by Rick Wells

Pope Francis is hosting a gathering of his global partners in the world government next week, with Obama represented by his Energy troll, Ernest Moniz. Oil fat cats…

We’re supposed to believe that it’s just an innocent, good “global-citizen meeting between concerned parties who want to save the planet. Like Hell it is, not when it’s a meeting between open borders, anti-American Pope Francis, Obama’s Iran-coddling Energy Secretary Moniz, and oil company executives in an effort to revive the climate change fear campaign and to reattach the shackles of wealth redistribution that President Trump freed us from shortly after taking office.

It’s an initiative by the same globalist powers who joined with Obama and the UN to sign America up, absent ratification of the climate treaty by the Senate as the Constitution requires, for the financial siphons of the anti-sovereignty, freedom killing, global UN government to first be inserted under the Paris accord. They are attempting to force them to be reinserted, with the scab just barely off before the wounds completely heal over.

Pope Francis didn’t just wake up one day, kick the covers off and tell one of his male companions that he’d decided to meet up with some of his other friends and they all just happen to be Obama people, investment fund representatives and globalist oil company executives.

We know from the glaring example of Rex Tillerson that being an employee of big oil does not mean that one is opposed to globalist ideologies and a friend of national sovereignty. The UN proponent Tillerson demonstrated that the opposite is the case, that big oil is really about big money, eliminating competition and solidifying market share, as global control permits them to do.

Global power and business opportunities, be they in providing energy of any type or restricting competition from other forms or providers beyond their own companies is what they care about. If the stupid people that inhabit this planet can be sold into slavery believing they’re doing it to save the world, so much the better. Sheep are easier to herd than bears, lions or elephants.

The Vatican meeting will take place next week, with the University of Notre Dame handling the details for some reason, on behalf of Satan’s Argentine minion. Axios posted the list of known co-conspirators in attendance to include:

  • Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, world’s largest asset manager.
  • Bob Dudley, CEO of BP.
  • Darren Woods, CEO of ExxonMobil.
  • Eldar Sætre, CEO of Equinor, oil and energy producer partially owned by the Norwegian government (formerly Statoil).
  • Ernest Moniz, former U.S. Energy Secretary under then-President Obama, who was at John Kerry’s side in all negotiations when the Iran deal was rammed through without Senate approval. Now he’s acting as the shadow government “president’s” Papal emissary.
  • Lord John Browne, former CEO of BP and current executive chairman of L1 Energy, an oil and gas investment firm.

At a minimum this is an effort to lay the ground work to force the United States or the rest of the world, with plans to maneuver our later inclusion, in a global government energy control grid in which we have no direct control over our supply or access and pricing. That control will be held remotely, by these fascist oligarchs, energy fat cats, and the demon who has seized control of the Catholic Church.

The public relations spin will be all about how great and responsible it is for the world to take action on their own in defiance of the “Neanderthal Trump.” It’s far from that, with Trump, unlike the guilty participants in this farcical power grab, putting the citizens before self-enrichment and power lust. He’s not afraid to represent the average people of his nation in fighting the forces of evil intent on the imposition of global slavery through the control and restriction of our energy supplies.

This is just more of the same from George Soros and his network, the instigators behind “The People’s Climate March” and so many other “spontaneous” orchestrated public events during the Obama regime. This public spectacle wouldn’t be happening without the next phases also already prepared and being readied and awaiting their own scripted roll out. The left always attacks – we can be certain they are up to something here.


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