Pax Americana’s Bloody Trail

1173636_649520948399181_1410198212_n[1]By: Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff and Contributor

Everyone understands the objective pursued by the Washington hawks in their permanent war “against terrorism”: the military control of the planet, to lock in exclusive access to resources. The United States and Europe’s officials and their stooges at NATO are now behind all the attacks, devastation and misery suffered by humanity. Could the populations in the Middle East be justified in calling the US, the Great Satan?

During the Vietnam War, there was a U.S. base entrance that read: “Killing is our business, and business is good.” “Business” actually boded really well in this suffering country, where millions of civilians were killed. Business thrived even after the war. The carnage have also continued on every continent, both directly and through local agents and mercenaries, each time that U.S. “national security” needed bases or puppet regimes. The world is definitely under the influence of the “American Way of Death.”

A warrior and Criminal Empire. The empire does not lead an easy life. To survive the competition for resources and fierce rivalries, it is necessary to attack many nations and peoples around the world. Lenin once said in 1916: “Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism.” For the United States and Europe, the subjugation of the South is indeed vital; otherwise they would be left destitute and vulnerable.

Hence the absolute violence is an intrinsic component of imperialism. The U.S. criminals being responsible for invasions, bombing campaigns, assassinations (known or covert), are we not entitled to call these terrorism? No! Say in chorus the lying media, this term applies exclusively to Muslim countries. When Bush II came to power, many sinister figures with troubled past had been appointed to the highest levels of government. Many of them were well known in Latin America, particularly in Cuba, where they had demonstrated their ability to harm. Negroponte, Abrams, Bolton, Powell … all had a busy agenda.

The U.S. governments have violated many international laws, namely political assassinations and major breaches of the sovereignty of perceived rogue states. The US is the largest dealer and consumer of drugs in the world, and the biggest seller of weapons. The Patriot Act, NDAA and scores of anti constitutional decrees enable torture and cruelty to draw confessions from suspects, arrests without charges or trials, indefinite detention and mass surveillance.

In the 80s, as noted by Noam Chomsky, there were tens of thousands of deaths in Nicaragua alone: “The country was almost completely destroyed, it did perhaps never recover. This international terrorist onslaught was accompanied by a devastating economic war, a small country, isolated by a vindictive and cruel superpower could hardly bear …” But Nicaraguans have not responded by throwing bombs on Washington. U.S. citizens, known for their gullibility, can’t really take the measure of the atrocities, are they at least aware? Their blindness is eventually discrediting them to the extreme in the world. One of them is well aware: “We never see the smoke and fire, we never feel the smell of blood, we never crossed eyes with terrified children whose nightmares will now be haunted by missiles launched at them by invisible terrorists, known as Drones.” It is Warrior Imperialism, destroyer and plunderer of nations, who dictates the law to weak states. Upon instituting the War on Terror, Bush uttered this insolent and childish threat: “Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.” Europe has chosen to align with Washington without questions. As for the smaller nations, such as Morocco, they have no choice but to comply with the “crusade against terrorism.”

The Pandora’s Box is open, the war hawks, in order to sway public opinion in their favor, must abundantly rely on lies. In 1965, the Vietnam War was predicated on the Gulf of Tonkin false flag. In 1983, an alleged terrorist threat served as a pretext to invade Granada. The 9-11 false flag justified the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya’s rape was justified on “alleged” human rights gross violations. Today, Obama keeps repeating the mantra in some of his speeches that the “terrorists” are capable of producing small nuclear bombs, known as “dirty bombs” to justify drone strikes.

The hackneyed “September 11” story has been a godsend. “Terrorism” has turned into an institutionalized scarecrow for organizing punitive expeditions here and there, spreading devastation and death. A scarecrow that justified attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, used to demonize the resistance in Palestine, the Arab world and Latin America and lately also used to attack human rights in the United States. The good American people are ready to swallow all the lies without questioning. Another treacherous trick to justify military interference in sovereign countries is an intervention “in the name of democracy and human rights.” The motivation is allegedly humanitarian: it is supposed to act to save a defenseless population, victim of a ruthless autocrat. In addition to physical force, hegemony is based fundamentally on the handling and illusory scarecrows…

Thus, by its arrogance and dangerous fanaticism, the Empire continues to run right into the wall. There were attacks by bombings, sabotage and regime changes (or attempts) since the Second World War. US aggressions score card is quite revealing: 51 (against zero for Iran). Washington hawks argue that the country has to endure a diet of austerity, at the same time, they carry an expensive imperialist policy in favor of the oil companies, the military-industrial predators and other major banks. The American people have been extraordinarily cheated. They turned into sheep that blindly follows its leaders, who eagerly applaud those who kill loot and destroy…



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