Planned Drone Strike on American Soil (Bundy Ranch): Tyranny or Disinformation?



Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath-Keepers, responds – They are treating it just like they would a bomb threat in a school, and attempting to confirm and also contact the Governor of Nevada. There is talk of evacuation. Leslie Bishop Paul: “Here is the complete interview with Stewart Rhodes. Yes, our sources …have been told that the DOD has approved a drone strike on the ranch. We do not know if this is to get people worked up enough to clear out, or if they actually intend to proceed. Please listen to the complete interview to understand what was said, how we are approaching this, how it was vetted, etc ~ Leslie, National FB Coordinator for Oath Keepers.” MAKE THIS VIRAL !!!

Please watch this video …

TLB: This strike reported to take place in the next 48 hours would be the straw that broke the Camels back to the liberty movement and Many of the American people … Can even our government be that stupid (I would like to believe not), or is this intended to facilitate violence from us to bring about a martial law scenario … We know their motto is “Never let a good crisis go to waste” … So is this disinformation to get the boots on the ground to evacuate the scene so that BLM people can move in Waco style, or is it absolute bull to have us put out false info and destroy our credibility.

TLB would rather say something and be wrong (with no one hurt) … than say nothing and be sorry …

Stewart Rhodes Interview – Drone Strike Intelligence

Either way it is up to you to decide if you believe this or not because this is not TLB generated information, but comes from Stewart Rhodes and others with boots on the ground. The real crime here would be to say nothing merely to protect our reputations and see it come to fruition … just watch it happen, or spread the word and through vast New Media publicity force them to reevaluate and cancel this scenario.


3 Comments on Planned Drone Strike on American Soil (Bundy Ranch): Tyranny or Disinformation?

  1. Lock and Load folks. If this comes about it will trigger the peaceful to perform THEIR DUTY to take out these criminal gasbags. I work in foreclosure defense and I have assumed, since 2008, that the “Land Grab” is a well planed attempt to cease land and offer to China. Folks thought I was totally nuts. However they now know I was correct.

  2. One advantage (of few) to being as old as I am is that long ago I learned the wisdom of only believing half of what you see and none of what you hear. Until something goes BOOM in Bunkerville, it’s nothing more than another Saturday.

    But if it does, it is irreversible – war will have been declared by the 0bama regime, and it will be answered. Decisively and mercilessly. No quarter given, none taken.

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