Power bills and yet another fleecing of the flock

Incorporating Sunak’s War on Pensioners

Intro by Steve Cook

The following featured article by Dr Vernon Coleman  d0esn’t mince words.

When dealing with a government that is through incompetence, malice or both trying to kill its citizens, one can hardly blame him.

Before you read his excellent article, here’s another angle worth looking over:

The power companies are making record profits thanks to their recent obscene price hikes. In other words, the price hikes that have impoverished British citizens were compelled not by some “unavoidable necessity” or “what Russia is doing” (the tedious “blame Russia’ gambit  used when a convenient scapegoat is needed) but by the drive to make record profits. The government aided and abetted this effort and did nothing to make power companies behave with some semblance of social responsibility.

The government instead has decided to try to make itself look good and appease the increasingly cheesed-off citizenry by taxing those record profits.

The money raked in from taxing those record profits will be paid to the citizen at £400 per home. Wen we say “paid to the citizen” what actually happens is it is deducted from the  citizen’s  power bill. The citizen does not receive the money, then use it to pay his bill. He sort of sits there as a spectator as the money flows past him, from the government back to the power company.

In other words, it is paid to the power company by the government with the citizen actually having no real role to play in that process. So the money is deducted from the power company’s record profits and then aid back to the power company so as to maintain those record profits.

The £400 nevertheless does lessen the pain for the citizen of his exorbitantly hiked power bill but if we look closely, we find that with the various recent hikes and the planned additional massive hike in October, in what we are being charged for power, our bills are going to go up, on average and very roughly, by about £1200, but the real cost to us will still nevertheless be £800, the pain of which will be most felt by those on lower incomes.

Remember, the power companies are making record profits. This is admitted to by the government. We were somehow conned into believing the price hikes were driven by some disaster or necessity or other beyond “anyone’s control” such as the dodgy Russian government going to war with the dodgy Ukrainian government, or some rise in the basic cost of gas or oil. If that were the case, then the price hikes would have rightly enabled the power companies to cover the “extra costs’ and stay solvent, not resulted in record profits so obscene the government  has had to try to stave off unrest by this latest con.

Of course, there are also rises in the winter fuel allowance for pensioners that also help maintain those record profits and which might help some pensioners stave off being killed by the cold this coming winter or at least not be killed in numbers so great the citizenry go into revolt. Hopefully. But the money for that is being taken from the citizenry through their income tax so we the citizenry are going to be paying for those “handouts” that wind up in the coffers of the power companies. Which is an underhand way of redistributing wealth from the plebs to the nobs, the nobs evidently not already being obscenely wealthy enough that another con would not go amiss.

This is indeed YET ANOTHER CON by this despicably deceitful government. WE ARE BEING PLAYED yet again by a crime syndicate of wealthy parasites whose front men are running the government. Front men such as the billionaire Rishi Sunak.

Once again, we could help ourselves and our fellows not by  some sort of revolution or new-fangled (or old-fangled) ideology but by a revolt against the tyranny of deceit to which we are subjected by these parasites and their endless fleecings of the flock – in other words, by INSISTING OUR GOVERNMENT BECOMES HONEST. Or else.


There is another aspect of all this we should take a look at:

Whilst the government uses the above slight-of-hand to try to appear like it cares about the citizen, the hike in power bills hits us through the consequent resultant hike in the cost of . . well, just about everything.

Let’s focus on the cost of the food you buy in a store or a cafe. The stores and cafes now have increased energy costs which they cover by raising their prices. But so do the farms that produce the food, the factories that can or process it, the trucking depots  that ship it and so on.

All of them have increased fuel and energy costs that they cover by raising prices, all along the chain until the product reaches the consumer.

So for, example, a cafe is covering not just a rise in their electricity and gas bills but a rise in the cost of the produce they buy from their supplier and those suppliers are raising prices to cover increased energy bills and the increased cost of whosever supplies them, transports their supplies and so on.

So we get a cumulative effect that passes along the supply chain and is magnified or compounded somewhat as it does so.

And a store or cafe, so far as I am aware, receives no “handout” to “help” them with their energy bills.

So we have the rise in our energy bills PLUS a rise in the cost of food and just about everything else. The ACTUAL rise in what energy is costing us is much more than what appears in our energy bills.

The corollary of all this is if you want to subdue  a nation and shove it into poverty, render it in disarray and ungovernable, without using the traditional but expensive method of declaring war on it, raising energy prices is a way to do it.

It evidently substantially redistributes wealth in favour of the clique of wealth parasites who can plunder the targeted nation without firing a shot – or risking being shot at by a populace that do not even realise they are under attack.

Be all that as it may, here follows the venerable Dr Coleman’s take on this latest con.

You can find out more about Dr Coleman here

Or read the article at source here.

Sunak’s War on Pensioners continues

Sunak, Britain’s very left wing Chancellor of the Exchequer, is continuing his war on pensioners – and the Government’s secret plan to see 250,000 pensioners die of cold and hunger next winter.

In a vain and pretty damned obvious attempt to distract from the fact that he and Johnson lied, cheated and partied while old people were locked in and denied food and medicine (and were being killed with deadly doses of benzodiazepines and morphine) the nastiest and most ruthless Chancellor in British history is giving away £400 to everyone – whether they need it or not.

Presumably, even multi millionairesses like Mrs Sunak will get a chunk of cash. (‘Oh yes, it’s tax-free, dear’.)

And, unbelievably, if you have two homes you get £800.

Sunak’s billionaire chums with 12 homes will each get £4,800. Those who have 100 houses will receive £40,000 tax free.

Like all good commies, Sunak likes to look after the party favourites.

But the money doesn’t grow on trees. It is coming from a commie windfall tax on big oil and gas companies such as Shell and BP.

And whatever you may feel about Shell and BP as companies, it is dividends from those companies which allow investment companies to keep paying out pensions to old folk.

Everyone in the country who isn’t a lazy, cheating, overpaid crook (aka civil servant) and who supplements their miserable State pension with a private pension, depends on dividends. Civil servants and lying cheating MPs get huge pensions paid by taxpayers so they’re OK as usual. They can keep partying at our expense.

But the windfall tax that Sunak is planning as a distraction from his partygate lying and glugging will decimate those pension payments.

And so it is pensioners who will be paying for those £400 hand-outs. I reckon many pensioners could gain £400 and lose £1,000.

Sunak has already put the boot in on pensioners twice this year.

He reneged on a promised rise in pensions and he kept the State pension rise down to 3% – around 7% below the official inflation rate and 13% below the real inflation rate. And then the miserable bastard put an EXTRA, unprecedented tax on pensioners who work so that they can keep eating.

Just when they are suffering most, this nasty, grinning bastard made pensioners suffer yet more.

At the same time, former Bank of England employees (the incompetent bunch of bastards who helped get us into this financial mess through malice or incompetence) will receive an 11% rise in their pensions. And guess who pays for that?

Two million pensioners in the UK are already in poverty or they are on the edge of poverty. They might as well be living in Africa or Asia.

Many cannot afford to eat and keep warm.

In an ordinary year, around 60,000 pensioners die of cold in the winter in the UK.

This year, thanks to Sunak, I reckon that death total could rise to 250,000.

Regular readers will know I believe all this is deliberate, of course.

The conspirators are desperate to reduce the size of the world population. It’s part of the plan for the Great Reset;

The insane sanctions on Russia will lead to genocide particularly in Africa and Asia. There will be wars breaking out all over the world. And those wars will kill millions more.

And food and energy prices in the rest of the world will continue to soar – killing off millions.

Meanwhile, Sunak is doing his best to ensure that the British Government continues to kill as many old people as possible.

The truth is that the Government regards old people as an expensive nuisance.

Yesterday, I described Johnson as a lying little shit.

The same description fits Sunak: the unacceptable face of communism.

Vernon Coleman’s book The Kick Ass A-Z for Over 60s is available as a paperback and an eBook. It’s essential reading for anyone over 60 years of age – or planning to get there.

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