POTUS Imposter Biden a Stone-Cold Traitor Hellbent on Shattering the USA

RED ALERT! POTUS Imposter Biden a Stone-cold Traitor Hellbent on Shattering the USA


POTUS Imposter and Globalist Tyrant Joe Biden Demonstrates His Naked Intention to Destroy the American Republic with Every Unconstitutional Dictate, Vax Mandate and Unlawful EO


Hindsight will eventually prove that Biden’s wholly illegitimate presidency via outright election theft was the single best thing that ever happened in American political history. Why?! Because Biden’s transparently anti-American administration has quite graphically exposed the Democrat’s communist agenda to collapse the Republic. In just less than 10 months, Biden has deliberately created so much political chaos and governmental lawlessness, social conflict and racial tension, economic instability and financial insecurity, and international disorder and Covid pandemonium, that it had to have been fastidiously planned by his NWO globalist masters. Which means that Joe Biden is a stone-cold traitor to the Republic and extremely dangerous menace to American society. Now we all know who the enemy is!” — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer


By: The Armchair Political Analyst

The evidence is now clear and categorical: Joe Biden was criminally installed in the White House by the New World Order globalist cabal with the explicit purpose of forever destroying the American Republic.

As the quote above makes evident, in under ten months, Biden has quite persistently carried out a patently treasonous NWO agenda to collapse the nation.

Biden’s obviously unlawful vax mandates alone have caused so much corporate mayhem and governmental anarchy that the only result will be the complete destruction of the middle class before it takes down the whole country. And that’s just one of Biden’s nefarious goals.

KEY POINT: When we say “Biden”, it ought to be understood that we mean the NWO globalist cabal and foreign banksters who are really running the show—the US Corporation. For his part, Joe Biden is nothing but a powerless puppet, coerced pawn and juvenile prop who will be discarded whenever his profound debilitation’s and profuse incompetencies become too great to practically use.

An Election Thief is Utterly Illegitimate

Because it has been irrefutably proven that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the corrupt Democrat Party willfully conspired to steal the 2020 POTUS election, the current administration has no legal standing whatsoever. The Biden administration possesses no constitutional authority or presidential power TO DO ANYTHING on behalf of the American people.

Which means that Biden’s every official action and despotic decree is null and void. Before they are even uttered or written down as an Executive Order, there is absolutely no legitimate force behind any of Biden’s treacherous edicts.

Obviously the man is a fool of the highest order. Biden was carefully selected for his role as the Washington, D.C. village idiot because of his completely dementia-ridden and drug-addled state of mind. How easy to manipulate a lifelong corrupt politico who always wanted to be dictator president.

Nevertheless, it’s absolutely critical for the entire Patriot Movement to correctly understand that POTUS Pretender Biden has no valid authority, no legal right, no constitutional power to sit in the Oval Office. He is a highly deceitful fraud and an extremely dangerous charlatan who must be dealt with severely in due time.

KEY POINTS: Biden knows that the nation-destroying vaccine mandates are unlawful, illicit and wrongful on so many levels. Nonetheless, he (actually his NWO globalist masters and Deep State handlers) calculatedly issued the devastating vax mandates to manufacture maximum chaos and confusion throughout Corporate America and the U.S. Federal Government in order to hasten the collapse of the United States of America. So we’re really dealing with an exceedingly dangerous and criminally insane madman in the person of Joe Biden.

In light of this grim reality, anything that Biden does in his official capacity of POTUS imposter should not be respected in any way, shape or form. His signature has no legal effect. His orders are all improper and immediately nullified. His verbal commands are nothing but unauthorized gibberish proclaimed by an illegitimate election thief.

That’s it, people.

Just ignore him!

Everyone knows you ignore an ignoramus.

The states ought not to carry out a single presidential decree. The governors need to ignore anything and everything put out by the Biden administration.

Yes, they can sue the federal government all day long for so much justifiable cause, but at the same time the governors should act like the fools in the White House don’t exist.

This is the real secret to completely disempowering the thoroughly corrupt and criminal Biden regime. IGNORE THEM and carry out the people’s agenda.


This article (RED ALERT! POTUS Imposter Biden a Stone-cold Traitor Hellbent on Shattering the USA) was originally created and published by State of the Nation and is printed here under “Fair Use” (see disclaimer below) with attribution the Author: The Armchair Political Analyst/State of the Nation, and website: State of the Nation.

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