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I have had a SHOCKING realization. The entire diet worldwide must be revised. Everyone has been DUPED…again. Not even nutritionists have it right. You think you’re eating healthfully, but if you are consuming additives, chemicals, and dyes in your foods, you are slowly poisoning your Self and your children, and “aging” your cells prematurely. We are targeted by our genetic dispositions to excitoTOXINS, neuroTOXINS, and preservatives. We are all concerned about the danger of GMO’s, but the poisons are all ready in our food.

How many people accept that by the time you’re seventy years old, you are considered “old” and almost ready to “expire”. People have been conditioned to believe that there are steps that most go through before aging sets-in.

During your thirties, you start to lose your physical attributes, and in some, aging becomes physically visible. Women are told that their biological clocks are running out. Men are seen as getting bald and grey, and sometimes impotent.

The forties bring in changes in eyesight, and most young people nowadays all wind up needing glasses before the age of twenty-five. People are told to have examinations such as breast exams, prostrate exams, colon exams, brains scans, heart exams, and many more before the age of fifty. The medical community seems to know exactly how long the symptoms of dis-ease start to manifest in the human body, just like major car manufacturers know when their car parts will break down. Does this mean that maybe they know how long it takes before the effects of whole foods, additives, chemicals, and preservatives have on the human body? After all, you are what you eat, and drink.

The surprise is that we are all being set-up for premature expiration. Everything from chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and poisons that get put in our foods for the purpose of making sure that you become ill to support the medical industry and pharmaceutical empire.

There are many reasons other than population control that reap the benefits of your early termination. There are insurance claims, and hospital costs, attorneys who take care of wills and estate transfers, bankers make money from repossessing properties, and getting loans for funeral expenses. So, until the very end, you have to literally pay to die. Dying isn’t cheap.

The food industry is controlled by those same people who make money by hijacking your health to assure that you pay them to keep you alive or to bury you soon.

From the day you are born, it costs for you to live until you die, and the System wants to make you pay as soon as possible for both. There are many who don’t realize that the age of sixty-three is really middle-age, and not forty! We are all being manipulated by the effects of chemicals in our foods, such as dyes, gluten, monosodium glutamate, free-glutamates (excitoTOXINS with 50+ different names), propylene glycol (anti-freeze), aspartame, and many more.

There chemicals are producing the first triggers to an array of physical symptoms that open a Pandora’s Box to many diseases and disorders. Most of those diseases and disorders start at the onset of age forty, almost everything you can imaging that injures your organs to your brain are designed to make you “think” that you are deteriorating “naturally”, and that this is all a part of the “aging process”.

Most people will not believe that this is actually being perpetrated because you think that it’s a part of growing old. People feel “old” with the inability to move, when in reality you are being poisoned by chemicals, which causes stiffness, achiness of joints, stiffness, and feeling off-balanced.

Most people who live to be centurions usually do so with simple and natural whole foods and remain active, and not because of some magic formula, but because they stayed away from the manufactured and processed foods, and complexity of marketing.

Yes, it is possible to stay mobile and active all through your life. The importance of exercising helps expel some of the toxins through perspiration. People do not exercise enough and most do not labor, but instead immerse themselves in cyberspace and video game illusions. Those that work and toil don’t pay attention to wasting their time on mental trivial pursuits. You yourself must make the effort through physical will power to better your health/Body, your Mind, and your Spirit.

The Globalists don’t want to free people’s time, nor do they want life extension for the masses, but selfishly, only for themselves. They want more people dead, and more $lave$ so they don’t have to labor, and that means Young $lave$.

The reason for physical aging may also be psychosomatic through the induction of stress to the brain/Central Nervous System. The Corporations know they can’t force you to live shorter lives, so they have to trick or tempt you into eating incorrectly through flavored excitoTOXINS, which make their food addictive. People are no longer eating for energy or sustenance, but for the desire of FLAVORed TOXICITY.

What is happening is to fool you into the early signs of “age and disease“, to keep you seeking further medical attention for imbalances and disorders that can be solved through correct, healthful, wholesome eating.

The corporate-medical empire thrives on your illness, and knows by what age certain “ailments” should be kicking-in, and secretly understands what the human body is experiencing. So, by the time you’re sixty, you are at the end of your existence and worn out by what you have been tricked, marketed, and conditioned to consume since an early age.

Chemical excitotoxins, and adrenal-draining video games also infiltrate your brain to exhaust your adrenal glands, which make you ignore your physical health, and well-being. You are being exploited via marketing schemes to rob you of your time on this Earth. Your Life-Energy has become a commodity for the corporations.

Your early death is a redistribution of your wealth, which coincides with their Agenda to terminate you prematurely. If you have no assets or money, then your family becomes the heirs of your debt, as someone always has to pay, no matter what.

Aging gracefully is the sign of your superiority over those who are trying to kill you. There will be a time when those who live long will be the Wise Ones of our communities. It takes a lot of self- discipline, knowledge to avoid their trap and not be fooled into their enticing desires.

Aging will effect everyone, despite whether you shop at the corner convenience store, or the high-end so-called health food store, if you are still purchasing and consuming packaged items that don’t require refrigeration, you are still eating incorrectly.
So the axiom and long known adage from the old sages was “You get life from life and death from death”, so even in today’s high market consumer world this old wise healer saying still applies.

Essentially you are a battery of solar energy searching for the power pellets that charge your life extension, and only thorough eating live enzymes will you actually prolong your life. Fresh living foods that have been solarized by the sun and are oxygenized by nature are the only whole foods you really want to consume. Man’s interference with nature has spoiled the natural order of digestion, and consumption. We are all living water that needs to be kept flowing and pure and are pH balance must remain at an equilibrium that cannot be infringed by man made products.

If man made it, don’t eat it.” ~Jack Lalane

There is currently a trend to remove certain chemicals from your food, and to sell these products at a higher expense, as “specialty” items. There is also a market, which is profiting out of the effects that these chemicals are causing, such as “Gluten-Free” products, which are NOT completely gluten free.

The most damaging chemicals are usually preservatives and additives, and dyes. Most people are familiar with MSG (monsodium glutamate), but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a list of SOME of the free-glutamates, but there are over 50 different names for these excitotoxins:

autolyzed yeast…barley malt…broth…bullion…calcium caseinate… citric acid…enzyme modified products…fermented products…gelatin… hydrolyzed oat flour…hydrolyzed vegetable…hydrolyzed protein… maltodextrin…natural flavors…pectin…plant protein extract… potassium glutamate…protein fortified…seasonings…sodium caseinate…soy protein…spices…stock…textured protein…ultra pasteurized products…whey products…vitamin enriched…yeast extract/foods…

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