People Will Only Take So Much … Witness The Limit !!!

People Will Only Take So Much … Witness The Limit !!!

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

There has never been a time in recent history where so much of this planet has been literally forced down under the suffocating boots of petty, and some not so petty, dictators … those who would play God.

Today due to the global fear perpetuated and massively amplified by a plandemic (no not a misspelling), and also identified by many of us who have, and continue to do our homework as the scamdemic (also not a misspelling), we are seeing the transformation of both society and the mechanisms of the leadership of said societies. If anyone reading this feels this transformation is for humanities betterment … you are an idiot !!!

Today Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism abound in places none but the most skeptical of us would have ever suspected it could exist … never mind thrive.

It would be far too easy for someone like me to proclaim the proverbial “I TOLD YOU SO”. But it just happens to be true. Search this platform (The Liberty Beacon) to authenticate anything I have regurgitated in my anger and angst over the last decade and you will find well over a thousand articles and recorded shows.

This should be a time of pride for those such as me who have been screaming of these inevitabilities of global tyranny and medical genocide for over a decade … and being called a nut, conspiracy theorist, and many other even more vile titles… but it is not. Personally, I am angry, I am horrified and I am deeply saddened. If anything in my life could have been proven wrong, this is the thing that would have actually made me happy and immensely relieved … but alas it is all true!

Lets revisit something I wrote almost a year ago:


Today we are looking at the total remake of global society … whether we like it or not. This choreographed destruction of most of what we grew up considering normal, has been in the making for decades and even proofed by strategically planned dry runs like EVENT 201. Vaccines supposedly rushed to market were already in the making 6 months prior to the plandemic outbreak.

It has long been the goal of those who would play God with humanity (Elite) to bring us all under one global governance with a seriously reduced global population (much easier to control). But all is not good in Whoville as more and more evidence of this global tyranny against humanity leaks into public domains.

A couple of pertinent thinking points I continue to present:

When was the last time the entire world was locked down for a (supposed) global pandemic destroying many economies, causing (directly or indirectly) a massive number of unnecessary death and suffering … all (more coming out daily) based on lies ???

When was the last time doctors from across the globe (FACT) were screaming NOT to take the (supposed) life saving vaccine (mRNA – DNA Switch) because it will harm and sterilize you …

As I state far too often lately … Anyone who does not believe that We The People are now fully engaged in a war for our very lives … is an idiot !!!


Fast forward to today … A good deal of what I and many others, deeply concerned for humanity, have presented has been stated repeatedly for about two years, and is now reality, and none of it makes for a pleasant bedtime story!

We were telling you constantly that the so called Vaccines did not even qualify for the title … They do not keep you from contracting COVID. They do not keep your body from storing COVID. Thus they in fact cannot keep you from transmitting COVID. Please tell me how the hell this can be qualified as a freaking Vaccine? And why the massive global tyranny for what, for most, equates to a bad case of the flu ???

My latest article/show on this topic (click on image to read/listen):

Yet despite what you have just read/listened to you MUST take the dangerous and too often deadly (Non) vaccine if you wish to enjoy any semblance of normalcy (bull). This is being accomplished via the mechanism of Mandates handed down and enforced by those who would play God with you and your children’s lives.

These are Tin-Pot Dictators who never had the power or authority to do what they are doing, BUT via the mechanism of ultimate and constantly reinforced fear … are getting away with it. This is emboldening them to expand their tyranny exponentially. In most cases their actions are not based on law, they are not based on any constitution, they are not based on science, and they certainly are not based on what is in the best interest of We The People. They are based on the mechanism of power… power over the people … the Great Reset … Global Governance … New World Order. The premeditated and planned destruction of all we know, for all the global elitists wish/want, and many of us are not in their perceived future.

But as is the case with all tyrannies … they eventually eat themselves. Those who practice it inevitably overreach even the limits they themselves set, and in the wake of these actions the masses start to stir. Such stirrings are being seen across the planet today with increasing visibility and impact. BUT none have made the impact to date like the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy. Tens of thousands of Canadian truckers risked their livelihood and freedom to send a message to their Tin-Pot Dictator that they have reached the limit of life ruining tyranny and it’s tool … Life Threatening Vaccine Mandates.

Mandates based on lies and political agendas, NOT science and the good of the masses. The result is, a spineless dictator that fled the truckers. A dictator that is now using the mainstream media to demonize those he works for, a dictator without even the courage or spine to confront those he is supposed to represent. A dictator that has contracted the latest COVID Variant … COWARD-19.

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, has lost just about all credibility with those he is supposed to serve. Confidence in his leadership is in the pits. The question now remains … will his dictatorial tendencies (or elite bosses directions/orders) now show themselves in a fashion that brings even more devastating totalitarian actions to his people … and will they stand for it ???

(Click on image below to read article)

But let’s look at the flip side of all this. Because of our Canadian brothers and sisters brave and unselfish actions, a new sense of hope and courage is surging across this planet. Last I heard trucker freedom convoys are planned in parts of Europe, Australia, The United States (Ca. to D.C.), etc…. People are now activated in a fashion that must have an entire elitist caste in fear of the growing revolt soon to end up on their doorsteps.

This story is far from over, but we may have finally entered a phase where it will soon be the people, NOT the Tin-Pot Dictators that have the upper hand. It still remains to be seen how effectively we can use it, and whether or not we can unite enough of us to create an unstoppable force. Guess what I am rooting for !!!


As seems to be the case lately, Tucker has a few choice words for said Tin Pot Dictator:

Tucker Carlson BLASTS Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his Covid tyranny and for hiding from the trucker protest.


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