Parent Rights Now Mean Nothing!

August 31, 2014 1

The Disturbing Case Of Ashya King By TLB Contributor:  Anna Rodgers For the past week the media has been blasting out stories about Cancer patient Ashya King who was taken by the parents from the […]


Why We Will Fight World War III

August 30, 2014 0

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges Known globalist, Henry Kissinger, served as national security adviser and Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, has written a book entitled “World Order”. The book is to be […]


Practical Guide to Protesting in a Police State

August 29, 2014 0

Dees Illustration How to stay safe when exercising your rights. By: Stefan Verstappen If you’re planning on participating in a peaceful demonstration or protest, keep one thing in mind: at any time it could turn […]


How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

August 29, 2014 0

The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google By: Ryan Gallagher The National Security Agency is secretly providing data to nearly two dozen U.S. government agencies with a “Google-like” search engine built […]


Tallying Israeli War Crimes

August 29, 2014 0

  For decades, Israel has slaughtered Palestinians with impunity, always protected by the U.S. government and its veto at the UN Security Council. But the latest bloody assault on Gaza has prompted more open talk about […]

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