Politics of a School-Yard Bully, and the American Cry-Baby

Politics of a School-Yard Bully, and the American Cry-Baby

By: TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive

Even when it was dusty and hot, for me, recess was far better than a classroom. We played, but it always gravitated into some form of competition, and though books were necessary, we seemed to have learned many of the most profound lessons of life there on the playground. The importance of an education falls short when you are young, and its relevance hard to comprehend. But to this day it seems that without recess, the rest of education would have held little meaning. Recess taught us how to actually use our education for real life, or indoctrination too, if you will, and as self-worth and values were being formed, we defined what it meant to be human in a world of other human beings trying to do the same. Not all were successful.

Let me start with one emphatic statement. Most all people just wanted to get along, and, want to be let alone… One could see emphatically that it was but a small percentage of the kids who wanted to dominate the others. Some by being the best at sports, some by making excellent grades, and that was good, but others used the power of a bully, and it seemed every classroom had at least one. When two or more vied for power, they sought the support of others to maintain control, with many, and sometime any means necessary.

From the earliest school-yard memory, some played well with others and some did not, some helped and smiled, and others cruised the playground like sharks, looking for opportunity. Some sharks just wanted your lunch money, others wanted to inflict pain, or fear, but all of it was for one primary thing, control, and that is the true volition of all bullies. Nothing in this life has more power, not even love. It is said that money makes the world go round, but fear is the driving force that grease the wheels.

We tried to the last child to figure it all out, and we still do, as learning is experienced to our last breath. Some kinds of lessons take a lifetime to learn, to master, and most will agree, it is but a small minority who cause the lion’s share of the problems we encounter on our beautiful planet. In retrospect, we could have easily had peace on that playground, if we could have just united. To do that, you must have a leader that cannot be bought, and thankfully, President Trump comes to mind.

Our system of government was crafted carefully by our founders, for us, their children, and they called it a Republic based on Constitutional Law. They showed us, granting nothing, that our Liberty is based on Universal Laws, and a Constitution and Bill of Rights were skillfully drawn to show us that what we innately possess is God given. Our Founders loved us, and painstakingly showed us in their letters and writings that Liberty is not granted by men, but is given by God to all human beings as a gift. Indeed, most all were men of God, but knew that some ideologies transcended individual faiths, and so, to come together for a coon cause, called themselves deists.

It was a grand experiment, and they emphatically warned us from the start that every generation must be vigilant, willing to fight to keep it, or it would be taken away. They told us that if we let it slip away, it would be exceedingly difficult to take it back without bloodshed. Some even said that tyranny would grow in small increments, too small to notice, and that we would be coerced and distracted to become complacent, soon forgetting who we are as Americans, forgetting just what an amazing gift Liberty is.

Liberty from Tyranny is not free

The liberty movement on the American playground has been hijacked by bullies, and they are found everywhere, from giant bankers, giant corporations, powerful lobbyists, unelected so called officials, and men in congress with duel citizenship. Some consider themselves inside the movement with a stated hope to return the Republican Party to what they consider its original Constitutional premise, and others who would like a third party to dominate both Progressives and Neocons, as they consider both parties to be wings on the same bird.

There are many many other folks, by the score, who fight tooth and nail for their own individual agenda to be voiced, wrongly using the Liberty Standard to promote it. Some advance their own brand of religion, others the freedom to choose an abortion, some to open the borders to everyone, or to dissolve government to a finer element. In the process, as is so evident, they cancel each other out… And as they self destruct individually, our Constitutional Democratic Republic and Bill of Rights are replaced with Progressive Marxist Socialism. as the Liberty movement stagnates and withers on the vine.

In this convolution, without a defined standard, self-proclaimed authorities teach that Liberty and freedom have the same meaning… that democracy is mob rule, and that wall street is opposed to free-market capitalism, as we try to find the truth. Because we cannot unite under a common banner, we are on the brink of having our Republic replaced by the illusions of Socialism, and Marxist Communism, ruled by an dictatorial Oligarchy. For the first time in our history we have had a Socialist running for President along with a traitorous Big Brother Progressive, and both seemingly in opposition with the empowered Neocon, and once in office they will do just as their handlers wish. You see, it is all just an illusion, a grand circus, a dog and pony show who selfishly deal under the table, well hidden. Mostly, Progressives are controlled by Big Pharma, and Neocons by the Military Industrial Complex, all promoted by think tanks, AI Computers, and a mindset diametrically opposed to our Constitution, the only force that can save us.

At this point, lets us look at the National Debt… Four months before the 2008 election America was at 6 trillion in debt… This was an accumulation of all debt, from our wars to depressions all the way to George Washington, and in four months we went from 6 trillion to 10 trillion. We were told we had a bubble, a housing bubble, because there was not enough regulation. But then,after 7.5 years under the illusive Progressive regime, we went up to 19.3 trillion, today (due to COVID stimulus checks, bailouts, etc…)  we are now up to about 28 trillions, with hardly a peep from we the people. Yes, everything is just fine! And sure, some people are waking up, and asking questions, and they are starting to see how the system works, and how our President is hand-picked for us… hand-picked, to be their puppet. We see that we are being played, dismantled, and our minds have been filled with lies. We are betrayed, and many who hold the reins of our county are traitors, as it is now found that 7.5 trillions are actually missing, unaccountable, not on the books, printed out of thin air, distributed under the table, and put on our backs a debt slavery.

If we could have stuck together for a common cause on that playground, the bullies would have had no bite. They would have watched from the side-lines, and always held at bay. You see, here in America, as described by our Federalist Papers, our Constitution was designed to thwart these bullies… Yes, bullies exist, and most likely always will, and they all have one element in common, other than the need for power and control. They want something for nothing, and the power they seek is the ability to take it from you.

Some businesses are like that, and countries too. Wouldn’t you think a business that makes money on war, wouldn’t promote war? Wouldn’t you think a business that makes money on the symptoms of disease, from cold medicine to sleep aids would also, inadvertently, resist a cure? And how easy is it for the biggest kid on the playground, the biggest institution or conglomerate of companies, the most powerful government on earth controlled by an external force that can print money out of thin air and unaccountable even to a true audit, and above all law… wouldn’t develop the mindset of a bully after 100 years? But no, most think this country is built on Christian morals and ethics, and that what we do as a nation is for the good of all concerned. Perhaps by the end of this essay you might reevaluate that.

The art of the bully…

Feigning, or posturing, for instance, is a method used by a bully, usually backed by several lackeys. But I noted an amazing thing, and it came to define me… A fake punch felt exactly the same to both my ego and self worth, two primary things that can overcome fear. You see, if someone, or a thing, threatens you, your family, or your country, it should be considered an action, and promote the same reaction as an actual punch. A threat is the same as the deed. When a person, a religion, a culture, an institution, thinks it is being threatened, it will react with extreme prejudice, out of self- preservation. For instance, if there is the rule of Constitutional Law, or an international law, both forged by blood, pain and suffering… thwarting the dignity and value of life by tyranny, we should be prepared to do anything at all to get it back. You see, once it is taken away, tyranny will do anything to remain in power. Anything at all, and that is not understood by the moralist who want to sing Kumbaya.

The old adage, all is fair in love and war, is not a Christian thought. It is the mindset of Tyranny. It is a thought born of fear. A thought inspired by the threat of death, where everything you hold dear is held in the balance…. That is the sword of truth, the seed of violence, and is the most prominent survival motivation here on earth. Kill and/or be killed has always displaced live and let live. It is the universal law of continued existence, so they promote. Survival, without regard for anything but that, is at times without rule or moral compass. What motivation would a person have to strap bombs to their bodies and pull a rip-cord? Propaganda says it is about virgins, but it is about fear, and love too. Love, twisted by hate and fear. because you will give your life to save those you Love! This is the clash of civilizations, and the catalyst to war. When a person feels compelled to sacrifice their life for a higher cause, that strength cannot be denied. If the Liberty movement had that conviction, it could not be denied. Instead, we are at each other’s throats.

Two years ago, Israel retaliated rogue missile attacks on their southern border by bombing the king-pin leaders in the middle of a very populated area in Gaza. Palestinians hate Zionists for a variety of reasons, buy the encroachment of settlers, restrictions of free trade, the denying of civil liberties, but most likely the fundamental reason is that children on both sides have died in the conflict. Both sided. When children die, forgiveness is impossible. It is easy to say not, that the teachings of Jesus would sustain you. But when you hold your dead children in your arms, you are no longer a human being, and your mindset becomes that of an animal. Most can’t comprehend this horror because reality is filtered by a wide screen black box. To most Americans, the world seems like a cartoon, and far away. It is difficult to wrap your mind around the suffering of others when you live in a gilded cage.

On that memorable afternoon, one of many, fifteen hundred people died, half of which were innocent pedestrians, and the survivors of this massacre will carry the psychological and physical scars to the day they die. That, and hatred for what they fear as oppressors and slavers, Zionists. It is estimated that about half of these deaths were indeed part of the resistance. A resistance who think of themselves as patriots. And in that walled dusty playground called Gaza , one million two hundred thousand people live, and each of them must have known at least one of those who were killed that day. And as the children were pulled out of their charred school and lined up on the street in the middle of the fiery chaos, pictures of the event aired all around the world. All around the world, but not in America. Only on Utube could it be viewed. And there, for all to see, white phosphor rained down like fire and brimstone, illegal incendiary bombs banned by international law, a sulfur mix similar to the Vietnam napalm, I so vividly remember. Illegal, with the same humanitarian concerns as poison gas…. What a cosmic joke. What hypocrisy! Israel is now coming forward blasting Syria for using illegal chemical weapons, as our young men are being killed by our own weapons supplied to past allies, now our enemies, and all for the need to control their oil. All paid, even the fire-bombs, with our tax dollars. In Afghanistan, CIA operatives protect poppy fields, and send tendrils into the heart of all governments who do not submit. Although Israel has great military power, they too have suffered the cost of their Zionist movement, the horrible death of their children.

And we Americans are so appalled by those damned rag-head fanatics! Yes, they are monsters. There are those, for thousands of years, and now we can count ourselves among them. Tit for tat forever. Forever and ever, amen.

The fallacy

So how deep does this fallacy go? This hypocrisy? Homeland security bought billions of hollow-point rounds, and why? Hollow point bullets are also banned in warfare, by the UN. No wonder why we hate those damned UN inspectors too! And those three rouge states who still resist the World Bank of Zion: Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. How we hate them, as taught on the black box every night.

On average, each American has 3.5 hours of indoctrination from the box each and every day… and over 3000 fetuses had their heads crushed by a specially designed forceps, as we are taught at the same time it is barbaric to behead a murderer or traitor in that damned desert… When will the time come when we will see our self worth, and cry for what could have been? When will we take responsibility for what is promoted in our name?

So what are the bullets for, if not for the the killing of Americans, or is it just a feign, a posturing to keep us afraid and subdued? Or was it perhaps a ploy to sell us more guns? I feel the slap across my face, don’t you? Or do you just turn the other cheek and hope it will stop if you don’t react? What unimaginable power to actually have the ability to print money out of thin air, and there is nothing we can do about it as it goes on the back of our children’s future as debt slavery. Just ask the Federal Reserve, and they will tell you the same in front of Congress. They are beyond the law, just as emphatic as the destruction of our Constitution by the Patriot Act and the NDAA. And it isn’t like we weren’t warned, but that these warnings were not part of the government mandated school system. Only the school-yard can teach you this.

But I’m wondering… If we see now that our organization in kindergarten would have worked, why is it so hard to organize for a common cause now? Don’t we all see the same thing, that bullies control us all? How do you react to a bully swishing his fist in front of our face? Like showing us the millions of caskets where we will be laid to rest if we resist, and still, most all are in denial. Hollow-point bullets are not used for target practice, are illegal in warfare, but what of the depleted uranium rounds our boys are carrying and depositing on the desert playground along with the fertilizer of hate by innocent blood? Our boys are shooting through engine-blocks and reinforced cement with these amazingly hard bullets, but who is considering the consequences of the future survivors of these conflicts, those who will try to build from the ashes? What is the half-life of uranium, what is the half- life of a human being? What are these bullets doing to the health of our boys and girls in the war theater? What is the value of a human life as found in Leviticus and Deuteronomy? Nothing.

Children are being born with gross abnormalities in the Middle East, and that is viewed around the world, but not shown here in America. Not unless some real commercials could generate revenue, and the world is thinking we are monsters and fools… Bullies without conscience, imperialists by nature. I have to believe, this is what President Trump is fighting, the same people who killed Kennedy for pushing back.

So now we have bible thumpers who promote the bible and a gun. The same ilk who flooded into the playground of America’s west displacing the indigenous populations with disease-tainted blankets. The Winchester repeater, hunger, and a superiority complex, pushed painted white churches that echoed with the song of Amazing Grace.

In Louisiana and Mississippi, my neck of the woods, we once had a group of Indians called the Choctaws. They lived on prime real estate, old growth forest, teaming hunting grounds, and a grudge. They could not forgive the killing of their children, even though the new mandated Christian Religion told them so. And when they could, they would shoot an arrow into a trespasser without remorse, and in spite of our tyrannical law. As reprisal, they were transported, on foot, to Oklahoma. It was part of many transfers to reservations, and all traveled on a trail of tears. And do we appreciate America? Mississippi has the worst educational system in the US, with Louisiana a close second. Those forests are now clear cut, even on government land. Alcoholics and drug users in a bible-belt of dry counties, with 80 percent of the un-aborted children born out of wedlock, and almost fifty percent receiving a government check, or on the dole. Some actually think that food-stamps is the real American currency. One might think the best paying jobs in Mississippi would be a logger, but it is not, its the Lawyers and politicians who feed on them. They are the top of the food chain.

Trail of tears…

Is this the reason the Jews wrote in the old testament, to kill every last person exploited and conquered? To kill every last man, and to enslave the women and children, that everything inside the breached walls walls belonged to them, even to burn if they so so choose. Leviticus and Deuteronomy goes into great detail as to how to treat an enemy, the very same detail Nazi Germany used on them, and it certainly expanded that same rule of law to our wild west. Settlers held a gun in one hand and a bible in the other, justified to steal land and murder the “infidel” just as Zionists are doing in Gaza today. But the side they oppose has their own version of slaughter, taken from the Koran, and it is tit for tat forever… It is blood, and forever war.

God help us, it is, and we pay for it without caring to know why. Yes, the law of the west is an uncomfortable law, because we want so badly to wear the white hat of a good guy. But as we pray for mercy, we know that God gave us free will, and we are the ones responsible.

We cannot even remotely comprehend the possibility that what has made America great was our ability to step on the back of others, bankrolled by corporations and banks who profit from both sides… as bullies. Powerful banks who play us like a fiddle, caring little for who wins, because the bottom line is profit… In our world we turn a blind eye, as truth is too uncomfortable to seek, and we tolerate the depiction of our Loving Jesus using an automatic weapon on our television sets. We tolerate a woman cutting off the arms and legs of 300 men dressed in black with a samurai sword, as our children cheer hysterically… and as 3000 babies are torn limb from limb every day by abortions, we eat poisoned food lobbied to be safe for human consumption, and untested GMO is mandated to be so safe it doesn’t have to be on the label. Are we so trusting, lazy, or just stand for nothing cowards?

In our low quality throw-away society, we text while driving on phones designed to be obsolete in one year, weave and speed on streets designed for safety by the the blood of countless accidents. But we want more, to push the envelope for our selfish nature to get up and over… we want it fast and free, and colorful, but when cornered, when questioned, we can’t remember why… and so in our world, telling the truth can get you 35, and your sexual exploits gets more respect than intellect or a loving spirit. Our children, taught by big brother to maintain the status-quo, learn history as rewritten to both manufacture and maintain compliance, a dependence of government from cradle to grave.

And are we enjoying this paradise we have created on the blood of others? Beautiful streets full of people speeding to the next traffic light, with cracked windows to let out the stench of tobacco and pot, held like a precious extra widget by a perfectly manicured hand. A world, so beautiful, such a delicate gift, is being carved up without concern for the future, where GMO, and bio engineering goes unchecked, lucratively funded by private enterprise who first turned a profit by the oil-eating gene-splice of the Valdez spill. Never mind media blackouts of newly discovered flesh-eating organisms found in the sea, aluminum dust in our atmosphere, the same fluoride in our drinking water served in German concentration camps for mind control, and the amazing amount of mindless morons roaming our streets like zombies. Zombies, who have so little imagination, they can’t figure out a new fashionable dress code for three generations, to pull up their pants. Three generations that can fit into a little over three decades, and our United States prisons house the largest portion of our population on earth. Hard to believe? The US has more incarceration than any country on earth, with Louisiana the most of any other state? Why? Because there is money in it. It is a lucrative business, as is the war on drugs an extension.

There are those who do quite well in our system, insiders, for instance, who knew 9-11 was going to happen, and bet “put options” with insider-trading on United and American Airlines three days prior. 300 plus times the amount of put options just prior to 911… and we have pages in the 9-11 commission report we are not allowed to see… We are not allowed to see inside of our own Fort Knox, or even question why we have doubled our national debt in just one decade. Our civil liberties are suspended, our Constitution ignored, and we cry like babies because the minimum wage needs to come to $15 dollars an hour, or why football tickets are so expensive, or why young boys will kill another boy for his tennis shoes.

The human gumbo

It is a dark gumbo of savvy investors who profit on the culled aborted fetuses and the potential profits that may come from stem-cell research, a military industrial complex who profits on the promotion of blood. A manufactured fear that our right to bear arms are indeed in jeopardy… and shelves empty of weapons and ammunition in the wake of fear. Sixty percent is the profit from red light cameras, as they track our every move, and the NSA recordings of every phone call, every text, every e-mail, with your phone’s GPS accurate to six inches of your goings and comings. Money is America’s true ego, our god, and we stand in lines to give our phone number to get a deal from a mega-corporation that has destroyed local business. We buy low quality products from overseas, and pay for the privilege to belong to their club to get a sale price, and your phone number and what you have purchased goes into a central computer, as information is very profitable. What in God’s name have we become? What are we allowing?

In the American garden, the honey bee is being displaced by the fly. GMOs are cross-pollinating the earth, speculatively morphing into change for the sake of change, just as promised. We are so trusting, our children mandatorily vaccinated for a higher good, profit, in spite of the growing amount of autism and cancers sweeping into every family. Played, like the push of a bully on a school yard playground, they have the audacity to call a constitutionalists a traitor, a terrorist, and an anti-Zionist an anti-Semitic racists, and the populous are so propagandized, they would actually die to defend that, because war seems romantic, like in the film Casablanca. They would believe anything the black box spews forth, as it has since Saturday morning Solders of Fortune. We are being systematically sucked into a void of deceit, a black void so all-encompassing, not even our immortal souls are safe. And if, God forbid, we cannot find the guts to push back, we will lose a lot more than our lunch money. We will lose everything, even the stuff you don’t have the ability to realize. What is left of your life, and the future of you children will be little more than cattle, slaves to the bullies that have them by the throat. And the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be a footnote, forgotten, never realized, as the victors rewrite history to justify it all.


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Ken LaRive

From the Author, Ken La Rive – We in the Liberty movement have been fighting to take back this country for less than a decade, peacefully and with the love of God and country in our hearts. Our banner has been trampled on and displaced by a multitude of distractions, further eroding our nation and the cause for Liberty. And so, as we are pulled by forces we cannot fathom, powerful entities with unlimited resources stolen from our future, unaccountable trillions printed out of thin air and put on our backs as debt, we must formulate the most pitiful of all questions any patriot might ask in the final hour: Are we going to fight for our master’s tyranny, or are we going to demand the return of our civil liberties and Constitution? Are we going to choose The Banner of Liberty, or the shackles of voluntary servitude? Will it be a war for corporate profit, or a war to regain our ability to self govern, as the blood and toil of our forefathers presented to us, their children, as a gift? I fear that decision is emanate. I fear that any decision will be a hard one, but my greatest fear of all is that the decision has already been made for us.



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