Partial Syria Ceasefire (Again). Who’s Winning, Trump Or Putin? [Ron Paul Video report]

Partial Syria Ceasefire (Again). Who’s Winning, Trump Or Putin?


Video preface by Daniel Mcadams

There is plenty to be positive about coming from last week’s face-to-face meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin. One indicator of how important/well the meeting went was the fact that the mainstream media immediately reverted to its “Russia hacked the election” obsession, even as the pillars of that absurd assertion fall, one by one. The agreement on ceasefire zones in parts of southwest Syria are also a positive sign if it means the US and Russia are taking a step back from direct confrontation in that country. However, there are pitfalls. Will it mean more US military involvement in Syria, guarding these new zones? And one simple trick Trump can use to get the “Russia hacked the election” off his back. This and more in today’s Liberty Report:

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