UN-der UN-scrupulous Global Tyranny

TREASON 01By: Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff and Contributor.

March 23, 2013, a date that will live in infamy, a vote in the Senate about handing over the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms, to the UN was presented.

Behold, for you won’t believe your eyes: out of 99 elected officials, 46 voted against. and 46 traitors were willing to give the American sovereign rights to bear arm to a foreign entity. We all know about Washington’s K Street corporate lobbyists revolving door and their ability to buy off politicians whores in Washington, special favors, but this treachery is beyond the pale, totally outside the bounds of acceptable behavior, to paraphrase Joseph Nye Welch, this rant comes immediately to mind: “Have you no sense of decency, Senators? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

Who hasn’t heard of the UN’s Agenda 21. A Malthusian policy aimed at addressing overpopulation and eliminating those who are unduly consuming the resources of the earth, of “Their Earth’, mind you. A big thorn in the foot comes in the form of over 60 millions Americans armed with an arsenal of over 200 millions weapons. These Americans, true to their sense of Universal Freedom stand in the way of the most evil forces, the world has ever known.

Are we to let a bunch of scumbags in the Senate, dictate our destiny? Isn’t it time to wake up and do a little house cleaning, for the accumulated dirt piled so high over years of complacency, danger to our health is a foregone conclusion?

Out of these 46 traitors, some 16 – see the list below – of them are due for reelection in the 2014 mi-term elections. On that date, let us give them the boot and let that serves as a warning to those who have forsaken the oath of their office.

Baucus, Max (D – MT)

Coons, Christopher A. (D-DE)

Cowan (Replacing John Kerry and then replaced by) Markey, Edward J. (D-MA)

Durbin, Richard J. (D-IL)

Franken, Al (D-MN)

Harkin, Tom (D-IA)

Johnson, Tim (D-SD)

Landrieu, Mary L. (D-LA)

Levin, Carl (D-MI); (Markey see previously mentioned Cowan)

Merkley, Jeff (D-OR)

Reed, Jack (D-RI)

Rockefeller, John D., IV (D-WV)

Shaheen, Jeanne (D-NH)

Udall, Mark (D-CO)

Udall, Tom (D-NM)

Warner, Mark R. (D-VA).

It has decidedly become clear where despotism stems from. A group of unelected bureaucrats at the UN oversee the administrative, executive and legislative tasks that normally belong to the Nation State and pass the directives to the occupying shadow governments, who in turn, order their puppets their full implementation.

In America, while the global power of money shifts eastward, an assortment of dictatorial measures have been put in place over the past few years, to assure a smooth transition from a so called democratic rule to an outright abject regime of Sovietization to settle the obligations of a heavily indebted people. Over the decades, America and its satellites vassals have gradually imposed a world government where trade and money are kings.

hq[1]The UN and its avatars decide our fate and govern our lives, actually work for the pharmaceutical industry among others, engage in false rumors of an epidemic to boost their sales of poisonous vaccines that cause infertility, illnesses and a shorter life, serve as a propaganda machine for the alleged man made global warming lie in order to introduce a new tax.

The organization supports and mandates its members to enact and suppress freedom of expression and the right to bear arms, to organize economic and ideological wars under humanitarian pretexts, supports young people’s brain manipulation and uniformity from the earliest childhood, rendering them unable to think for themselves.

A small exclusive club of countries uses the UN to reserves themselves the right to possess the atomic bomb in order to maintain their dictatorship over other nations. Note that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East that illegally possesses nuclear weapons, while a war on Iraq was waged on mere suspicions of weapons it did not possess, Iran finds itself in the cross-hair of this bullying. Does it not speak volume as to who the real puppet masters are?

The UN wants to destroy all borders, to make way of the free movement of people and goods. To manage that grand plan, it ruins national economies, displaces millions of businesses, creating unemployment and misery in once prosperous regions. It monopolizes the means of productions in slave labor global zones so that nations become dependent from each other, it prevents autonomous economies.

Let us not forget the “Kissinger doctrine” in effect since 1975 that made population control a priority for the U.S. State Department, following the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) December 1974 (declassified after “sweetening” by the White House in July 1989). This memorandum is titled: “The implications of global population growth for international interests and national security of the United States’ title could not be more suggestive as to its content. This document takes its roots in the vilest neo-Malthusian ideology and served as the basis for eugenics and hegemonic population policy of the United States since then.

Control of the world’s population for “reasons” of “national security” has never been questioned, on the contrary, and served the hegemonic agenda set by the oligarchy and reinforced since by documents such as the neo-conservative in 1999, “Project for a New American Century “.

The UN and its agencies are playing a significant part as the world has witnessed massive “vaccination” campaigns in developing countries, under the auspices of the UN programs that have proven to be campaigns of mass sterilization, with vaccines inducing hormone-sterilization for women who unwittingly submitted to it.

e91c872224c69d6c789f61224a61b4a5fa9e6eb6_41[1]Wars and famines are always ways to control the population and are used purposefully. What is happening today in the third world is planned and controlled by oligarchic bodies. It is not excluded that soon an endemic malnutrition will occur in the West as well. There are today in the developed world, more and more adults and children who do not get enough to eat every day. Weather manipulation via Geo-engineering, seed monopolization, ethanol based crops and other factors, all play a role in restricting the food supply output..

We are in the 21st century, an era slowly moving towards the so-called post-industrial neo-feudal society trend. The warning signs are all there before our eyes … Just open them and do not refuse to see reality. It does not happen to others!

Fortunately, a muted uneasiness makes the actions of the Globalists, inconsistent, as they sense that the crimes they order or cover will sooner or later be exposed and for that, we can thank the whistle blowers within their ranks.


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