Our First Duty Is … The Truth!

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By TLB Contributor: Lori

As I think over the seminars I attended at the Autism One conference in May I’ve been thinking about what do owe the children of the future and their parents …

2 words – The Truth

We need to get the truth out despite the lies that the CDC, FDA, WHO & our own government are telling us.

Eli Lily developed Thimerosal and it was put into vaccines for years. It still is in several vaccines in considerable amounts, and in most vaccines in trace amounts.  The vaccine manufacturing process isn’t sterile.  They have to put it in there in order to keep any contamination out.

Look at the label of Thimerosal –

In the way I was raised, the skull and cross bones meant poison.  To stay far away from.  But yet, its ok to put into vaccines.

As I pointed out in another article, even vaccines with trace amounts have to be disposed of as hazmat.  If a vial is broken onto the floor, a hazmat team has to come in and clean it up because of the mercury content.

How are Vaccines diposed of?

There are many documentaries that are trying to get the truth out there.  Critics of the anti-vaccine movement say they are dangerous half truths and lies.  The garbage that the CDC, FDA, WHO and our government are telling us are the dangerous lies.  The VAERS database shows us that vaccines are not safe.

Search the VAERS database

Here are the links to some of those documentary trailers –

How much longer are we going to blindly follow the doctors in white coats?

I was told by Dr. Brian Hooker at the Autism One conference that doctors spend one day during their schooling on vaccines.  They are taught about the schedule.  They are not taught about the ingredients.  They are not told about reactions.  Just the schedule.

Does this follow the Hippocratic oath?

When you buy a car or an appliance, you do your homework.  Why not before toxins are injected into your child?

Vaccine Ingredients

Again, our first duty is to the truth.  Let no one stop our voices.

The future our children is at stake.

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