Obamacare: The Fatal Blow to the Middle Class!

OBAMACARECommentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

The most immediate threat to We The People and the one with the most catastrophic results to an America as we know it, is not the threat of Islamic terrorists, Global warming, GMO’s or even WWIII, it is in fact Obamacare!

I have written about this often and railed against it, and all the time receiving harsh criticism from the diehard liberal BHO supporters. Well batten down the hatches because you are the very group that will be affected most by this looming catastrophe and very soon it will become readily apparent even to you! The middle class and low end wage earners (Major Obama supporters) are about to be devastated by a Trojan horse disguised as a benevolent offering by those who wish only to bring America to her knees!

Quotes from previous articles I have published on The Liberty Beacon:

“Obamacare is one of the most unpopular programs ever presented to the American public and was only instituted through a massive campaign of lies, deceit and fraud, most of which is readily apparent as implementation proceeds. Yet it will eventually lock a vast majority of us into a dependency on our government for even the most basic healthcare needs and intrude into our personal lives on a unheard of scale.”

“This program is by far the most destructive influencing factor today on the evaporating middle class as many employers stop hiring full time employees and shift full time positions to part time, or move their companies off shore to avoid the massive cost they will realize with the full implementation of this highly invasive program. This is a major player in the free fall of the average household income, forcing many more Americans, as their household income free falls, into dependency on government entitlement programs such as food stamps and welfare. YUP a self perpetuating cycle. Do you really think by the way this administration fights viciously to push this program forward even in the face of it’s huge unpopularity, that this is a mistake, or unintended?”

Promises made:

liar-in-chief[2]Obamacare will not add to the federal deficit – Monumental Lie

Obamacare will bring your cost of healthcare down – Huge Lie

You wont lose your employer healthcare coverage – Massive Lie

You can keep your present doctor – Lie

Obamacare is not a tax – Major Lie


“When the cost to the average family will be $20,000 (stated by the government), those who have employer health care will, and are losing it in ever growing numbers, most WILL lose the doctor you trust and are familiar with, this program (according to the GAO report) is estimated to add well over $6.2 TRILLION to the federal deficit (a number many independent economists say is sorely understated), and the Supreme Cout has ruled in order for it to be enforced it must be considered a tax … SO IT IS, one can only conclude EVERYTHING we where told and promised about Obamacare was a bold faced LIE … And you have to know those who perpetrate this knew this all along! This will place an untenable burden on the backs of all but the rich and those exempt from the program (elite cronies). ”

So I dare anyone to show me an upside to this intentionally fabricated catastrophe or debunk the stated facts …

“BHO, his masters and his cronies want a country that is dependent on the federal government for just about everything of consequence. To what advantage? Power and absolute control over each and every one of us! Subjugation comes in many shapes and sizes and not all have evil names or faces … that makes them no less evil!”

obama-death-to-america1It has always been the massive strength and unparalleled power of the huge middle class in America that made us special, NOT the rich! And for those who would rule us (not govern us) in the new order of things coming, the two roadblocks they perceived where, that immensly powerful and independent minded middle class and the well over 200,000,000 guns in private hands. Both of these would have to be eliminated or decimated to facilitate this new order and both are being addressed through Obamacare.

Attached you will find an article written for “Mail Online” A British publication and online news service. They see this clearly and why not, all the facts (NOT suppositions) are there for anyone who is awake to see. These are the facts you are not seeing or hearing in our own MSM … but is there any doubt who controls them!  Obamacare is the socialization of America and the absolute destruction of the most powerful society this world has ever known … Middle Class America.

We now live in a country where those that govern (read – rule) are so ingrained with the power and result of lying, that telling the truth makes you a subversive as it only serves to undermine the very word and power of those governing. My how the mighty have fallen from grace! Looking over my shoulder has now become a habit and one I despise …

“A society functionally dependent on it’s government can never call itself free!”

Please read the following article and let foreigners inform you on what our own government so frantically hides from you …


Low paid workers face losing wages and having to pay extra for healthcare as employers cut hours to dodge Obamacare payments

By: Sara Malm

Employers across the US are cutting hours for  workers in order to avoid paying for their health insurance.

Under the Affordable Care Act, more commonly  known as Obamacare, companies with more than 50 employees are required to offer  health insurance to staff working over 30 hours per week.

This will hit low-paid workers on hourly  wages the hardest as they fear smaller pay checks, as well as higher health  premiums.

Forever 21-hours: The clothing chain announced that it will make cuts to benefits and pay for hundreds of its employees in a staff memo leaked in August to keep them under the 30-hour markForever 21-hours: The clothing chain announced that it  will make cuts to benefits and pay for hundreds of its employees in a staff memo  leaked in August to keep them under the 30-hour mark

As several companies deny that the new  legislation has been a factor in their decision to cut hours, many workers now  fear a double hit on both pay and benefits.

The legislation, said to be behind today’s  government shutdown, will see companies face a fine of $2,000 per full-time  employee lest they pay for their health cover.

The Affordable Care Act, a health reform  commonly referred to as Obamacare, opens  for enrollment today and comes into force on January, 2014.

As a result, many companies are looking for a  way to avoid both health payments and fines and have simply slashed hours for  their employees.

These include international high-street  clothing brand Forever 21, which will cut hours for hundreds of their employees  according to a leaked staff memo, and grocery chain Trader Joe’s which will cut  benefits for all employees working less than 30 hours a week, replacing it with a $500 check to pay for coverage.

Complete close: President Obama announce the government shutdown which came as a result of the Senate and the House failing to agree on the health care reforms and therefore did not pass the annual federal budget

Financial nightmare: President Obama announces the  government shutdown caused by the Senate and the House failing to agree on the  health care reforms

‘Depending on income earned outside of Trader  Joe’s, we believe that with the $500 from Trader Joe’s and the tax credits  available under the ACA, many crew members should be able to obtain health care  coverage at very little, if any, net cost,’ the 400-store chain said in a  statement last month.

Other companies cutting hours and benefits  include tourist favourite SeaWorld, logistics giant UPS and multi-national  computer firm IBM which announced it will end their health plan for over 100,000  retiring employees.

Smaller businesses are following in their  footsteps with 50 per cent admitting that they will cut the number of full-time  employees or reduce their hours in order to avoid paying for health  insurance.

In a July survey from the U.S. Chamber of  commerce, only 30 per cent of small businesses said they were prepared for  Obamacare, LA Times  reported.

As a result of the ACA, about 27 per cent of  small businesses intend to cut hours to reduce full-time employees and 23 per  cent plan to replace them will part-time workers.

In addition, 24 per cent will reduce the  number of staff hired, saying the healthcare bill is their biggest obstacle to  hiring more employees, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said.

The Democrat heavy Senate’s battle against  the Republican majority House of Representatives resulted in a standoff which  led to a government shut-down at midnight on Tuesday.

Lawmakers in the Democrat-controlled Senate  and Republican-controlled Congress failed to pass a budget allowing for the  federal government to continue to be funded as it headed into the new fiscal  year at midnight.

Late-night negotiations ended in deadlock  after the Senate Democrats refused to consider any version of the budget that  included changes to President Obama’s signature health care law.

This lack of compromise means that nearly a  million federal workers will go on unpaid leave until the two legislative bodies  come to an agreement.


TLB recommends you visit: www.dailymail.co.uk for more great articles and information.

See original here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2439943/Workers-face-having-pay-extra-healthcare-employers-cut-hours-dodge-Obamacare-payments.html#ixzz2h421E6r0 Follow @: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

8 Comments on Obamacare: The Fatal Blow to the Middle Class!

  1. “it was only constitutional as a tax. However, it was not presented as a tax. In fact Obama has stated countless times that it is NOT a tax. But in order to be constitutional it would have had to been rewritten and presented as a tax. It never was. Therefore it was never constitutional. ”

    Exactly! And what this is, is a case – again – of Obama trying to have it both ways, mutually exclusive, at the same time! However he might admire the society of Orwell’s 1984 (and it’s very clear that he DOES admire it and is trying to move America in that direction!), that is NOT America here/now! He can’t have two mutually exclusive definitions of Obamacare; it’s one thing or it’s another, NOT both! There are SO many parts of that mess of a bill that are completely unAmerican and un-Constitutional it could NEVER be legal under our laws, and he needs to realize that. Pushing it as-is, if he’s really determined to commit suicide politically, he’s going about it in exactly the right way: by totally ignoring the desires and beliefs of the VAST majority of Americans! Politics consist of compromise in a system like ours. Unless it’s his open intent to turn America into a fascist dictatorship before he’s out of office, he’s never going to get what he wants, and to make a transformation like that in the time he has remaining could ONLY be accomplished by force of arms in a military takeover of this country that trusted him enough to elect him President, however much mistaken that was. He got his education and his work through America’s generosity. I would think he would have at least enough gratitude for that, he protect this country instead of trying o hard to hand us over to those who would destroy us!


  2. I do NOT understand! With all the lies he’s told in order to get this illegal thing passed, WHY can he not be impeached? It’s unconstitutional on its face, and the other lies just add to that. In fact, Obama has lied about so MANY things, including his own eligibility for the office he holds, his religion and countless others, he should long ago have been impeached, found guilty and incarcerated,! It’s FAR beyond time to do some serious house (and Senate) cleaning!


  3. John – Well said and I did touch on this is a past article. This article was intended as an overview whithout the depth of individual facts. Your point is spot on and the insight you provide to this subject is greatly appreciated !!!

  4. I think it is important to point out that when the Supreme Court ruled on “Obamacare’s” constitutionality, they did NOT rule it constitutional. Chief Justice Roberts did in fact state: that it was only constitutional as a tax. However, it was not presented as a tax. In fact Obama has stated countless times that it is NOT a tax. But in order to be constitutional it would have had to been rewritten and presented as a tax. It never was. Therefore it was never constitutional. THAT is what should be gleaned from the ruling!

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