Militia legislation through their State legislature, and supply AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ Affiliates (gun stores, firearms training centers, individual credentialed trainers and consultants) to begin training citizens for local Militia duty — as has always been the law (see U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15,16).  Videos, books, and supplier links for tactical defense and disaster preparedness in case of a national breakdown should the worst occur. See Minutemen to learn more.

4) Through our upcoming Patrick Henry Hall™, you’ll get short videos and podcasts to grasp basic civics that you never had in school.

As an AmericaAgain! member, you’ll help build the tactical force-massing power of a national organization.  You can fulfill your citizen duties in a few minutes per week from home or mobile device.  No more political party meetings, rallies, or political caravans to D.C., merely to be laughed at by politicians.

Q: What do you mean ‘force legislation through’? How can we get them to do things they surely don’t want to do?

By using the criminal prosecutor’s favorite tool.  The ones that we have already targeted for indictment in their State Criminal Court will get a plea-bargain package; they agree in writing as a condition of dropping the charges, that they will co-sponsor, and/or vote ‘yea’ for our 20 reforms without amendments.

Q: But my U.S. Congressman and Senators are some of the good guys.  Will you leave them alone?

Every member of Congress that is not actively attempting to end the largest, longest-running financial crime in history — the FED’s counterfeiting and extortion and the banking industry’s ‘fractional reserve’ fraud — is at least a criminally negligent co-conspirator in financial crimes.

However, any member of Congress who considers himself or herself ‘one of the good guys’ for the Constitution will have a very easy out: the criminal prosecutor’s second most favorite tool.  They can sign the same reform laws package in the form of a criminal immunity deal, to avoid being targeted for indictment.

Those who refuse to sign on, agreeing to help pass our sweeping legislative reforms without any amendments or earmarks added, will be fair targets for criminal indictment.  The threat of years in their State Penitentiary and seizure of their assets will have ten thousand times more impact than elections, in ending the cartels’ rule over Washington, D.C. and our lives.

Q: Doesn’t the second Obama administration and the self-destruction of the GOP mean that this is too little, too late?  The American people don’t seem to care that we’re a centrally-controlled communist and fascist system; people are mostly ignorant and apathetic.  Do you honestly think AmericaAgain! can change any of that?

The economic fantasy of Karl Marx is bankrupt everywhere on earth.  Yet American communism began in the Lincoln administration, as we explain in THIS article (and fully documented in the four books listed in that article), Lincoln and Marx were mutual admirers.  In our first Great Depression, the cartels doubled down by ‘deep-capturing’ the federal regulatory agencies and much of its legal system.

As David Zuniga explains in the introductory chapter of his book This Bloodless Liberty, open fascism and communism in Washington D.C. today signals the messy end of American communism, not its beginning!

As with a late-stage drug addict, Americans addicted to government handouts will not reform themselves.  Before recovery and rehabilitation, a hard fall must come; and after Great Depression II, AmericaAgain! will be poised to enforce our rule of law from countless American homes and mobile devices, day and night — putting the defense of our Constitution (and our own lives) firmly in OUR hands, not those of lying politicians!  Less than 1% of the population can effectively oversee the process.

Q: I like the plan, but you lost me when you mentioned $49 annual dues.  You’re just trying to scam me.

You can become an AmericaAgain! supporter by only donating one dollar!  We need strength of numbers as much as we need the funds to pay the legal team and roll-out crew.

For real action to take place, dues-paying members and/or major donors must make it happen.  AmericaAgain! is a perpetual charitable trust that will have an elected board of trustees and a permanent campus.  To turn the tide of history, the American people need a stable Constitution-enforcement institution will remain in operation as long as the Constitution it is designed to enforce.

This is not politics; it is law-enforcement.  It demands trained specialists in many areas, and a high-security environment allowing them to work without the daily fear of enemy assassination.

We will accomplish this one of two ways: either 1) recruit tens of thousands of paying members to fund the R&D and roll-out of the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™, or 2) God sends us one or two relatively wealthy investor partners.

We think it’s worth the cost of a dinner out for two ($49) each year to insure liberty and justice for your children and grandchildren, right from your mobile device.  But we also know that countless organizations ask for donations and do not ever change a thing, which leads to the next question we often hear…

Q: There are so many ‘save America’ plans, all saying the same thing and all asking for donations but nobody is actually doing anything.  Why is AmericaAgain! any different?

It isn’t — until we attain our launch capitalization goal to develop and refine our Indictment Engine™ and conduct the first dragnet.

AmericaAgain! is the first organization with a long-term plan of action, staffing, facilities, and legal organization (charitable trust) that can actually do what we propose, and can endure for generations.  The first step is to hit our initial funding/staffing milestone and win the first criminal indictment, for the world to see.

As is true of any startup, a great idea is all talk until you deliver the product or service. The unique aspect of AmericaAgain! is that this is a law enforcement plan based on the principles of James Madison and tactics of Alexander Hamilton in his Federalist 28.  For staying power, it is a perpetual charitable trust; for accountability, it will have a national Board of Trustees elected by membership; for durability, it will eventually network millions of Americans who take up the skills and readiness of Citizen Militia duty.

We are not suggesting that AmericaAgain! is the only solution in the country; only that it is unique among countless ‘save America’ websites and groups.  Arresting a 150-year-old multi-trillion-dollar D.C. organized crime syndicate is not a project for a few months, years, or election cycles; it is a basic duty that at least a significant minority — hundreds of thousands — of Americans must exercise from now on.

After almost seven years of planning and due diligence, we think AmericaAgain! is the best plan in the country.  But if you find a better plan than AmericaAgain!, you should support it.

Q: Why don’t you align your mission with great leaders like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and many more?  You should at least be on their shows to get the word out.

As a perpetual private charitable trust and membership organization, AmericaAgain! cannot align itself with other organizations.  As for radio talkers, our founder has taken a very tough stand against that nefarious industry.  Self-government is not achieved by listening to entertainers.  As is explained HERE, these celebrities should be ashamed of themselves for profiting from American anger, producing cynical couch-potatoes rather than ever leading real action for restoration.

Every new crusade by these celebrities is designed to sell products, advertising, or a new book to build the celebrity’s brand name in the American mind.  That is the business model of talk radio.  Not until Americans face hard truth even about their favorite ‘leaders’ will we be begin to restore rule of law.

Q: There are already excellent constitutional law firms that take cases for free, such as The Justice Foundation, Rutherford Institute, American Center for Law and Justice, and others. Why are you assembling yet another national legal team?

Because no public interest law firm does criminal prosecution!  The excellent organizations listed above (and others) perform a vital function, defending Americans whose constitutional rights have been threatened.  The legal section at AmericaAgain! seeks to offer a far more vital level of public interest law…defending the U.S. Constitution itself.

As strange as it may sound, in order to enforce the U.S. Constitution from above, We The People will not appeal to it.  We will keep these cases away from the federal courts, which serve at the pleasure of Congress — the very criminals we are after!

This unprecedented popular sovereignty weapon will employ criminal law as its ammunition — not constitutional law, the specialty of public interest law firms.

Q: If I sign up, can we put my U.S. senator in prison right now?  He’s a criminal!

The first round (six cases in two states) of the Indictment Engine™ dragnet will require that we have recruited at least a few thousand members and raised our launch capital to recruit our critical personnel (Chief Counsel and staff) to refine the Indictment Engine™ and select the best targets in Congress.

We expect to hold the first Indictment Engine™ dragnet 6-8 months after we attain our capitalization goal.  The selection of the six politicians initially targeted will be based on four factors: 1) can local AmericaAgain! members recruit 100-150 residents in that state or congressional district, to pack a courtroom with co-plaintiffs?  2) Is that State Criminal Prosecutor honest and dedicated to the Constitution?  3) Is/are the State Judge(s) tough and beyond being bought?  4) Is the local sheriff a member or supporter of CSPOA?

The AmericaAgain! members whose communities meet these criteria will be selected for the initial historic Indictment Engine™ dragnet round, the “shot heard ’round the world”.

Q: Millions of citizens enjoy their government checks; do you really expect the majority to do this?

No; the most revolutionary aspect of AmericaAgain! is that, unlike electoral politics, it does not require a majority at all.  In fact, leaders are never a majority — and it only takes one plaintiff to bring a criminal to justice.

Imagine: just half of 1% of America’s population equals 1,500,000 citizens; that’s almost 3,600 citizens per congressman or 31,200 citizens per U.S. senator.  If AmericaAgain! goes viral, we will enjoy a staggering numerical advantage over our ‘quarry’.  For the small but dedicated remnant, this will become almost like hunting big game.  The criminal cartels will be unable to stop us, by the grace of God.

Q: Is AmericaAgain! a GOP front group?

No; our founder’s book This Bloodless Liberty dedicates a chapter to exposing the corrupt GOP.  Although the Democrat party is also corrupt and Marxist, inciting class warfare, parasitism, and bureaucracy, it is a fact of American history that Karl Marx’s most influential followers included Abe Lincoln (first GOP president), and most of Lincoln’s generals in the illegal new U.S. Army, as explained HERE.  If you don’t believe this shocking history, perform independent research and discover how your ‘education’ cheated you.  The two political parties are corrupt to the core; AmericaAgain! allows you to leave politics behind forever.

Q: Does AmericaAgain! align with the TEA Party movement or Ron Paul Revolution?

AmericaAgain! is the embodiment of James Madison’s principles, thus also those of Ron Paul.  AmericaAgain! would be aligned with TEA Party groups that have not joined the GOP, but as explained HERE, we feel that the TEA Party’s day may have come and gone.

Even Dr. Paul has always relied on electoral politics to fight organized crime; obviously it does not work at the national level.  Since the astounding 2010 electoral landslide for the TEA Party, Washington D.C. has become more corrupt, not less. We do, however, see the TEA Party as critical to putting servants in local, county, and state elected office who will obey the Constitution.

Q: What will you do about the Illuminati, Bilderburg Group, CFR, et al?

AmericaAgain! will help We The People cut the purse strings and puppet strings so that those dark powers, and the dozens of powerful industry cartels, lose their political control of Congress and its counterfeiting and payroll-skimming operations.

Q: What are we going to do about all those armored vehicles and billions of rounds of ammunition being purchased by governments, local, state, and federal — does AmericaAgain! have a plan to fight this level of power aimed against us?

Our founder uses an Occam’s Razor approach in THIS blog article, to give a rational explanation for all the preparedness going on in government.  Don’t misunderstand; we don’t suggest that the people should trust government any further than we can actually control them.  But how much less should you trust gangs of roving thugs and starving, armed neighbors when Great Depression II comes?  It is coming, and since We The People have not formed up in Citizen Militia as we stipulate in the Constitution, someone will have to keep people from pillaging neighbors in their homes or on the street.

Q: When I join AmericaAgain!, do I become part of my local Citizen Militia via AmericaAgain! Minutemen™?

No; if you have a local unorganized Citizen Militia group, it can become an AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ affiliate, just as any gun shop, tactical training center, or individual tactical trainer can do.  We are NOT the Citizen Militia; we are a proposed national network to help Americans push Militia legislation through their state legislature as stipulated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 16 of the U.S. Constitution, and to help citizens who want to do their duty as stipulated in Clause 15, to find their nearest Citizen Militia unit and suppliers.

Q: I want to take real action, right now…what can I do to hit back at our domestic enemies TODAY?

First – two mouse clicks on Facebook…’like’ and ‘share’.  Takes 10 seconds.  Do it now.

Second – Sign up now; even if you don’t join but only donate $1, you become part of a tactical force-massing movement of citizens who are taking this republic back.  Only by going viral, can AmericaAgain! end this nightmare.

Third – In the volunteer signup page, tell us if you’re willing to start or join your local Citizen Militia.  We will help you begin networking others in your area.  You don’t even need to start training yet; for now, the goal is to recruit family, friends, and neighbors.  Then we have millions of Americans both armed AND tactically organizing ourselves.

Fourth – are you part of a powerful network?  There are countless Americans with great ideas and networks — like cowboys, truckers, Harley riders, TEA Party supporters, farmers, deer hunters, pilots, gun enthusiasts, boaters, Ron Paul advocates, ham radio operators, fitness trainers, EMTs, tactical firearms trainers, End The Fed supporters — you name it.  NOW is the time to give your network an actual plan of action — that is AmericaAgain!.

This is not magic; We The People can take our republic and our lives back. We’ll show you what to do…but YOU have to actually DO IT.

The future of America is in OUR hands.  We’ve given you a few ideas of what to do TODAY; now you give US some!

Q: How can your AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ trump the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.  Doesn’t that clause make federal courts supreme over State courts?

No; Article VI, Section 2 stipulates that the U.S. Constitution — not the federal government — is supreme; that the U.S. Constitution and all laws made in harmony with it “shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby…”.

In other words, every State judge is bound not only to obey the U.S. Constitution but also to enforce it against any federal conspirator in Congress who by defrauding those that he pretends to represent, is also violating his State Penal Code.  In any such case, the State Judge has a duty and is constitutionally superior to any federal judge.

Q: Well, what about Congress’ sovereign immunity in the Constitution, Article I Section 6?

That clause merely frees politicians from legal harassment; it doesn’t allow them to engage in organized crime: “They shall in all cases except treason, felony, and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest…”. [Emphasis added.]

AmericaAgain! will bring State felony cases against members of Congress for being enablers and accessories to fraud, racketeering, counterfeiting, and other State Penal Code crimes.

Q: Still, can’t the bad guys in Congress just get federal courts to shut us down?
No; Article III, Section 2 stipulates that the U.S. Supreme Court has original jurisdiction only over any case concerning the U.S. Constitution or a federal law, or in which a State is a party. In all AmericaAgain! cases, plaintiffs and defendants will be citizens of the same State and we will not touch federal matters.  Inferior federal courts are even less of a factor; Article III, Section 1 indicates that they have no jurisdiction.

Q:  What about Removal Jurisdiction?  They’ll just get a federal judge to spring them!

One legal scholar suggested that they will use the ‘Removal Jurisdiction’ ploy: any federal actor who is sued can apply to the federal court under 28 USC 1441, and have the case removed from the State courts.  WRONG!  Read 28 USC 1441 and you’ll see that it only applies to CIVIL lawsuits brought in a State against a federal employee or actor.  It does NOT work for a criminal case.  AmericaAgain! will make our State criminal courts pursue CRIMINALS in their State who happen to be in Congress.  Willfully aiding and abetting *multi-trillion-dollar* crimes that make Bernie Madoff look like a saint.  No Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card this time, criminals!

Q: Will the average State Judge hear a case against a member of Congress?  It’s never been done.
Yes, it has been done.  In 2010, a Texas criminal court convicted former U.S. Congressman Tom DeLay on two criminal counts committed while he was the second-highest ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

County and State peace officers, constables, sheriffs, troopers and rangers — briefed and supported by CSPOA — can assure that after arrest, the indicted politician remains in custody.
Through the James Madison Briefing Room™ our Legal Section will train and brief State prosecutors and State judges who are ignorant of their sovereign power to enforce the Supreme Law. Our cases will be brought in clusters so that prosecutors and judges will not take these unprecedented actions alone.

If a State DA, prosecutor, or judge won’t enforce the Constitution as the Supremacy Clause stipulates, AmericaAgain! members will work with TEA Party groups, Ron Paul Revolution supporters and others to have those corrupt actors replaced with others who will take the Constitution seriously.  This will be an enduring citizen enforcement mechanism, not a one-shot political effort.

We expect most of the State judicial and law-enforcement system to be almost as resistant as the federal law guild will be, to restoring this constitutional hierarchy of sovereign States over federal servants.  But We The People are the ultimate sovereigns over all governments in America.  We intend to find State prosecutors and judges who are constitutionalist ‘mavericks’ and passionate sheepdogs; those who will relish the opportunity to lead a significant life by helping to restore the popular sovereignty that will make our Constitution real law, rather than the noble, dead idea that Congress thinks it is.

Q: Can me and my fellow AmericaAgain! members get our court to indict our corrupt state legislators?  They’re just as bad as Congress.

AmericaAgain! is focused on enforcement against members of Congress.  Other organizations may rise up to pursue corrupt city, county, and state politicians; if so, we wish them great success.

Q: You mention God and Jesus Christ pretty often; are you proposing a theocracy?

Not at all.  Read the AmericaAgain! Declaration (linked at the very bottom, below) or our proposed Legislative Action reforms (link above).  You will not see a word about establishing any religion.  Americans should be free to worship in any manner they like as long as it does no harm to others — or to not worship or believe in God at all.

Q: As a Christian organization, does AmericaAgain! accept people of other faiths?

The liberty to believe or not is a God-given liberty protected by the Constitution and a valuable aspect of life in our blessed republic.  We proclaim the truth about American history — including its demonstrable Christian foundation — but we have no religious test for members.  We are a private, member organization and yes, we are based on a solid Christian foundation.  We refuse to deny Jesus Christ or His place in the foundation of this civilization.  But we welcome Americans of any faith, or of no faith to join us in informed self-government.

Q: Many constitutional scholars have been suggesting that we need to amend the Constitution, yet your Legislative Action reforms are all in the form of mere acts of Congress.  Why do you think that mere legislation will work as well as constitutional amendments to make the politicians obey the law?

First, we think that a constitutional convention (‘ConCon’) to amend the Constitution would be far more likely to make matters worse.  Nothing in Article V of the Constitution would keep a ConCon from throwing the entire U.S. Constitution out, and replacing it with something horrible.  Secondly, a ‘mere’ law can stand in force for many generations.  For instance, in 1862, the 37th Congress passed the Legal Tender Act, stipulating that worthless pieces of paper printed with ink would now be U.S. money.  Lincoln signed it into law, and the co-conspirators in the U.S. Supreme Court (just as with Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare) ruled that this blatantly unconstitutional act was just fine.

This clear violation of the Constitution is the longest, largest financial crime in history.  U.S. Constitution Article I, Sections 8 and 10 have always stipulated only gold and silver coin is lawful U.S. money.  In 1913, Congress even outsourced the counterfeiting concession to a private cartel, simply by passing another ‘mere’ act of Congress.

The lawless Legal Tender Act has stood for 152 years due to very effective coercion and enticements by the wicked Money Powers.

Now, the empire strikes back!  We The People — a far larger power, with legal sovereignty over federal government — can make these new reform laws stick.  It is entirely up to We The People!

Q: Is AmericaAgain! membership open to my mayor, police chief, State legislators, or city employees?

No. AmericaAgain! is citizen self-government; we invite every private citizen to be a member but given the conflict of interests inherent in downsizing government, no politician or public employee can join as a member.  We welcome their support, however — and their donations, since we’ve donated to their cause all our working lives.

Q: Who started AmericaAgain!, who will run it, and what part can I play?

Click on About and its four pull-down sub-tabs for background on the founding team, member governance, operations staff, and more.

Q: Where can I find the entire AmericaAgain! mission defined? Click on AmericaAgain! Declaration to read the founding document dated Thanksgiving Day 2012, on which the AmericaAgain! trust mission is based.


Now, fellow God-fearing American, help take America back — by donating even just $1 if you like, or by joining as a dues-paying member of AmericaAgain! and then recruiting friends.

Are you one of the remnant who will fight to take America back?  Then join us. Or you have already joined them.

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Follow David Zuniga on Facebook, read his articles on D.C. Clothesline, Freedom Outpost, Prepper Recon, Liberty Beacon – or read his book This Bloodless Liberty to discover that America’s best days may be ahead, after the hard times that must come first.  AmericaAgain! is a charitable trust and membership organization to: 1) enforce our Constitution using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to criminally indict members of Congress; 2) using that means, force through reform laws to recover our lost liberty; and 3) restore the Citizen Militia as stipulated in the Constitution. To recruit the prosecutorial R&D team to deliver on the vision, AmericaAgain! needs a capital partner.  If you are that person, read the AmericaAgain! Declaration and our frequently asked questions here, then e-mail the founder at

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