One Of The Most Important Documentaries On The Fallacy of Vaccination


By Barnett Weiss

This documentary ‘On The Back Of A Tiger’, can, among other things, forever destroy the scientific basis of all vaccinations.  The documentary being made, which I am supporting, is the most important project of my professional life of more than 60 years and my over 40 years of struggle to end the horrors of vaccinations. If it receives sufficient distribution through grass root’s efforts, it will destroy entirely the scientific basis for vaccinations and change the paradigms in biology, medicine, and education forever, and for the betterment of our progeny.

The scientists in this documentary—-Gilbert Ling, Mae-Wan Ho, Harold Hillman, and Ray Peat—-are each worthy of Nobel Prizes for, in some instances, more than 50 years of cutting edge science ignored by, and often terrifying, the entrenched mainstream orthodoxy.
The film itself is a fine work of art.  It posits the question—-what if we don’t understand the workings of life as well as we think?

“On the Back of A Tiger” follows a group of pioneering scientists & thinkers as they rewrite the story of life, challenging science & medicine’s most sacred cows. From breakthrough ideas on water and the living cell, to radical theories of mind and brain. These ideas have already inspired an intrepid group of health-seekers who share their impressive—though unconventional—stories.

Through interviews, experiments, and animations, these theories are woven into an alternate model of life, one that could have a profound impact on our understanding of disease, aging, and consciousness.
For example, why do so many medical claims—particularly when it comes to nutrition—seem to contradict the next? Why has so little progress been made treating the most devastating diseases?

This film explores two answers: There are fundamental flaws in our understanding of biology, and there are institutionalized problems at the core of our scientific and medical establishments. Each perpetuates the other, creating the dire situation today.

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