Police to Receive X-Ray Glasses, Identify Suspects Through Walls

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

robocopglassSay goodbye to privacy in the comfort of your own home as local police will soon be acquiring what is being dubbed the “Robocop Headset” giving users incredible advantages in tactical situations.

Golden-i 3.8, the headset that will allow police to have superhuman like vision capabilities on foot, is the brainchild of United States company Kopin Corporation.

Similar to the Google Glass headset, Golden-i uses infrared technology to see through walls and aid government workers in providing the best solution to their situation.

The software firm behind the devices functionality is Nottinghamshire-based Ikanos Consultin. The software will come custom to fit the needs of the local police, firefighters and paramedics.

The new glasses not only bring along exciting advancements in technology, but also droves or new privacy concerns.  Such as, when can this technology be used and will a warrant will be required to use a Golden-i by police?


The Police Pro application will record incidents for later analysis and can view live video feeds from other Golden-i headsets.

The program comes with facial recognition, receive alerts from motion sensors, scan license plates instantly, monitor your vital signs and access floor plans and GPS coordinates.


There is an advanced version of Golden-i in production that will come pre-loaded with a set of core Gi-OS applications, including E-mail Center, Ask Ziggy, Web Browser and File Explorer.


The Golden-i unit features an 14-megapixel camera with optional infrared camera for thermal and night vision.

A 1080 HD detachable camera for recording at ones convenience or sending real-time video to communicate to other Golden-i users.



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