One New Year’s Resolution You Need to Make



By: L. Femine

Some people are able to make a very positive resolution when they know they’re going to die soon. With little time left, they strengthen their joys and the pleasures of giving while abandoning meaningless worries and petty concerns. On a mechanical level, I can see it being similar to blind people who develop acute hearing. It balances things; or I guess you could call it concentrated living.

Sorry to start this off with such a depressing thought but it relates to what follows.

During the Depression, people’s lives were filled with a sad gloom and doom, a drabness that occluded much of the joy and beauty that is the gift of life itself. There was little room to make sturdy resolutions.

don-juan-1926[1]So what did they do about it? Well, they took in lots of happy, silly movies. They do seem silly now, don’t they?  Or are we just too darn sophisticated for our own good?  In any event, all that entertainment balanced the losses with some wins, even when they knew very well it was just imaginary and when they left the theatre, all the magic would be gone. Or was it? Maybe they came home injected with hope which they could spread to their lives and help destroy the disease of despair. In other words, they made room for resolutions.

Maybe the guys who threw themselves off the roof never went to the movies.

Those are interesting concepts – magic and imagination. Notice the word “magic” is so close to the word “imagination.”  I conclude that with our imagination, we create the magic of life. Tragically, though, these spiritual staples have been exiled to the land of “delusion.” They’re no such thing. Spend some time observing a child at play; you’ll get the idea. The fact that most children lose that rich imagination is one of the greatest, if not the greatest tragedy, on this planet. But after all, it IS a prison planet with little tolerance for imagination or resolutions.

Some people escape it, however, like brilliant inventors and artists who refuse to listen to the herd – the “get a job” mob. Their imaginations and their resolutions (New Year’s or not) are more important than food and shelter. And, strangely enough, they somehow often acquire those basics by pursuing their dreams. People love dreamers and love to support them. Well, good people do which, thankfully, make up the majority of Earth.

But these “gifts” of life – magic and imagination – are not things showered on us from some distant, obscure, benevolent force, especially a force which we may consider can take them away from us at a moment’s notice or no notice at all.  In truth, they are actually products of your own “resolutions.” You decided and so it is. Good or bad.

You may choose not to believe that; it’s your right as a free-thinking individual. However, I’m merely presenting another view of things for your perusal, one that does not strike at any particular religious belief or philosophic conclusions. At least I hope not; I do believe religion is a vital part of existence and everyone should own one.

sfx-alarms[1]The world is in a terrible, life-threatening state. There’s no denying that; I’m not denying it. However, in light of this article, I choose not to detail the offences once more. Suffice it to say that on the pendulum which goes from freedom to slavery, we are dangerously close to the pin busting through the slavery end and getting stuck there. The red alarms are blaring loudly and continuously, even though many are not hearing or listening.

On a much broader scale than the Depression, since this current dire emergency is world-wide and more dangerous than anything ever experienced on this planet, can we create that concentration of real life to overcome it? In other words, take the concept I began this article with of someone’s imminent death and expand it to the whole planet.

But even before that, we need to ask ourselves this question: have we allowed these dark, oppressive forces to inflict on us the REAL delusion, that we are nothing more than weak, helpless human beings, mere bodies that need to be controlled?

By brute force, they try to demean and destroy the power of the spirit. And that is you. The more you separate yourself out from the body, the more powerful you become. They hate that. They’re afraid of that, deep in their paranoid minds. They make resolutions ALL YEAR LONG to destroy us.

Regarding the body, I don’t mean you should abandon it; I mean you’re in charge, not the demanding piece of meat that just wants to eat, sleep, be entertained, etc. Too many people go to work just to achieve these goals, to do the body’s bidding. Their New Year’s resolutions revolve around making more money for the body. It’s very pleasant and necessary to have the things we need to survive in the physical universe but not to live for them.

In times of oppression, however, these amenities are easy to take away from us and you will be left with nothing – if you don’t know who you truly are. Sure, it may be totally necessary to hoard survival food, hide out under the ground somewhere and take any other defensive measures needed. But you know what? We need to add something to the list, the most important item.

No matter what you do to overcome these death-dealers, know who you are and what you truly want, what is really vital, not merely what the body demands from you. Work to defend that higher awareness. From that point, we can make the pendulum swing back to freedom. Really, nothing else can.

Make that your New Year’s resolution – be who you truly are, whatever path you travel to arrive at that state. Get others to do the same. Then we’ll know what to do; we’ll have strength in numbers and we’ll have certainty of who our friends are – our greatest treasure.


L. Femine is a Staff Writer and Director of Print Media for The Liberty Beacon project.

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