Raw Power, Raw Treason. The Clinton Family – The Bush Family

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editorial Staff

The “acorn” doesn’t fall far from from the oak tree, as the saying goes. That analogy can certainly be applied to Family and Politics. And just like erecting a structure, a Family has a “foundation” on which it builds. Bad “foundation”… Bad “structure.” Bad foundation… Bad Politics.

In the following videos we are going to examine two Mega Families that were built on “faulty foundations,” and that are involved in today’s Politics, much to the determent of the American People and the Global Community. Both families do not want you to see these!

As in the acorn not falling far from the tree… so it is with Hillary Clinton being at Bill Clinton’s side in building the “foundation” of the Clinton Political Power Structure.

The Clinton Beginning:

Credit: American Patriot

As we saw in the video, both Bill and Hillary were out of control… relentless in their pursuit for money and power. From running drugs, to the rape and beating of women and young girls, according to Larry Nichols, both of the Clintons are guilty of unspeakable crimes.

Nichols, former 10 year accomplice to the Clintons, can now add hit-man to his list of dirty deeds. Nichols recently dropped a bombshell on The Pete Santilli Show when he very calmly admitted that he had murdered people, on command, for Bill and Hillary Clinton.


As bad as the Clinton story is, the Bush Family “structure” is even worse with it’s beginnings dating back to Hitler and the 3rd Reich as we see in this video.

The Bush Beginning:

Credit: American Patriot

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