OBAMA Back To Agitating – RECRUITING and Training Drive For NEW RADICALS (Video)

OBAMA Back To Agitating – RECRUITING and Training Drive For NEW RADICALS

by Rick Wells

Once again we Americans are being given a reason to ask the nagging question, “Why won’t Obama just shut up and go away?” He had his time to destroy this nation and damn near succeeded. Can’t he leave us alone to recover?

He probably could, but he won’t. We’re not supposed to recover and his work isn’t finished. Fundamental transformation can be started in 8 years but it couldn’t be completed in that time. And with President Trump being elected instead of Hillary Clinton, the entire globalist timetable has been thrown off.

But progressives never stop pressing, they’re always working to advance their communist agenda. We’re never going to be rid of Obama as long as he’s a free man jetting around the planet, doing his communist community organizing.

He’s entering the next phase of agitation, as his website, Obama.org, explains. Their mission is “to equip civic innovators, young leaders, and everyday citizens with the skills and tools they need to create change in their communities.” Change is civil unrest, upheaval, chaos, Alinsky radicalism – the type of self-destructive negativity that marked the Obama period.

We were wrong to think it’s over. Obama is recruiting and training the rabble that will become his army of anti-American change agents. He’s plotting a series of events in three cities, beginning next month in Chicago and then Tempe and Boston to organize his forces.

In a video released on Wednesday, Obama said, “We want to inspire and empower people to change the world.” It’s too free in America, there is still too much inequality and independence. What we need is some Soviet style change, and Obama and George Soros are the guys who are determined to impose it on us.

The “America and the world must change” theme is a constant throughout his pitch, the assumption being that it’s change for the better. The past eight years are a painful reminder that Obama change is for the worse; it’s un-American and anti-American.

This Obama affliction is going to remain until he’s held accountable for his crimes. He will not go away quietly on his own. He will have to be disposed of like the communist trash that he is. Obama will continue to be a radical force for global communism attacking the fabric of our nation until he’s stopped. As he touts in this video, he’s launched an entire foundation towards that goal.

We once might have thought AG Sessions would be putting a stop to this treasonous nonsense. That seems less likely with each passing day. We’d better be ready for a fight. The enemy is here, he’s Hussein Obama, and he’s already engaged.


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  1. Barry Soetoro needs to sod off back to his Kenyan family and stop trying to destroy America for his Kazarian mafia controllers.

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