Ready for 1984? [Video]

Ready for 1984?

By TLB Contributor Christopher Wyatt

Earlier this year the World Health Organization (WHO) listed Vaccine hesitancy in the top ten threats to human health. They also listed Dengue Fever as as world health threat and wouldn’t you know it there is now a vaccine available, of course they want you to ignore the fact that this vaccine killed multiple people in the Philippines.

Coincidentally this year several states announced that there have been measles outbreaks and in some cities such as New York there have been entire communities ordered to get the vaccine or face fines.

Lawmakers in several states have seized upon the measles outbreaks to tighten vaccine related laws and remove religious and philosophical exemptions.

All of this might seem like something new but those who have been paying attention know that the backlash against the anti vaccine moment has been in the works for a while. In 2015 Senator Richard Pan a pediatrician was a driving force behind SB277 that removed religious exemptions for California residents.

Pan is now behind a new bill SB276 that would remove the rights of doctors to write medical exemptions and would make it so all exemptions are approved or denied by a team of state appointed experts rather than a patient’s personal physician.

If you did not think any of this could get any crazier mainstream media outlets in America did a news story on “vaccine teen” Ethan Lindenberger who got vaccinated against his mother’s wishes when he turned 18.

The teen claims that his mother got all of her information on Facebook and that when he confronted his mother all she had to say was “That’s what they want you to think”.

The story gets even stranger from there as Ethan was invited to speak at a Senate meeting regarding emerging outbreaks such as measles and is helping Twitter reshape their policies related to what can and can not be said about vaccines.

My question is what does an 18 year old kid with limited life experience know about anything? The teen has not even finished high school! Could it be that somebody else is pulling the strings?

On the flip side of this Kentucky teen Jerome Kunkle had to defend his right not be vaccinated for the chickenpox and was excluded from school. Jerome later got chickenpox and has now recovered. The sad part in all of this is the media attention over a mild illness that most countries see no need to vaccinate for.

As the propaganda machine continues vilifying anti-vaxxers the internet has taken a startling turn with social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have banning and censoring personal postings and groups that promote any suggestion that vaccines cause harm or might be dangerous.

The search engine Google has also removed anti vaccine posts from their search engine as well as limiting videos on their video platform YouTube.

Do you think it is coincidence that vaccine teen happened in 2019 or that there was a measles outbreak shortly after WHO targeted the anti vaccine movement? What about news stories where an anti vaxxer suddenly becomes pro vaccine?

Earlier this week I had somebody from my insurance company offer to send somebody to my house to educate me on vaccines and their importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only was it alarming that somebody was overreaching into my medical choices, it felt as if this was some sort of foreshadowing of the future.

Online I have faced controlled opposition where I get nasty emails on a daily basis and I have had to deal with open threats where people insist they are going to warn others and discredit me. I mention this because I know other activist from all movements have had to deal with the same sort of foolishness. WHERE DOES IT END?

How much more are WE THE PEOPLE going to allow to happen? We should be very proud of the people who have taken to the steps of state capitols across the country to protest, but we as movement have to do more. We have to become proactive and cut the head off of the snake rather than chopping at its tail.

This means that we have to go to the vaccine clinics and protest. We have to talk to elected officials and remind them that they are replaceable and that any laws promoting vaccines will face stern resistance.

If we change course now we can salvage the world, if we continue on our current path 2019 will be remembered as the year 1984 became a reality.



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