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In the following we feature two items from the expert body PANDA (Pandemics and Data Analytics). Whilst the two show-cased items are powerful all by themselves, they form part of a broader and even more powerful voice of Reason and Scientific/Medical Ethics which is well worth a thorough look if you wish to raise your understanding of the attack on humanity that has been ongoing these past 2-3 years disguised as a “health emergency”. You can do that here When a large portion of the People has been suppressed by the globalist Merchants of Dismay and their stooges into an apathy below understanding, we can help them rise out of it just by raising their understanding of what is being done by whom and why. So here are our two featured excerpts


PANDA has sent an open-letter, with more than 750 signatures, to the board of medical professional bodies and regulator bodies internationally to show the scale of concern amongst the medical community.


Subject: Open letter demanding a halt and accountability for Covid-19 medical measures

Having tried to contain the Covid-19 epidemic for two years, real-world evidence suggests that the measures adopted globally have failed in their primary objective of “controlling the virus”, whilst at the same time causing immense harm. Indeed, there is no compelling evidence supporting lockdown restrictions, social distancing, mask mandates or vaccine mandates. Your organization’s statements continue to push policies which are not supported by over two years of data, evidence and facts. The undefined mis/dis-information mantra you are using to justify your position continues to harm people across the globe. PANDA has initiated an effort to reach clarity on critical issues concerning the Covid-19 Pandemic that are adversely affecting the medical community and the public at large. We deem it essential that your office, responsible for the health of the public, confirm or deny the facts that have emerged from overwhelming scientific and medical data over the last two years, and which are contained in this open letter signed and supported by over 750 physicians and medical groups. The letter calls for the following:

  1. An immediate halt to all Covid-19 mandates and, if deemed necessary, a switch to the use of purely voluntary measures such as those practised during outbreaks of seasonal influenza.
  2. An immediate review of policies and procedures adopted under the guise of the Covid-19 emergency measures.
  3. An immediate review of the role of policymaking, regulatory bodies and task groups involved in Covid-19 policy recommendations and mandates.
  4. The establishment of a process to hold accountable – where deemed appropriate – those individuals and organizations involved in the promulgation, implementation and enforcement of Covid-19 policies, procedures and mandates.

Read the full letter here Your office and every agency active in the sphere of public health is responsible for the lives of millions. You have an overriding obligation to be well-informed of the entire scope of scientific and medical research related to this crisis and to keep the public aware of those findings. In your position, it is unacceptable to hide behind a veil of ignorance and it is devastating to hide behind a wall of silence or obfuscation. It is with the utmost urgency that you make clear your position regarding the points listed herein, as physicians and scientists are being targeted and penalized for holding these positions, for expressing opinions based on these facts, and for making decisions based on these facts. This has not only endangered the ability of physicians to effectively practice medicine, it has also caused harm to countless patients. We look forward to hearing and sharing your response with the medical community and the public at large. Kind regards  



A summary of what we now know about the Covid-19 epidemic, most of which has been suppressed by governments, corporations, international agencies and the media.

According to evidence-based literature and comparative analysis we know the following:

Covid-19 Vaccines:

  1. Do not prevent viral transmission;
  2. Do not prevent infection; and
  3. Do not statistically reduce all-cause hospitalization or all-cause mortality.  Recent studies are reporting an increase in all-cause mortality in vaccinated groups.
  4. Short-term safety data to date are also extremely concerning, with unprecedented numbers of severe adverse reactions, including deaths, being reported in association with the injections.
  5. There is growing evidence that Covid-19 vaccines have negative effects on the immune system, including immunosuppression.
  6. The long-term safety profile and long-term adverse effects, especially from repeated doses and “boosters”, are as yet unknown and raise concern.

Natural immunity vs. vaccine-induced immunity:

  1. Natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is superior to immunity provided by vaccination, highly likely to be broader in scope (i.e. against future variants) and of longer duration.
  2. As such, administering the Covid-19 vaccinations to the Covid-recovered provides little to no benefit whilst exposing the recipient to known and unknown risks.
  3. Any recommendation that those who have already been infected with SARS-CoV-2 should receive the vaccine contradicts evidence-based medicine.
  4. Data shows that a level of community immunity has been reached in most places which is compatible with an endemic equilibrium state which, combined with less virulent variants and better treatment options, means that the time has come to “learn to live with Covid” and return to normality.

Therapeutic protocols and interventions in Covid-19 therapy:

  1. Multicentre reports provide evidence that early therapeutic intervention results in improved outcomes after Covid-19 infection.

The PCR test: 

  1. PCR tests that were mandated globally as a form of screening for Covid-19 produced a high percentage of operational false positive results.
  2. There was no basis for the widespread use of this test as a positive PCR test does not reliably signify infectiousness.
  3. The PCR test yields a particularly high percentage of false positive results in asymptomatic individuals. This is consistent with a previously well-known observation in epidemiology that tests performed on asymptomatic individuals have low positive predictive value.

Asymptomatic transmission:

  1. There is no evidence that asymptomatic people are significant drivers of transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
  2. There is no evidence that isolating asymptomatic people who have a positive PCR test for Covid-19 provides any benefit.

The risk of Covid-19 in children:

  1. Nearly all children infected with Covid-19 have very mild symptoms.
  2. Most children who test positive for Covid-19 are asymptomatic.
  3. There is no compelling data demonstrating that asymptomatic transmission or transmission of Covid-19 from children is a significant risk to healthy adults.
  4. Many other respiratory pathogens affect children to a higher degree than SARS-CoV-2.

Overreporting and exaggeration of Covid-19 deaths in hospital

  1. There is evidence that hospitalization and mortality rates from Covid-19 have been grossly overestimated in most countries. This is due to basing estimates solely on PCR testing, while disregarding the etiology or cause of the clinical condition, comorbidities and grounds for admission to hospital.

Lockdown measures

  1. The global lockdown of communities, including isolating healthy individuals, curfews, social distancing and mask mandates, have not been proven effective at reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection but have been shown to cause significant non-Covid harm; the stringency of lockdown measures was not correlated with reduced burden from Covid-19.

Based on the observations above, our demand to governments, policy makers, regulators and the medical fraternity is the immediate termination of all Covid-19 policies, including mandates, vaccine passports, segregation and discrimination based on an individual’s health or vaccination status.

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