Rape gangs in Britain on the rise say campaigners for #1400

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On December 17th, a new campaign was launched at the UK House of Lords to combat child sexual abuse by what can reasonably be termed Muslim rape gangs. BBC and Channel 4 were invited but didn’t show. The event was covered by Politicalite, Unity News Network and Alt News Media:

The event was launched by Shazia Hobbs and Rotherham Abuse survivor Elizabeth Harper.

The meeting was chaired by Independent MEP Janice Atkinson and included guests including parents and survivors of the Rotherham Grooming Scandal, the event was hosted by UKIP’s Lord Pearson.

The number 1400 refers to the number of young female victims – believed to be a conservative estimate – uncovered in the case of the Rotherham, South Yorkshire, grooming gangs between 1997 and 2013, 8 members of which were only prosecuted as recently as October (Rotherham grooming gang convicted of sexual exploitation after one girl raped by ‘100 Asian men’).

But Rotherham is by no means an exception: the phenomenon is reported to have been flourishing in many other UK towns such as Rochdale, Telford, Newcastle and Oxford. See here for a more complete list (see image). Despite a certain number of offenders being brought to trial, the phenomenon is apparently still very much alive according to activist Shazia Hobbs, one of two founders of the campaign:

Rape Gangs right now, as you read this are STILL blighting Britain and destroying the lives of thousands of girls across the UK. “Paedophiles don’t retire,” said Shazia Hobbs, and she says that it’s “worse now than ever before.”

Associated with Tommy Robinson (pictured with Lord Pearson) and former UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson, the campaign is predictably tainted with the charge of racism. However, a Telegraph article titled Grooming gangs of Muslim men failed to integrate into British society shows that although Asian men account for around only 7% of the UK population, a staggering 84% of 222 convictions in connection with the grooming gang phenomenon since 2005 are of Muslim men largely of Pakistani origin. The political will to publicly debate the phenomenon is still not there, however, despite the extent of what has been revealed so far:

Harper said the Campaign was “not about party politics, it’s about child abuse.” That is true – but it will be difficult to discuss this issue, thanks to former Labour PM Tony Blair (1997-2007) [and his] policy pushed through the very building that launched the campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is reluctant to discuss the issue… the party gets 85% of the Muslim vote – you do the math.

MEP Janice Atkinson (pictured) chaired the event; she cited Blair’s late-90s ‘PC-Mad Hate Crime Laws’ – that are now preventing debate about predominantly Pakistani Muslim rape gangs.

“There are people in Parliament who try to stop us from talking about this” using hate crime laws, said Atkinson.

And get this… Janice also revealed that the EU Parliament “turns off her microphone” when the MEP tries to raise the issue of Grooming Gangs.

One of the aims of the campaign is to get a helpline set up for victims of the gangs, who may also be girls from Britain’s Muslim community. According to co-founder Shazia Hobbs, herself an ex-Muslim:

For the past few years I have been looking at ways in which a helpline for Muslim victims of child sexual abuse could be set up. Anyone who thinks that there is no abuse of Muslim children is sadly mistaken. The Muslim paedophiles will be raping the children in their own communities. They may not be raping them and passing them round their relatives to rape or trafficking them to strangers all across the UK as with the white girls, but raping them they will be. This is known in the community that I was raised in.

Muslim children are raped in the way most white paedophiles rape children, secretively. The shame and honour culture also stops many children from telling and so I had this idea for a helpline where children could call without fear, be listened to and be believed.


Rape gangs in Britain on the rise say campaigners

The British House of Lords hosted the launch of the #1400 campaign, founded by Shazia Hobbs and Rotherham Grooming Survivor Elizabeth Harper.


LONDON – MEP Janice Atkinson chaired the event. She cited Blair’s late-90s “PC-mad hate crime laws” now preventing debate about predominantly Pakistani perpetrators.

“There are people in Parliament who try to stop us from talking about this” using hate crime laws, explained Atkinson. The EU Parliament “turns off the microphone” when Atkinson tries to raise the issue of grooming gangs.

Hosted by UKIP peer, Lord Pearson, campaigners said they hoped to set up a telephone helpline in support of white British girls trapped by Muslim rape gangs. The mainstream media ignored the event.

“Paedophiles don’t retire,” Shazia Hobbs, one of the organisers, noted, and added that grooming gangs are still present. She said that it is “worse now than ever before”.

The BBC failed to attend and Channel 4 showed no interest when they were told of the event.

Hobbs said she “wanted to make sure this country feels the full impact of what it has covered up and what it is still covering up”.

“I want to shame the successive governments from both right and left who covered up the industrialised rape of our children. I want to shame every single person whose job it was to protect our children. And who failed.” added Shazia.

“Where is Esther Rantzen with her helpline for the victims of Muslim rape gangs?” said Hobbs, “Where are all the politicians? The people in power who can and should be protecting these children? Where are they?”

Harper, a victim of the Rotherham rape gang, revealed: “I was one of the #1400 children.”

“We have lost a generation, Our childhood was stolen, Why did this happen?” Harper said. She also said that the government was ignoring the scourge. “We have not received funding from the Government.”


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