Biden Will Be Running On His Record This Time

April 29, 2023 0

Biden Will Be Running on His Record This Time By: John Green God must approve of MAGA, because Donald Trump is surely blessed. He’s never been a politician, and he’s famously undisciplined on the campaign […]


WITNESS: The Army of the Woke

October 7, 2022 0

The Army of the Woke By: Lt. Col. Darin Gaub The Army fell approximately 15,000 (25%) people short of meeting its recruiting goals this year, and some Pentagon officials focused on the tight job market […]


How the Feds Consistently got C-19 Wrong [Video]

August 22, 2022 0

How the Feds Consistently got COVID Wrong ‘Mind-boggling Negligence’: From masks and distancing to vaccines and therapeutics, federal pronouncements and actions have confidently rebuffed contrary evidence before sometimes — quietly — coming around. By Greg Piper […]


The Fragmented Trust in Our Public Health System

April 29, 2022 0

The Fragmented Trust in Public Health By: Vinay Prasad Building trust in institutions is vital to their success, but as we enter the third year of the pandemic, public health still seems hellbent on destroying […]

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