Patriots For The People “RIDE FOR FREEDOM”

George Washington

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TLB Preface:

This nation is chalk full of patriotic groups and organizations that push back against the progression of tyranny in America whether it be political, economic, health or military. What we are failing at is the unity of purpose and spirit that would make us an unstoppable force. All our motivations pertaining to any of the above reasons for activism, lead back to, and share, the same root sources.

It is with great pride we offer you the following information concerning and event that strives to bring us all together under the umbrella of true liberty from all forms of tyranny. Let us unite our voices, actions and spirit to support such great events and amplify our intent via the power of numbers.

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By: Dan Gray

In the cold and dismal winter of 1776, when the newly-declared American nation was at a low ebb of popular support and international recognition, George Washington stuck a bold blow for Liberty.

Crossing the Delaware River in an unprecedented winter attack, his meager forces defeated well-equipped and contemptuous professional mercenary Hessians, heralding a future where free men under arms could, and DID, defeat the best that the royals could muster!

On 5/30/15 at Washington Crossing, PA, from noon to three, patriots rally and ride for preservation and restoration of the Constitution of the United States of America! Nearly a dozen motorcycle clubs, including LEOs, cosponsor the event. Our speakers are white and black, old and young, male and female, veteran and civilian. Attendees are riding in from at least seven states, and many non-riders are joining them. We will cross the Delaware to the People’s Republic of New Jersey, to show our unwillingness to accept draconian government and endemic corruption. We are all different, but in our resolve to restore Liberty, we are all the same.

Today, the American ideals of our Founders are in even more jeopardy than they were at the time of the first American Revolution. Royalists ruling by Divine Right have morphed into Statists ruling by Progressive decree. Though the rhetoric is different, the actions are the same.

Our Constitution, as Barack Hussein Obama himself said, is “a charter of negative liberties” on the Federal Government’s power. Observed mainly in the breach, the law of our land is under withering attack. But despite the best efforts of concentrated Federal power and an unrelenting cacophony of noise and lies from the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media, every day we strike bold blows against those who would be kings.

All politics is local. If you wish to change a nation, you must first change yourself, then your own neighborhood. There is no wrong way to fight, provided you fight with honesty and honor. There is no issue that is not a Constitutional issue, for the current crises are all created by corrupt accumulation of power in the hands of elitists who feel themselves unaccountable for their criminal Oath-breaking.

Across America, individuals freely band together to fight for our God-given natural rights. These bands of brothers have been coordinating efforts in a growing grassroots army of patriots. Free folks of all colors and creeds are coming together with determination, as we wake to realize the dire reality of immanent tyranny we face. We find common cause in common sense. Join us!




Saturday May 30th Washington Crossing Historic Park

10:00am – 1:00pm


Along with




We would also like to welcome


Ohio Patriot and Redeemed Brotherhood


Steel Cities Chapter Riders

Veterans Riders Association


The Liberty Beacon project

To our list of supporters.

We are providing an umbrella for all patriot groups to unite with us for a great cause. If you would like your group to be added to this event feel free to contact us and we will add you.

A rally for American freedoms will be discussed in detail by constitutionalists, the governments intrusion and deliberate destruction of our god given rights as Americans. We must show Washington that the American people will not stand for our rights being infringed.

We will also be bringing attention to child abuse which is plaguing our country. Come join us as patriots cross the Delaware again to rid us of tyranny.

If you are using Google Maps or other GPS this is better than the actual street address, “1299 General Mercer Ave, Washington Crossing, PA”

Visit the event forum on FaceBook for additional information and discussion.

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  1. this even starts at noon will end about 3pm – sorry this announcement’s time is incorrect

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