We Are ‘One Event’ Away From WW3 And Global Annihilation – ‘It Can Happen At Any Time’



By Susan Duclos

While drunk Secret Service agents, Hillary Clinton private emails, and the Vladimir Putin death hoax with rumors of illness or possible stroke, dominate the headlines, distracting Americans, the rest of the world is preparing for World War III, as the mainstream media play their part in the propaganda war by constantly casting Russian President Vladimir Putin as the villian.

In a recent ANP article titled “The Endgame Is Here! America Surrenders Militarily While Preparing For War Against US Citizens,” we broke down the orchestrated decimation of the US military over the past six years, noting the buildup of the DHS funding and targeting of political opposition here in America by the Obama administration and the militarized police in the US.

Today we are going to look at a convergence of events that show we are “one event” away from World War III.

From Israel to Iran, North Korea against South Korea, China and Japan, Iran claiming they take the US on militarily, the world is in chaos, but it is the situation in Ukraine, with the NATO and the west, led by the US, and their actions against Russia that the focus needs to be on.

As NATO creeps closer and closer to Russian borders, with US military bases all over Russia’s backyard so to speak, ANP sources tell us “it can happen at any time, this is it,” and that all it will take is one tactical nuke in Ukraine or elsewhere, which will immediately be blamed on Russia and it will mean “World War III has arrived.”

A portion of the signs we are seeing which show Russia is actively preparing for war with the west, were discussed in the Endgame article, shown below, and recent headlines since that was written make it obvious the preparation on the part of world powers has kicked into high gear.

“Russia is acquiring new vessels for their naval strength, developing technology that turns the US military into helpless sitting ducks, flexing their military and nuclear might with warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who states “Thank God, I think no one is thinking of unleashing a large-scale conflict with Russia. I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers,” while making it clear that Russia is preparing for the possibility of nuclear war. Russia is also preparing their population for all out war, as Washington Post reports on March 8, 2015, that “Russia’s anti-American fever goes beyond the Soviet era’s.” Russia is also simulating “attack scenarios” on NATO ships.”

On March 11, 2015, a couple important pieces of the puzzle were revealed but was buried under an avalanche of other “news” but keeping the warning we were given in mind, these articles cast a new light on the escalation of preparation on the part of Russia for what they know is coming.

The first is that Russia has launched simultaneous miltary drills in the west, south and far east.

During a tactical fight training exercise in South Russia’s Stavropol Territory, about 20 Su-25SM (NATO reporting name Frogfoot) fighter-bombers will make 30 sorties with live firing of missiles and rockets.

Meanwhile, some 7,000 kilometers (4,200 miles) away, the Peresvet and the Admiral Nevelsky amphibious warfare ships have begun exercises in the Sea of Japan that include live firing at secure coastal targets.

Air defense units in the westernmost Russian region of the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad, have also launched large-scale exercises involving over 500 servicemen and 100 units of military hardware.

The current Russian military drills are taking place concurrently with the annual US military exercises in Estonia and NATO naval drills in the Black Sea. Warships from Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania are participating in the Black Sea exercises.

Secondly, both NBC and RT reported the same day, that according to Mikhail Ulyanov, the head of the ministry’s department on arms control, Russia has the right to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea.

Countries practice, conduct war games as they call them, training exercises, all the time, but with tensions high between Russia and the west, NATO and the US deliberately interfering in Ukraine by supporting the ouster of the duly elected Ukrainian president to insert a puppet government, then  escalating those tensions by sending arms, troops and encroaching closer and closer to Russian borders, that “one event” that will kick off World War III is being systematically orchestrated and no matter who “fires” that first shot, that first nuke, the west with the help of the MSM (as shown in the video below), is already prepared to blame Russia in order to justify a full scale, global nuclear war.

Headlines today indicate that things are heating up even more, where Russian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the defense industry, Dmitry Rogozin responds to concerns voiced by the commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) over Russia’s growing military potential and deterrence capabilities. Sputnik headline “Moscow to NORAD Head: Yes, We Can Contain Your Missiles Better Now. Sorry.

Then we have the mysterious deaths of  six former Ukrainian officials, allies of the pro-Russia ousted President Viktor Yanukovych:

Oleksandr Peklushenko, former head of Zaporizhzhya, had suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and authorities said initial inquiries pointed to suicide.

A member of Ukraine’s Party of the Regions, he was being investigated over the dispersal of protesters last year.

Five other officials also died in mysterious circumstances this year.

All of them supposedly took their own lives in the past six weeks

• Stanislav Melnyk, 53, an ex-MP was found shot dead in his bathroom on 9 March • Mykhaylo Chechetov, former party deputy chairman, died after apparently jumping from a window in his 17th-floor flat on 28 February; he had been accused of abuse of office and fraud • Serhiy Valter, a mayor in the south-eastern city of Melitopol, was found hanged on 25 February; he too had been accused of abuse of office • Oleksandr Bordyuh, a former police deputy chief in Melitopol linked to Mr Valter, was found dead at his home on 26 February • Oleksiy Kolesnyk, ex-head of Kharkiv’s regional government was found hanged on 29 January.

Makes one wonder what these men knew and ask who wanted to silence them?

In the first video below, Fabian4Liberty lays out the patterns being seen now in comparison to events that were seen as the world was led into the first two world wars, showing that World War 3 Draws Near” as he titles his video.

We see the “spin” from the MSM in the second video below, where it is stated outright that US officials say “Ukraine will be the epicenter of a ‘new’ European war.”

Make no mistake, in 2007 when Putin made it clear they would not rubber stamp every war the US decided to wage, then proved it by blocking the Obama administration from war in Syria, the puppet masters in control started to systematically implement a plan to start WW3 and lay the entire blame at Russia’s feet.


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