Recall Pan: The Voice Of The People Will Be Heard!

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

The Liberty Beacon project tries very hard to be just that … a Beacon of Liberty to all who seek it and recognize these very concepts are in mortal danger in America today. When we see a Corporatocracy force its dominance on We The People, it is our mandate, hell it is our duty, to speak out … and we do!

We are proud to support another organization doing just that. Please understand the issue at hand is NOT solely about Vaccines or Vaccinations and their proven dangers. The much bigger issue here is true representation. In this Constitutional Republic we elect our leaders to represent us … NOT the corporations and special interests that fund their campaigns or promise them power and position at terms end.

The freedom to choose what medicines go into our bodies and that of our vulnerable children is paramount to a free society, and stated clearly in such international accords and the Nuremberg Code. When there is a known and proven risk to any medical treatment and the government takes it upon itself to coerce, mandate or force application, the government is in fact stating it OWNS our bodies and those of our vulnerable children. Nothing states all the above more blatantly and dangerously than the passage of California’s SB277.

Thomas Jefferson medical tyranny

Today we live (by Princeton’s word) in a nation run by powerful corporations … an Oligarchy! Long gone are the days when our elected representatives  … represented. Today that fact is no more blatant than in the power and ownership that Big Pharma wields over our representatives. What we present you below are the thoughts and words of a collective of citizens who have reached the limit of tolerance for leaders who don’t represent, and their actions speak louder than mere words.

We The People DO have the right to recall (FIRE) representatives who do not represent. Know this and practice it. Because this above all puts us at the top of the political food chain, if we are aware enough to use this mechanism!

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By: Recall Pan Committee

Throughout the country, when constitutional rights and personal freedoms are on the line, people speak up. Here in Sacramento, thousands have already spoken up. They spoke up at rallies, they spoke up on social media, they spoke up at town halls, and they spoke up at the Capitol. Now they are speaking up again.

This recall is not about “bullying” an elected official, it is not “anti-vax” or “anti-science”. Call it what it is, it is about standing up against a big government who is constantly infringing on the rights of the people. It is about standing up for those who wrote our constitution, and for those who now value and enjoy those same constitutional rights. If we don’t stand up for our rights now, what other rights will we lose tomorrow? What rights will YOU lose? And what rights will our future generations be left with?

Recall Pan 1

Issues like this bring out a lot of passion, on both sides. Passion from parents, from elected officials, and from the media. When faced with a potentially divisive issue like this, cooler heads find a balance. California found that balance with AB2109. It improved rates, without infringing on rights. Win, win. Yet, despite CDPH reporting in August of 2014 that California was “at or near all time highs”, this improvement was not good enough. Despite similar legislation being shot down throughout the country, SB277 was passed. Politicians in other states listened, valued freedom of choice and parental rights, ours did not.

Now, Sacramento needs to elect an official who LISTENS and RESPECTS BOTH sides of an issue, and not put down and shut out one side to justify their legislation. We need politicians who value EVERYONE’S rights, and who value the constitution that they SWORE an oath to uphold. Elect politicians who choose the rights of the people over their own personal ideology and profession. Politicians who choose FREEDOM over SEGREGATION. And we need to elect politicians who DO NOT DECEIVE the constituents who voted for them. When Senator Pan found his balance with AB2109, he told California that he would NEVER take away the right to choose. Unfortunately, that did not happen. So it is time to … RECALL PAN!


Please visit RECALL PAN for more pertinent information and to support this action of reclaiming our voice as the true governors of this Constitutional Republic.


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  1. Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death…..I was raised with this mantra because my Uncle was named after Patrick Henry. Sounds like a wonderful idea and cause of action.
    What has become increasingly clear is how far we have strayed from the USA Constitution and Congressional and State Leaders. The absence of liberty brings insanity. So, how to restore us to sanity becomes the question. President Obama and Senator Diane Feinstein has decided that our USA Constitution needs to be amendment by taking away American Rights guaranteed by the USA Constitution. The People are becoming crazy and out of control, so let’s limit their choices for a quality of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Let start with the Freedom of Speech and move on to taking away our 2nd Amendment Rights. How many freedoms to we let go of to make our Congressional and State legislators to allow us our personal and god given conscious choices?

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