Police Killed More Than Twice As Many People as Reported in 2014. So What’s Next?

Police Shooting

By: Cassius Methyl

After the Justice Department ‘investigated’ the practices of the Ferguson police department last week, they revealed that on average for the last 8 years, 545 murders annually committed by police were left out of FBI statisticsThey counted an average of 383 people killed by police every year in America for the last 8 years, when the number is actually closer to 900.

According to The Guardian,

The report estimated “an average of 928 law enforcement homicides per year” for the years in question, suggesting that the FBI’s published count of 414 such deaths in 2009, for example, might be 124% off, while its count of 347 such deaths in 2005 might be 167% off.

The most accurate statistics on police murder predictably come from independent researchers, people with true motivation working for the betterment of their communities. The Facebook page ‘Killed by Police’ keeps a very accurate record of the homicides.

The post pinned to the top of the Facebook page Killed by Police says-

“At least 189 people have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2015.
At least 1,101 were killed in 2014.
At least 2,054 have been killed since May 1, 2013.”

Barack Obama recently made efforts to placate the families of those killed by police and all others devastated by the police state. He said, “There was a great emphasis on the need to collect more data,” after a meeting with his taskforce for ‘better policing’.

“Right now, we do not have a good sense, and local communities do not have a good sense, of how frequently there may be interactions with police and community members that result in a death, result in a shooting.” he continued.

It should come as no surprise that the FBI and other agencies of government misrepresent and manipulate the statistics on murders committed by their government foot-soldiers, the police. To whatever extent they can get away with it (which is getting harder for the government to do), of course they will misrepresent statistics.

There is obviously no solution that exists to this problem that involves keeping laws and incarceration rates the same. To speak metaphorically, one cannot fix a machine designed to kill people, to make it kill less people. Many believe the system is inherently against the freedom, prosperity, and peace of the common people.

Barack Obama, spokesperson for the empire, is speaking to no one but those who are most susceptible to propaganda.

To draw a comparison between the war in the Middle East and the war at home, a very simple and effective argument exists for why the US military does not protect our freedom; the largest threat to our prosperity and freedom is the police state, right here. This is painfully obvious and redundant to those who know, but will we ever successfully get that through to those who still believe in supporting the police?

We are at a point where the aware are getting more aware, and the unaware are becoming more disconnected from reality by the day. The cultural divide grows every day as the alternative media progresses, the youngest generations come of age, and as people get further cemented into the paradigm of learning anything they want at the click of a button.

Of course, that is just scratching the surface of the factors at play here.

I think it’s very important to note that tensions are going to continue to rise in America, as the police keep killing innocent, harmless people with impunity. Attempts to placate those devastated by the police state will surely fail.

With this in mind, we must realize that tension is the perfect excuse for the police state and government to crack down on us even harder.

So activists must move with the sharpest of precision in this movement to dis-empower the police state and restore power to the people, to communities, to voluntary cooperation for the betterment of our society over hierarchical structures of governmental/corporate power.

The common denominator between activists with differing philosophies is still the same; we all want peace and prosperity for our people.

We have to think, what is the endgame in our efforts? How can we move with the most efficiency to make our society better? What is the exact purpose of a protest, what are we trying to accomplish and what would be the most effective way to do it?

I would think the purpose of a protest is generally to wake people up; to interact with the community, build unity, exercise unity and put forth action into bettering the community. If a protest accomplishes nothing, why do it? Activists must keep our priorities and intentions straight. If we move fast and aggressively without straight intentions, we could find ourselves in a less than ideal situation.

Escalating tension and acts of violence against the police are a surefire way to make things a lot worse for us at this moment in time; not to mention the fact that police are only the enforcement class of the great web of corruption.

With so many docile Americans still supporting the police state, supporting war and anything the MSM tells them to support, those indoctrinated people would support your murder in the streets if you tried to instigate an armed revolution.

So as the months pass by in 2015, as police keep demonstrating their psychopathy, remember that escalating tension would only give the powers that be a reason to clamp down on us.

Remember to stay focused on your goals as an activist if you are one, whatever they are.

Perhaps most importantly, how can activists of all philosophical backgrounds unite?

All of us in these activist movements have different beliefs and ways we think society should ideally operate, but the movement for police accountability is a plethora of people with various beliefs and backgrounds.

We are a plethora of people with common ground seeking to simply live in a peaceful, prosperous, and free place, right?

The common ground that unites all of us very different individuals is the fact that we know this has to stop.

We would be well off to practice tolerance for our fellow people, accept their flaws, work with them, and stay united no matter what.

Our common denominator is the will to better our society.

Please share this with as many people as possible, for the sake of refining our methods in our movement to make society better.

This is a civic duty. We may not all agree on everything, and that is okay.


About the Author: Cassius Methyl

I’m a thinker, writer with The Anti Media, activist for a voluntary society (performing a civic duty to better our society and look out for our people), and experimental musician / artist. My 2 musical projects are ‘Core of a Virus’ and ‘Corporate Concrete Portals’, and they can be found on my youtube here – https://www.youtube.com/user/KillBabyMurderers – I’m also working on my record label/multi medium art site Irrelevant Paradigm Media. Irrelevant Paradigm Media can be found here on Facebook in the meantime, and in a few months it will be up again. www.facebook.com/irrelevantparadigmmedia


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