Parent Rights Now Mean Nothing!

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The Disturbing Case Of Ashya King

By TLB Contributor: 

For the past week the media has been blasting out stories about Cancer patient Ashya King who was taken by the parents from the Southampton Hospital last Thursday. Their crime? This was done without the ‘Doctors permission’.  The hospital immediately contacted the police and a EU wide hunt for the family began after they went into hiding. The hospital was reporting that 5 year old Ashya, (who has a Meduloblastoma tumour – although this was ‘successfully’ recently operated on) that his life was ‘immediately’ in danger, that the battery operated feeding machine would ‘soon run out’ and that his life would be cut short if he did not return to hospital:

As seen online at BBC News

According to Ian Pople, a consultant neurosurgeon, the battery in the feeding machine used by Ashya can’t be changed easily.

It is integrated within the machine, much like an iPhone, and it means the machine has to be taken apart to replace the battery.

It’s also not designed to be run on batteries for a long period and is usually plugged into the mains.

In other words, it’s only battery-reliant for short periods, such as going to the toilet, or moving between wards.”

Reading these reports in the papers would make almost any reader think that they needed to bring him back immediately but many people knew there was more to this story that we weren’t being told. Pictures of the parents were quickly appearing on all TV news stations and in the papers which were edited to look like what I think is to appear like ‘mug shots’ to have the public already think these parents are criminals and being irresponsible and therefore to please help in the manhunt to find them.

The family were rumored to have escaped to France and the search was ramped up into an EU wide alert. 1 day ago, the father, Brett, posted a youtube video describing why they left the hospital and how Ashya’s health currently was. He also showed that the feeding machine was still connected to Ashya and working well. The boy certainly looked better in this video than photos have shown of him when he was in hospital. So it seems as if the Doctors wanted the public to think that these parents were going to harm Ashya’s life.

After watching this video for a few short minutes, its clear to see this father is no fool, nor is he an irresponsible parent. In fact, he has only been concerned about the Southampton Hospitals treatment for their son, and that is, him and his wife, were concerned with the sort of radiotherapy that would be used on Ashya. They were concerned it wasn’t the best type of treatment for his particular cancer. 

Brett, is very right to be concerned that the standard UK radiation therapy may do more harm than good to Ashya. Instead of targeting the actual tumour (or where it was in the brain before surgery) the radiation these oncologists want to use, would blast his entire head, essentially destroying healthy brain tissue and cells – which can often lead to permanent disability such as deafness & lack of cognitive skills – if the boy even survived the entire treatment.  

In a case that echoes Sally Roberts regarding her son Neon, who also went into hiding, the police found and removed her son – against the mothers wishes.  In Neon’s case, he only had one parent concerned about the standard cancer treatment, Sally, as Neon’s father Ben was on the doctors side and helped police intervene and find where Sally was hiding. She too had her face (and Neons) blasted all over the papers and Sally was branded by many as an ‘selfish irresponsible parent’.   I ended up getting in touch with Sally myself and I can tell you right now, she is FAR from a selfish irresponsible parent, in fact, I haven’t really met anyone more devoted to the health of their child than Sally had for Neon. Sally wanted her ex husband Ben to make sure Neon ate really good healthy organic food, drank green juices, and took many proven natural remedies to help boost Neons immune system cope with the assault from the toxic chemo and radiation, yet she was painted out to be a ‘health nut’ which is very typical of the medical system.  They don’t want people thinking that food cures illness.

Sally was a target for abuse because she was going against the system – questioning the safety and efficiency of standardised cancer care, and this meant that she was threatening the entire cancer industry which is worth 500 billion in the USA alone.  Sally sadly lost her case in court, and was immediately issued a court order to not have care of Neon. This meant that he would be forced to go through his medical treatment and was not allowed to stay with his mother. As any parent knows, when your child is hurting you need to be with them and THEY want to be with you. To have removed Sally from his care, is criminal.  What will this alone do to Neon emotionally when he is older, will the internal scars from not being with his mother cause him untold harm too?

Neon and Sally in the middle of his treatment 

I ended up meeting Neon when he was in the middle of his treatment  and I will tell you this – I will NEVER EVER forget seeing what he looked like. I was speechless. This poor child resembled a ghost, so pale and thin, and bent over from the damaging effects of the treatment. I also wont ever forget the haunted look I saw in his eyes – an innocent soul being destroyed by this treatment where he would often beg his mum ‘to please stop this mummy’

As read in NZ New Idea Sally explained:

As Neon dealt with debilitating side effects such as nausea and exhaustion, Sally tried to explain to him what was happening. ‘How strange for a child to have to understand that when you go in for treatment you feel all right, and then every time afterwards you get really ill. Every time we had to go to the hospital he would be in tears.’

Kids are very intuitive, and Neon knew that this treatment wasn’t good. Sally too, wanted whats best for her son, and that was another type of treatment which is exactly what the King family want for Ashya.

Brett wants Ashya to have the Proton Beam therapy treatment (that can cost between US 100,000 – 200,000 ) which is statistically proven to be FAR safer and much more effective than the regular radiation treatment. Brett brought this up with Ashya’s Doctors that they wanted to try this therapy and he was immediately shot down and threatened with ‘if you keep questioning us we will take your son away from your care’ . Now as a parent myself who only wants the best for my child, if I were faced with this situation, and was told that I couldn’t have the better therapy (even if I was prepared to get the funds together myself like Brett was trying to do) I would leave and escape with my child too.  Cancer is a serious disease and its also a serious business. There is much at stake and the most important thing for the cancer industry is for people to never question what they are doing. In the 1920’s there was a new act put into law and that is the ‘Cancer Act of 1939’ which inhibits anyone from saying that there are other cures for cancer other than radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Isn’t that a strange act to put into place. Surely there are other cures for cancer? Hell yes there are  – but our medical system don’t want you to know about them and its been this way since the early 1920’s.  If are you curious, have a read about the Top 7 Cancer treatments that have been buried by the Governments

Ashya has now been found, and in the care of a hospital somewhere in Europe, the parents have been arrested although no one knows what for although some reports are saying ‘child neglect and endagnerment.

Who knows what will now happen but I am thinking it will be more likely this: The parents will go to court with a legal battle ensuing.  They will probably lose (as is always the case as far as I am aware) and Ashya will be forced to have this bog standard unsafe and ineffective treatment with the parents being removed from his care. This is what the Doctors want and when Doctors want something to be enforced – and they can do it.  They are a law of their own.  This sort of stuff’s been happening for years, Doctors can ‘section’ people if they want to for mental health reasons and put people in mental hospitals which can often be a lot like jail. You can’t get in if you aren’t allowed and you certainly can’t get out unless you are allowed.

A shocking case of what can happen to a family when the Doctors don’t want to listen to the parents wishes is of Justina Pelletier, a girl that was removed from her parents care for an entire YEAR. Justina’s parents had a previous diagnosis from other Doctors which they believed, but the Boston children’s hospital thought she had something very different and forced her to take medication that seemed to be really harming her (which you can see in her after photos)

Justina’s case is clearly barbaric and the parents were even threatened when they mentioned going to the press. They still went ahead in any case (thank goodness) but it was a very long fight to get Justina back into their care. I believe it only came about BECAUSE they went to the press. Parents have to fight, to spread awareness about what is going on.   Most parents want whats best for their children, and in the days where we have so much information at our fingertips through the internet, this is wonderful for us parents but the medical community do not  like it one bit. They warn people off of ‘google medicine’ yet most medical journals are now entirely online, for all to see. Parents are having access to scientific studies about new treatments that are far more effective. Bravo to the King family for not taking ‘Doctor’s orders’ without looking into other methods of treatments. This family deserves our support,  you have to ask yourself, what if it were my child? What if I knew that the treatment they wanted to give my child was NOT the best and there were other proven treatments that were far safer and would mean my child had a far greater chance of survival.

Our world is fast turning into a police state and we must not let this happen. Once we give up our freedom, we have nothing left and before we know it, we will be forced to do everything the establishment says.


Just released at 10pm (UK) Sunday 2013 Ashyas brother films youtube video with evidence which may be used for them in court. The government/medical system have arrested his parents on ‘child cruelty’ this video going online before the trial proves that the family were very prepared in looking after him they had the same food and battery pack for Ashya’s feeding system. Naveed, Ashyas older brother also describes the father staying up late constantly researching on what was the best treatment for their son and mentions a brand new wheelchair the best on the market for Ashya

Please sign this petition support the Indiegogo campaign to help the King Family get better treatment (and possibly lawyers fees!) to fight for Ashya. 

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  1. It’s all because he dare to question the NHS and the Doctors. They tend to think they are God’s, let this family do the best for their child. 100 per cent behind the parents. Who couldn’t blame them for not wanting the conveyor belt treatment for their child. What harm are these so called professional doing to the child now that he is separated from his parents who have spent 24 hours at the hospital since he was taken in. I hope common sense prevails.

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