Why Do My Supplements Need to be Organic?


By TLB contributor: Lynnette Pate

A supplement is a supplement is a supplement, right?  No, not at all.

Sure the FDA and supplement-making companies can label them as supplements, but how much are they really ‘supplementing’ your body?  What kind of nutrients are really in these so-called supplements?   How are they made? Just like the sources of your food supply in which you need to know where it comes from and what was used to grow the foods, the same holds true of your vitamins/supplements.

It is very important to know the source of the supplement and how they are made.  If you are taking supplements with added fillers such as non-organic ingredients, fillers and preservatives, then it is just like eating that apple with pesticides sprayed on it.  These additives deplete the nutritional value of the supplement.  Why even take the supplements if they are not real sources from organic herbs and plants?  You should not, period!

It is often a puzzle in people’s minds that when they become sick, ill or diseased they always say, “Oh my, how could this happen, I take all my recommended vitamins and supplements and I eat my veggies.”  The answer is again, simple yet broad.  You see, if you are consuming products that are artificial and have little nutritional value, then ask yourself: how in the world can this be healthy or beneficial for you?

Of course the ideal means of taking care of our bodies would be simply through our food supply where we only depend on the foods we consume to take care of our missing nutrients and vitamins.  This is the ideal world and the ideal world of our ancestors.  However, even with the most clean and toxic-free eaters, myself included, we still get that 4 – 8% over spray of the pesticides, chemtrails and infected soils to run over into our plates.  This causes us inability to properly absorb our vital nutrients.

Therefore, in this day and time, even our 100% organic food supply has been tainted by air pollution, water pollution and toxic soils. Therefore we must supplement our bodies with the needed vitamins and enzymes we were meant to have to maintain optimum health.

The truth of the matter is that most OTC supplements and even most of those found in your organic health food stores are NOT organic and have unnecessary fillers and binders.  Plus they have very little of the actual vitamin that is being advertised in the pill.  Also if you are taking that supplement that has additives and preservatives, then you might as well be just taking a tic tac that touts vitamin C.


I hope you are following me here.  You see, it is very necessary that we FUEL our bodies with the proper nutrition and as much clean nutrients as we possibly can get.  Although some diseases and ailments may sneak into our own lives, there is always a way to reverse those ailments.  We cannot possibly think that if we continue consuming those fake capsules and fake supplements we will continue to have the most vibrant health.  It just does not work that way.

For instance, if you fill your gas tank and put the proper oil in the system, then your car is always going to run smoothly and have a very long life if you nurture it.  However, if you start adding a little water with that gas, and get oil mixed with water, salt or whatever, sure your car will still run for a while. But after a while, continually absorbing all those foreign fillers, the car begins to wear down and eventually shut down.  This is how our bodies work, our liver and kidneys cannot continue on a long road of fake nutrients and vitamins. We were just not made this way.  And NO, to the statement:  “Well Lynnette, that’s what our liver and kidneys are for, to ‘filter’ those bad fillers/toxins.  Well let me tell you, our liver and kidneys are to filter the ‘over flow’ of food toxins and bugs and bacteria, NOT the man-made fake, foreign ingredients!

Know your sources of any vitamin, supplement or even holistic pain reliever.  As always, the better you take care of your body, the better your body takes care of you!


Lynnette Pate


BIO: Lynnette Marie, Organic Guru, is a student of natural & holistic health care and nutrition and was named a ‘Patient Expert’ by Dr. Ramah Wagner, national speaker and chiropractor. She is the author of international best sellers, “Fuel for the Body” and “Lose Weight the Pate Weigh”.

In 2014, she will publish “What Does Our Creator Have to Say About Our Food & Health” and “Where There Is Life There Is Hope….Never Mind What the Main Stream Tells You.” She travels the world with health information to various health expositions across the country and Mexico. She and her staff created the Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval – to help others find toxic-free products.

She and her husband, Tommy, created the Coty Pate Foundation for Respiratory Papillomatosis, named after their son who suffered from this illness and is now alive, well and a successful chef at age 24. Lynette was recently named Regional Ambassador for the American Anti-Cancer Institute. She has also been asked to work as Regional Ambassador for the Gerson Treatment Clinic in Baja, Mexico.

Lynette can be heard on radio shows such as Natural News, Home Grown Health, Freedomizer Radio, USA Prepares, Health Conspiracy Radio and The Liberty Beacon (We the People) She can also be found on bicycle tours across the country as she spreads her health message, entitled Fuel for the Body bike T.O.U.R. (Total Organic Understand Ride) She is the spokeswoman for a company called PHresh Products and also been named as Ambassador for America’s Outstanding Mom.


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