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us-dollar-collapse1[1]TLB Preface: How many of us are truly aware of the global economic crisis looming in our near future? What are the reasons for this impending disaster? And just what (if anything) can be done? Attached you will find a plethora of great information gathered by one of the brightest individuals in the liberty movement and a person who has inspired me for the past several years. Please take the time to educate yourself because our best weapon against tyranny of any kind is something they desperately try to keep from us … KNOWLEDGE !!!


Contributed to TLB by: Nicky

Hello Friends and Family,

I just can’t help my excitement finding these new teaching tools, it could change our country  and the world. Here are some videos in a series explaining our monetary system. They show the history of currency  and where we are now in the cycle of the dollar. It is of the utmost  importance that we educate ourselves and our loved ones. THIS right here  is the subject the powers that be do NOT want us looking at. It is the  reason for ALL of the wars and diversionary tactics in my humble  opinion. Stop looking at Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites,  Muslims and Christians, etc. it is a sham and I guarantee no matter who  you are, you have more in common with any of these people than you will  ever have with our so-called treasonous leaders and their Federal  Reserve and Bankster buddies.

Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 1 – Currency vs Money – Mike Maloney

Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 2 – Seven Stages Of Empire

Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 3 – Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 4

This is where you can get your free info tool kit.

I  have watched all of the videos and I will say this man has the best  ability to explain these complicated issues better than any I have ever  seen. I am putting his book on my reading list as well. By watching his  videos, which are less than 30 minutes each, you will be virtually  caught up with most of us in the freedom movement who have been  researching, studying and reading several authors on this subject for  years! The efficient presentation of this information may be the most  valuable teaching tool we have to take action against the corruption and  ultimately the theft from the people of the world. Please educate  yourself and others. Study it until you can explain it to others.

And  if you want to know the real story behind the creation of the Federal  Reserve, here is the video and I highly recommend the book as well! It  is critical, we as Americans in this once revered liberty beacon of the  world, get off the couch, turn off the tv and use the brain we were  gifted with. And most of all, grow up and stand up to these evil  creatures that mean to do away with our Constitutional Republic and a  free country for our kids and grandkids! All of this is happening  because we do not adhere to the Constitution, and the majority of  Americans are sitting on their couches being spoon-fed propaganda. This will not end well, but we may have a shot if enough Americans learn  about true liberty and stand up and fight for it. People in other  countries are doing it and know more about this than the citizens who  live here. It is shameful.

The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)

For all the eye-rollers who have been rolling their eyes at me for years, this is my new favorite saying these days.

“Buy em’ books and they eat the covers.”

I think it’s catchier than “Those who don’t read, have no advantage over those who can’t”

Long live the Republic!


“May  future generations look back on our work and say that these were men  and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their  politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their  country.” ~Ron Paul

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