Patriots ~ The Biggest & Newest Danger to Society



By TLB contributor: Rick Duarte

I am concerned with the state of our nation.

I am opposed to the government poisoning our water with toxic fluoride. I am fed-up with the government poisoning our air with aluminum, barium and strontium.

I am against doctors, nurses and pharmacists injecting mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum into the arms of our children.

I am sick of eating FDA-approved, GMO-food laden with toxic chemicals. I am deeply worried about eating radioactive, Fukushima-Pacific seafood.

I am for repealing the 16th Amendment. I am for abolishing the IRS. I am for passing the Fair Tax Act. I am pissed with the NSA spying on me. I am angry with Congress funding Al Qaeda in Syria.

I am disgusted with the Benghazi cover-up. I am appalled to know that 9-11 was a planned event. I am shocked to find that the reason our military is in Afghanistan is to protect the opium fields, one of our “national interests.”

I am the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman’s forehead. I am mad as hell the CIA instigates wars that benefit the holier-than-thou, holy rollers we call billionaires.

I am the all-seeing eye. I am watching your every move. I am one who supports the right to keep and bear arms.

I am one who scorns racial prejudice. I am a believer in religious freedom. I am not tolerant of religious bigots.

patriotism-moneyI am all for the impeachment of lying and corrupt politicians. I am a Believer in free speech. I am Dinesh D’Souza. I am Brave enough to tell the world there are Cures for Cancer and HIV/AIDS.

I am not apathetic. I am not silent. I am Man. I am Woman. I am Child. I am The Future. I am White. I am Black. I am All Races. I am All Creeds. I am my neighbor’s helper. I am a sheep no more.

I am the anti-Bully. I am the fist for those who can’t and won’t fight. I am willing to bear the weight of the oppressed. I am an Activist. I am gifted with the eyes of a hawk and the nose of a Bluetick hound. I am Columbo.

I am the seeker of truth. I am ten million Michael Hastings’. I am the voice of seven billion people. I am the Keeper of Hearts.

I am my mother’s problem child. I am the black sheep of the family.

I am your Constitution. I am your Bill of Rights. I am Wallace. I am Paine. I am Lincoln. I am all of those great men rolled into One. I am the Defender of Freedom. I am the army of Brave hearts. I am the great Liberty Bell. I am the Statue of Liberty. I am the American Flag. I am the Noble Patriot.

Together, we are called American Patriots. We are what cowards fear the most. So, if We are the “Enemy of the State,” then We are your worst nightmare come true.

We will not go silently into that good night.


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  1. Always remember Patriots, we are what constitutes “WE”. Our first duty is to ‘defend’, our second is to ‘protect’ third is to ‘give’ freely our most effort to ‘preserve’ everyone’s liberty against any tyrant which shall come along with the heart of a madman, the intent of silencing our voices against their will and wishes.
    We are the ‘People’, we are not the sheep, we are the sheep dogs, this is why they fear us. We are awake to their corruptions, deceits, lies and trickeries. We shall have no part in this fusion of miseries they wish upon us all, and in fact when it gets tough, only those of us tough guys will be in their path to destruction by means of which they refuse to offer us. We shall not fail, for disobedience to a tyrant is obedience to GOD.
    Let there be no doubt, we are going nowhere other then the direction of the fire fight, we will not start it, but in fact will finish their desire to enslave any of us. They know not of what they do, they will only proclaim orders were followed, and we shall hang every last one of them in return.
    My only regret: is that I have only one life to give to the cause of freedom, don’t waste it on these criminals, be there where they are to remind them of the consequences of betrayal, its the least we can offer.
    Semper FI.

  2. Nice pep talk. But, that seems to be all WE THE PEOPLE do…is talk.
    While another day passes and FBHO continues his illegal power grabbing ways. Usurper in Chief, indeed.
    It’s time for the talking to stop…Operation American Spring MARCH ON WASHINGTON, March 16, 2014.

    Molon Labe

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