Linderman Unleashed: Medical Tyranny & the 2nd Amendment

Linderman Unleashed

Linderman Unleashed May 29, 2015

By TLB Talk Show Host & Contributor: Curt Linderman Sr.

Can there be medical tyranny without the tyrannical support of government?

Today on Linderman Unleashed: We are all rightfully concerned with the medical tyranny that we are witnessing on a daily basis across the planet (particularly here in America). From medical kidnappings when parents refuse “conventional treatments” for their children to the threat of forced vaccinations and the removal of our rights to make informed decisions.

But can this medical tyranny exist without our government imposing or at least allowing this tyranny? Absolutely not! A hospital cannot take your child from you. They can only use a governmental agency like CPS to steal your child and your rights as a parent. A doctor cannot forcefully vaccinate your child without a law stating that they have that authority.

There are those, even in our community, that are offended by firearms and the thought of the possibility of a violent revolution but those same individuals are concerned with the eroding medical rights that they are witnessing. What is the answer? Certainly we are all hopeful that a violent revolution would not be that answer but at the same time, without the threat of retribution for the stealing of our rights, government would have no obstacle to the totalitarian society that they would impose on us all.

Let’s be clear: the supporters of the second amendment make it possible for you to enjoy the rights that you appreciate. Without that second amendment, you would not be able to speak as freely as you wish. You would not be able to worship as you see fit. You would not be secure in your person or your possessions. You would be a slave.

Today I will discuss medical tyranny and how we can avoid all of the issues that go along with the problem. I will take a bold stance on why, even if you are personally offended by the thought of a firearm, you enjoy your rights because of people like me.

I will also be discussing former CDC Director Julie Gerberding and why she is a multi-millionaire and how many of our children’s lives she has destroyed to get to that point.

All this and more on this edition of Linderman Unleashed! Join me at 7 PM EST this Friday!


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