One Million Truckers To Protest Obama By Shutting America Down

Trucker shutdown 01One week after nearly a million patriotic bikers converged on Washington, D.C. for the 12th anniversary of 9/11, a large group of truckers has announced its plans to halt commerce across the nation for next month. The strike is planned as a response to D.C. “corruption that is destroying America,” according to the movement’s Facebook page.

Organizers say that truckers taking part in the strike will not haul freight for three days, beginning Oct. 11. A social media campaign launched earlier this week has already garnered tens of thousands of supporters.

The event is set to include a convoy to the nation’s capital, and early feedback shows that many drivers are eager to join the movement.

Photos of trucks and drivers planning to take part in the event are consistently being posted to the Facebook page, “Truckers to Shut Down America,” and many who cannot join are pledging to keep their rigs parked during the strike.

If successful, the strike could result in significant gridlock — both on the streets of Washington, D.C. and between points of delivery throughout the nation.

According to the movement’s social media administrators, the three-day strike hopes to accomplish three specific goals. In addition to interrupting truck deliveries and engaging in the trucker convoy, organizers hope to elicit support from the general population.

Calling for a general strike among American citizens of all stripes, the final objective is “No shopping. No paying bills. No using money for three days.”

Unquestionably a lofty goal, a large number of Facebook users seem inclined to take part.

“Thank you Truckers for speaking for all of us,” wrote one supporter.

Many contend that any initial sting from missed deliveries is a small price to pay if the federal government actually hears the message.

“I can survive just fine for 30 days or however long it takes to restock after the shutdown,” another poster stated.

It remains to be seen whether this movement will succeed in opening the eyes of those in Washington or be largely ignored (a la the 9/11 biker rally.) One fact is indisputable, though: millions of Americans — bikers, truckers, and everyone in between — are fed up with the status quo in the federal government and are prepared to go to great lengths to preserve this great nation for future generations.

Public rallies against our corrupt leaders are becoming a common occurrence, and this planned strike will surely not be the last such outcry. Barack Obama made good on his 2008 campaign promise of bringing change to America. Grassroots outrage among patriotic Americans is the first step toward finally changing the nation back.


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