Obama, The Poster Boy For Superpower Hypocrisy


‘Talking Head’ Barack Obama becomes a Weapon of Mass Deception

The recent speech given by Barack Obama at the Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR) in Brussels, Belgium on March 26, 2014 must rank as the greatest international episode of rank hypocrisy in recorded world history. Truly, only by seeing and hearing this absurd script can one apprehend the level of deception to which the USA has sunk. As follows:

Obama says ‘bigger nations cannot simply bully smaller ones’. Wait… what?

That Obama would deliver such a speech with a straight face now completely vindicates his handlers. Yes, they have chosen a “leader of the free world” who can now reliably read from a teleprompter. And, yes, he will read anything they put in front of him, no matter what the degree of truthfulness, the real intention or potential global repercussions.

In light of the spate of unprovoked military aggressions that the USA has either initiated, lead or participated in throughout the world, it is in no position to lecture any other nation. This nation has lost all moral ascendancy, perhaps for the rest of its existence. Certainly, it deserves the respect of no one, should the USA stay the present course of militarism, gunboat diplomacy and incessant CIA-coordinated coup d’états.

USA: A Global BULLY The Likes Of Which The World Has Never Seen

It used to be that the world knew exactly where it stood with imperial empires. The ‘Holy’ Roman Empire was reviled for all the reasons one would despise an empire built on unbridled theft, robbery by Roman legions and senatorial kleptomania. The British Empire was similarly detested for its redistribution of everyone else’s wealth to their small island in the North Atlantic. Now we see the US Empire conveniently cloaked with Pax Americana, engaging in one resource war after another, anywhere, anytime, anyhow it so chooses.

That is what is so galling about the current international order and institutional arrangements which support it; everyone knows that the USA is nothing but a global bully that the globalist banksters aim at any country they want to take over. Their recent coup d’état in the Ukraine is a perfect example of their wanton disregard for the rule of law both domestic and international, as well as their cavalier attitude about who catches them in the brazen act of starting revolutions for their selfish gains.

In reality, the US State Department has morphed into a massive Department of International Acquisitions. Whatever it is they set their sights on soon becomes theirs at the pull of a trigger or perpetration of a false flag operation or start of a civil war. There appears to be absolutely no limit to their appetite for natural resources, oil and gas conduits and/or refineries, and strategic geopolitical locations.


Location, Location, Location

Who has’t heard the age-old maxim about the number one determinant of real estate value? Except that in 2014, this time-honored fact of life now applies to the stability and security of every domicile on Planet Earth. God help the person or family, city or province, nation or state that happens to be located on or near any kind of precious wealth or natural resources. Sooner or later, the takers will swiftly and efficiently take from the caretakers.

In Obama, the takers have found a spokesman, and salesman, who will say whatever must be said to convince those who possess real wealth to part with it peacefully. Should those overtures be ignored, Pax Americana (PA) will certainly show up at a neighborhood near them. Somehow the graphic double standard in the application of PA never occurs to the likes of Obama, Kerry, Biden, Nuland, Hagel, McCain, Graham et al. Their highly conditioned sense of entitlement has apparently all but desensitized them to the awesome consequences which are experienced by one destroyed nation after another.




























And that is just a partial list of the most recent and obvious unprovoked wars and military actions carried out or supported by the good ole USA.

How does Obama even proceed with threatening Putin, unless he is coerced?

Now we have a president who lectures Russia for simply responding to the outright aggression in the Ukraine, which occurred by way of the US-EU sponsored revolution in Kiev. The Ukraine is, after all, on its very border. The audacity of the provocation was as reckless as it was foolhardy. Just as the talking head Obama clearly demonstrated in his thoroughly discredited and fallacious speech shown below.

With a track record like the preceding list of naked military conquests and unlawful attacks, one would think that this crowd of klepto-warmongers would be kept in check by some degree of sheer embarrassment. No such luck, as Obama illustrates in that speech, the American leaders who currently run the Department of International Acquisitions are as shameless as they are without an iota of conscience.


Perhaps it’s time for the American people to wake up to the countless atrocities being committed in their name, and with their tax dollars. If the American electorate truly understood the amount of illicit and unconscionable enrichment that occurs in their name — 24/7 around the globe — they would withdraw their support from the corporate warlords in a heartbeat.

Who, after all, would ever want to be associated with such murderous mayhem and flagrant thievery … in powerless countries which already have so very little?!

Michael Thomas
March 29, 2014

Author’s Note:

This article could have been entitled:
“When A Pathological Liar Is Both A Transparent Hypocrite And Implacable Warmonger”

What can possibly go right when that same individual is the president of the only remaining superpower on Earth?

All one has to do is look at the tearing of the social fabric domestically to get an idea of what might be in store internationally. Obama has proven himself to be a complete amateur on the world stage. Just as Obamacare has shown his extreme incompetence by foisting the fatally flawed legislation on the nation in the midst of what many call the 2nd Great Depression.

When such a high profile leader appears to lack any real integrity or moral courage, what good can come from the resulting unenlightened leadership. Five years of Obama stewardship have seen a moral depravity never witnessed in these 50 states. The USA may never be the same!


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  1. Fortunately (or perhaps not from Washington’s POV) that speech backfired spectacularly just as the attempt to smear the anti European integration UK Independence Party as racist in the recent European elections.
    People are very patient and indulgent with these elitists, we know they were unloved as chidren, but they make a big mistake in assuming we are ignorant, uneducable oiks or as gullible as children.
    Obama’s brussels speech might have destroyed the last shed of the USA’s credibility – Barry’s was gone long ago

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