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By TLB Contributor: David M. Zuniga. Founder, AmericaAgain!

The American phenomenon called the TEA Party celebrates its fifth anniversary this month.  It is an auspicious attainment for any national movement; yet there is only pathos in this anniversary.

I feel profound sadness each time I see another TEA Party event pop on the scene.  Another slap in the Founding Fathers’ faces; another mob event signaling a cheering descent from our lofty heights of popular sovereignty in control of our few public servants, into the abyss of a European-style mob.

I don’t mean to suggest that mobs and marches are new to America; but the average American once possessed basal knowledge of the Constitution and of our duties as sovereigns.  Now, most Americans are powerless serfs claiming not sovereign powers or duties, but servants’ rights.  Donning their patriot costumes, they load up the rally posters and head out to another geriatric rock concert.  A sad spectacle.

Alien to the dying words of our forefathers, these displays mock what ‘We The People’ once signified.  The Boston Tea Party was a courageous prank indeed — but it only lasted one day — after which time the colonists prepared themselves for war in earnest.  This TEA Party is another thing altogether, like the Stones with their dyed hair, geriatric wrinkles, and classic-rock riffs failing to mask the octogenarian’s gait.  How sad to witness one so far past his prime, fighting to claw back his youth.

Flags and Eagles and Soldiers, Oh my!

THIS video ad for an upcoming TEA Party event near my home, perfectly illustrates this.  Baseball, mom, apple pie, waving flags, weeping eagles, ‘our warriors in harm’s way’…the gamut of Americana images…speakers breathlessly yelling into a microphone, pumping up the audience.  The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour.

No hint of responsible action to restore our rule of law.  No practical plan to rekindle our lives, liberty, property, and economy through real reforms.  When they propose any action at all, these speakers usually offer tactics to win another seat in electoral politics — the most pathetic joke of all on formerly responsible American sovereigns.

I know the drill.  As a TEA Party performer for two years, I learned the pathetic lot of the poor performer: loading up the banners and lights, the props and books and DVDs to unpack them again at the next rally venue.  A performance has come to characterize our political sensibility, as it has long characterized our church meetings.  Like such religious shows, politics as a hobby is nothing like America’s original design.  Popular sovereignty is the daily responsibility — from home, where we live and work — of superintending our servants.

Five generations of growth and refinement in the electoral politics industry has replaced any vestige of popular sovereignty, with pep-rallies and action-adventure shows, every politician a performer and few statesmen in sight.

Limbaugh’s Baked Potatoes

There is seemingly no escape from this onslaught of false programming.  Worst of all, those who claim to be on ‘our’ side are perhaps the most insidious domestic enemy of all, as I recently explained in THIS blog monograph.

The thesis of that article is that the Conservative Talk industry only makes two things: advertising revenues, and multi-millionaire radio and Internet celebrities.  This sick industry is transforming angry Americans into an inert, cynical audience that does no more than yell in agreement at radio rants.


My Challenge to Rush Limbaugh

There is a causal link here, Rush — because the TEA Party phenomenon is the latest emanation from the 20-year-old Conservative Talk industry that you founded.  I listened to you religiously for 15 years, and then began hitting myself in the head at the revelation.  I appreciate the sad irony of your latest product-line: children’s books extolling the courage and action of our forefathers — as you rack up a $100 million entertainment empire.

This isn’t envy speaking; you, Glenn, Mark, Alex, Sean and the others could be taking real action right now.  With your powerful positions in tens of millions of American families, you could rally patriotic Americans to responsible action,  But that would kill your golden goose; might even endanger your life, eh?  Founding Father exploits are fine for children’s books, alongside iced tea marketing; but taking real action?  As you and Glenn often remind your audiences, “I’m only an entertainer”.

When your listeners tune back in for another day of mental masturbation with you mercenary ‘conservative talkers’, be advised that one day they will have to explain to their enslaved grandchildren how they ‘fought the good fight’, listening for hours per day to entertainers selling precious metals, iced tea, and water filters.

‘Duty and Honor’ becomes ‘Like and Share’

But this isn’t about Rush; he’s just going for the gold while he can.  He sings the praise of no-holds-barred capitalism every day; why not live the dream large on today’s tyranny and demographic pig-in-a-python?  I’m sure now he thinks, “If I quit now, Glenn and Sean will just take up my market”.  Lord have mercy, this is sick.

But it gets worse that that, doesn’t it, fellow ‘patriot’?

On a much larger scale than what we are witnessing across Mexico, the cartels have run Washington D.C. as their captive operation for 150 years, with electoral musical chairs the bread and circuses for the masses.  Rubber chickens for the piss-stained groundlings, is the pathetic image in my mind as I witness never-ending electoral cycles.  The tiresome, full-time Super Bowl pre-game show is now as bizarre as D.C. organized crime itself.

I will grant one thing to the TEA Party, besides re-kindling the anarchy and Libertarian movements: it has made millions of Americans finally recognize the partisan politics charade, though it has not yet grasped the obvious conclusion: elections will never arrest cartels, ever.

One would think an educated population would understand the game after a generation or two; but even the TEA Party faithful just love pep rallies and rock concerts.  Americans will pay to see the same act for 50 years, however bedraggled the performers.  It beats actually having to do something yourself.

If these shoes are beginning to pinch your patriot feet: if you don’t intend to take your duty seriously, you are not my fellow countryman, but a politics hobbyist.  The fight for America’s future has no use for you, and may history forget that you were ever an American.

Mark Twain, Will Rogers, H.L. Mencken and many others over the generations have trained Americans to adopt European-style cynicism in place of responsible action.  As you witness the repetitive, cynicism-inducing Facebook posts on political subjects all day every day, please understand what you are witnessing.  The transformation of formerly responsible citizens into chattering, complaining, joking cynics who believe they have as much power over ‘the bums’ and ‘the authorities’ as they have over the sun and moon.

This is the New World, taking doddering, godless steps into the Old World’s systemic corruption, and its theatrical counterpart, political cynicism.

I reiterate, my Facebook friend: every time you complain or post a cynical joke without offering a concrete solution for which you intend to take action — you are part of the wrecking crew, so don’t call yourself a patriot.

The TEA Party is Over…Duty Calls

If you’ve ever attended a 50th wedding anniversary party, you know the bittersweet experience.  Fifty years as a faithful couple is an incredible achievement, and their loving smiles to one another are heartwarming.  Still, there is no escaping the pathos of mortality.  Most of their contemporaries in cemeteries or nursing homes, the couple’s pride and joy is forced to sit beside death’s looming certainty.

For the good of American popular sovereignty, I pray the TEA Party does not see a 10th anniversary.

At AmericaAgain!, we are committed to breaking the cartels’ control of the U.S. Congress, and thus of our lives.  As I remarked in THIS monograph, sincere repentance must precede any such restoration but this is not a hopeless grail.  We are uniquely blessed with a Constitution that can arrest the tyranny now dismantling our civilization.  But only if at least a remnant of We The People enforce it.

So.  I know I am harsh, but law enforcement isn’t a popularity contest.  No more empty words and silliness, my fellow American.  A five-year-long tea party is quite a feat, but the tea is grown cold, the cookies stale.  As it is, we face a calamitous economic collapse ahead, due to a counterfeiting operation finally reached the limits of the world’s gullibility.  To avoid total descent into tyranny from which we cannot recover, a few million of us must leave the pep-rally and get in the game; begin the duty that four generations of our forefathers avoided.

To put it simply: don’t design another poster about the frog in the kettle if you are that frog.  If you’ve had your fill of marches with posters and are ready to fight for your grandchildren’s lives, read on.  My rant is over.

A long-term solution available NOW

AmericaAgain! is actively seeking key team members for potentially the greatest patriot weapon in 328 years of American popular sovereignty.  We are looking for the following:

* High net worth individual(s) for our co-founding capital partner(s) so that our team can deliver action  rather than more words, as every ‘save America’ group is doing.  In six years we have reached the level of 500 members, twice.  I believe it’s impossible to hit 20,000 dues-paying members if your mission just offers more patriotic articles, platitudes, founding father quotes, and the occasional pep rally or T-shirt.  A law enforcement mechanism of this magnitude will require at least a half million dollars to dragnet the first six defendants in Congress’ organized crime operation.  AmericaAgain! needs that American who has the funds to easily do this, to please contact me.  First review our website.  Law enforcement isn’t magic, but the  startup requires a world-class criminal prosecutor and at least one researcher, plus the others listed below.  I don’t know qualified individuals willing to work for free.

* Our Chief Counsel will be an experienced state criminal prosecutor, who will develop the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ and field the legal team to educate, prepare, and support criminal prosecutors across the republic to re-establish the proper hierarchy of States over our out-of-control federal servants (and their Article III servants, inferior federal courts), which goes against the grain of what most prosecutors learned in law school.

* An experienced former military officer with public speaking and leadership skills, to head our AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ efforts in the state legislatures and to build our network of tactical trainers, gun dealers, and citizen militias coast to coast, to give the hundreds of thousands of dispirited veterans a long-term, remunerative career right here at home to truly preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution.

* Gifted, self-starting individuals to fill the following positions in the pre-launch phase: AmericaAgain! COO, Marketing & PR Director, and Digital Video Producer.

Calling the Remnant

The common meme is that only 3% of the American population served in the Citizen Militia during our War for Independence — yet we vanquished the most powerful military on earth.  The sheepdog remnant now must do that again; this time without use of arms, and only the criminal courts of our fifty sovereign States — superintended by us, the top sovereigns.

The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™can operate as designed — as a daily mechanism, for the rest of American history, even if only one-half of 1% of the adult population is involved.  This is the vast difference between law enforcement and electoral politics.

If you’ve decided to stop living the mental life of a child and begin taking responsible action, obviously it needn’t be through AmericaAgain!; but find a path for lifelong sovereign duty, and do it.

As you graduate from words to action, don’t look around to see who is with you; leadership is lonely.  But only a very few need take the charge, to turn the tide of history.

Don’t seek the kudos of fellow citizens as you preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.  Popular sovereignty is our duty as Americans; now it’s our moral imperative, that our grandchildren might escape life in gulags.

Liberty is not a pill to be swallowed every two years in a voting booth.  Our supreme law will continue to be violated just as openly here, as Mexico’s laws are being violated by its cartels — until We The People end this hijacking.  No one else has the legal authority to do so.

Restoring rule of law and a government perhaps 25% the size and scope of today’s will obviously not be a one-day ‘event’, but an everyday, home-based, sovereign way of life.  It was unattainable until the dawn of the Internet.  For 225 years, We The People have never enforced our Constitution.

Now, with the world our witness we intend to enforce it, or to die trying.  Join us — or you have already joined them.

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AmericaAgain! is a charitable trust and membership organization to enforce our Constitution using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to criminally indict members of Congress; force through reform laws to recover a century of lost liberty; and restore the Citizen Militia as stipulated in the Constitution.  For success, AmericaAgain! will depend on investors, dues-paying members, and the grace of God.  See its frequently asked questions here, e-mail the founder at davidmzuniga@hotmail.com, follow him on Facebook and read his book This Bloodless Liberty to discover that America’s best days may be just ahead.

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