Psychiatry – A Break in Tradition


By: Lucille Femine

The very idea of traditional war where many people are killed with guns and bombs is pretty abhorrent, isn’t it? So much so that many of us just choose to look the other way or simply wait it out. It’s much easier to think that way because, after all, guns and bombs can only kill so many and destroy so many buildings.

Then a new treaty is signed; we clean up the rubble and go on with life. We enjoy the “peace” which unfortunately, in this scenario, is merely an absence of chaos and turmoil. Peace is something that does not truly reign from war, loss and pain.

But that is traditional life on this planet. War, peace, war, peace, ad infinitum. We duck our heads, hope it will be over soon, then have a nice party with music and wine. Just like in the old WW 2 movies.

Now, although psychiatry has been with us for centuries in many different forms, these days it has grown several heads, if you will – a new monstrosity more frightening than the biggest A bomb ever created.  And why is that?

Well, I would say the main reason is because it is so covert. Albeit there is a constant threat of a bomb killing the entire planet – still, WE KNOW ABOUT THAT. We even know about the slightly less obvious ones like killer vaccines, killer GMO foods and  killer chemtrails. (There really is no other kind of these things than “killer”)

However, when something is so hidden and pervasive, it’s difficult to fight or confront it. Now of course, many of you are definitely aware of the insidious dangers of psychiatry but many others are not. Too many.

Here’s why: destruction far too often comes in the form of “help”. The friendly psychiatrist smiles and nods at his patient for five minutes, all the while writing a prescription for an anti-psychotic that will make him psychotic.

Does the psychiatrist know what his drug is about to do? Some do. Some are as clueless as their patients. After all, Rockefeller made sure the main subject in medical school is now drugs – created from his oil. So the aspiring doctor just blindly follows his curriculum.

Another head has poked into the schools where many teachers are now being empowered to evaluate their students’ sanity, based on something like fiddling with a pencil, and send them to a psychiatrist who will inevitably prescribe a mind-bending drug that might drive the poor child into suicide.

But at first, the parents are so trusting and grateful for this “help”. They’ve been told gravely how “sick” their child is, the same child who once jumped and danced and talked about being an astronaut, a crusader or an artist. Or simply looked out the window at school.

Psychiatry has a brand new head. It is gazing into the law enforcement field where police could now be trained to also evaluate sanity – in their arrestees. These police can be trusted with the decision to say – yep, this guy is crazy. Do you remember the “Go directly to jail” card in Monopoly? Well, this card says – “Go directly to the psychiatric ward.”  Mental derangement from drugs is a worse imprisonment than a jail cell. In a prison, you can at least have a mind to fight for your freedom.

This program is being used in Memphis, TN and now being proposed in Nashville – It may seem rosy and good but be forewarned, it’s more like going from the frying pan into the fire.  I will keep tabs on the results.

It’s bad enough the psychiatrist doesn’t know a thing about sanity or mental illness (otherwise, why would he prescribe drugs that kill?) but now we are asked to trust people with no training at all in the mind – except to be told psychiatry helps people. Unfortunately, many of them earnestly believe this is better than going to jail.

One more grim head has been bobbing in the military. Many of these brave men and women who have gone to war to help protect this country are rewarded with psychotropic drugs whose devastating effects are too often far worse than any wound on the battlefield.

Probably the biggest head is within the pages of Obamacare where psychiatry has full reign to administer its blanket solution to mental health with drugs. To everyone in the country, if possible – mentally ill or not. Hopefully this nightmare program is choking on its own administrative vomit.

One last note: I’ve recently re-evaluated myself as a visual artist and I’ve concluded that my passion for helping The Liberty Beacon and its goals needs to be merged with my own creative efforts. Or I just don’t feel fulfilled as an artist. In other words, I’ve expanded my  painting subjects to include what’s in my heart.

So the painting above is an effort in that direction and aligned with this article.

If so inclined, you can go here to either purchase the original or a print.


Lucille Femine

Administrative assistant for The Liberty Beacon

Hat 1-7-14



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  1. For those not acquainted with psychiatry or psychotropic drugs, I heartily suggest you read this a few times and allow it to sink in. This is how the PTB shut us down. The harder you protest your innocence andsanity, the more convinced authorities become you are “whacked”! It’s a catch-22.

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