Some people must take the new vaccine immediately

Here's who and why

by Caratacus

Certain sectors of the public MUST TAKE THE COVID VACCINE IMMEDIATELY, here’s why.

I’ve been watching a debate on one of the gov websites about the new vaccines.

Personally I think you’d have to be a gullible idiot to willingly let someone inject you with the new vaccine because two notoriously untrustworthy sources (the government and Pfizer) promise you it is perfectly safe.

I’m not against vaccines per se – I’m sure the responsibly and honestly tested and trialed ones that are not booby trapped with toxins and so on are reasonably safe and effective.

However, I am definitely extremely wary of something rushed through so fast, without long terms trials and so on, in order to “protect us” from a bug that the vast majority of us do not need protecting from as it is, according to the Chief Medical Officer himself, little to worry about unless we are very old and/or frail.

It seems like a lot of obscene haste in response to so small a threat. So people are very right to be suspicious of the government being up to no good.

Of course, there is a small minority why are at risk from this bug – the very old and/or very frail. But they would be similarly at risk from other bugs such as flu.

Should these people not take the new vaccine? Yes, if they want to but they need to bear in mind we do not know the short-, mid- or long-term effects of this vaccine upon the very frail. It would be safer I think to isolate/quarantine the vulnerable with full protocols in place to protect them whilst a vaccine is properly and responsibly trialed (as opposed to recklessly rushed onto the market) along with potential cures such as hydroxychloroquine etc.

But I propose all those who urge us to trust the government (LOL) and all those who argue that we must trust Pfizer (double LOL) SHOULD TAKE THE VACCINE asap.

This would be especially any of the following:

  • those who argue strongly in favour of it for some reason
  • all ministers and MPs who favour it,
  • all pharmaceutical company management,
  • Bill and Melinda Gates and their children
  • all media proponents of vaccines
  • all “fact checkers” who take down vax- safety posts.

If the vaccine works as well as we are being told by these people, they have nothing to fear and are in no danger.

They will be only too happy, considering their confidence in the vaccine, to be exposed asap to the live virus so they can show the world how nothing happens to them.

Personally, I think it is a gamble because we cannot be certain it is safe in the long term but you never know, they might be all right.

Those experts in the field who are saying there could be very serious problems for the vaccinated might be wrong.

There is only one way to find out in the absence of the usual long-term trials with which most vaccines are sensibly and responsibly tested: those of us who are wary can sit back and watch what happens to those brave enough to gamble, “Russian Roulette” style and take the vaccine.

If after a year or two, no serious adverse reactions are showing up, few people die or get seriously ill with this that or the other, then we’ll know we are safe to take it if we want to. Although most of us won’t need to, what with the COVID mortality rate being so low, its impact on the vast majority of us being so mild and the average age of death from it being about a year older than the average age of death from all causes.

I do think it is very brave of people willing to take the vaccine immediately to volunteer to be unpaid guinea pigs.

I am sure the likes of Pfizer are grateful too because I imagine using the general public as guinea pigs saves them the cost and hassle of conducting long-term trials.

I think if anyone does get sick from the vaccine because it wasn’t as safe as we were told, unethical shortcuts were taken in the testing and so forth, they or their surviving relatives should be able to sue the manufacturer or even have criminal charges brought for GBH, manslaughter, obtaining money under false pretences etc etc.

I’m not sure though whether the government has already acted to protect the manufacturer from prosecution. Hope not. I’d like to see the victims obtain justice if they  do end up getting shafted.

I’m sure Pfizer et al, being so confident their vaccine is safe will waive such indemnity in order to boost public confidence.

It would sure as hell boost mine because right now I do not trust these people an inch, considering their track record. Nor do I trust their chums and proxies in government whom I have watched these past nine months pile lie upon lie, false stat upon false stat in an effort to spin terror from a bug  that is less of a worry overall than flu.

Nothing undermines confidence more than a manufacturer who hides behind immunity from consequences whilst assuring everyone, ‘hand on heart’ that their product is safe.

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