Rep Jordan – Sessions Can’t Be Trusted, 2nd Second Special Counsel Only Way Out of This Mess [Video]

Rep Jordan – Sessions Can’t Be Trusted, 2nd Second Special Counsel Only Way Out of This Mess

by Rick Wells

Rep Jim Jordan has called for AG Sessions to resign and also wants the appointment of a second special counsel to get to the bottom of the DOJ corruption.

jim jordan

Lou Dobbs and Rep Jim Jordan sat down for a discussion of the exchange between President Trump and his rogue Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Dobbs started off by quoting a tweet Trump wrote blasting Sessions for hiding behind the charade of an Inspector General’s investigation and then showed the text of the miffed, feckless AG’s response.

A defiant Sessions issued a statement saying, “As long as I am the attorney general, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution.”

Of course he’s not discharging his duties, he’s shirking them and letting the criminals in the Obama regime, the deep state bureaucracy and Hillary Clinton walk without any accountability. There is no honor in that and conversely, as President Trump stated, Sessions is a disgrace.

The department is conducting a cover up that is both unconstitutional and politically biased and motivated. Sessions is a crook and a liar.   [[VIDEOBELOW]]

Dobbs’ guest, Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH), has called for Sessions to resign and sent a letter earlier in the day, along with 12 other members of Congress demanding that he appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the widespread corruption at DOJ and the FBI.

In response to the actions, words and general corruption and obstinate idiocy coming from Sessions and the DOJ, Rep Jordan says, “Every single day it becomes more and more obvious we need a second special counsel. That’s why we called for it a long time ago, that’s why we called for it again today.”

He continued, “I don’t like special counsels but you have to have one to get…Jeff Sessions doesn’t know where his recusal stops and starts. Robert Mueller, he is inherently compromised, I think, with his background with the FBI.” Jordan says “You have to name a special counsel,” suggesting the selection of a retired federal judge from outside of the swamp.

Dobbs tells Jordan, “You have called for Sessions’ resignation, the President is obviously beside himself, infuriated with the man that he appointed, who is defying him and defying reason itself. Sessions is not even making sense. In talking about honor and integrity and discharging his duties, there should be no question about honor and integrity.”

Dobbs notes that the only way Sessions can maintain integrity is to fulfill his duty, which he is not and apparently has no plans of doing. Jordan says if Sessions doesn’t want to do his job and investigate wrongdoing within the DOJ, “At least name a second special counsel, which we’ve all called for,  at least do that so we can get to the bottom of it.”


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1 Comment on Rep Jordan – Sessions Can’t Be Trusted, 2nd Second Special Counsel Only Way Out of This Mess [Video]

  1. America is now in the throngs of what can only be described as the worst nightmare in its history, when both the FBI and the Justice Department are allowed to operate as rogue agencies not answerable to anyone or anything, but themselves. Yet what makes this whole crazy situation even more terrifying is to have to witness firsthand the kind of monster that has been unleashed upon our nation. For together these two agencies are now as large and powerful as the KGB secret police ever was.

    We have in fact, placed Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and James Comey (even though he isn’t on the front lines), in sole control of what will most likely turn out to be a new agency before all is said and done, which will cover both domestic and foreign intelligence surveillance on both non-citizens as well as citizens, in the same way that Joseph Stalin did to his country. And its new mission will be to serve the sword of the dictator party currently in power, that of the Democratic Party.

    This deep state as President Trump and the American public is now discovering, is so well entrenched within the walls of Washington D.C., that it will keep expanding its efforts to unseat him through illegal and corrupt ways. However, here is the dilemma for all Americans whether you are a liberal or conservative, whether you are Hispanic, Asian, African American, Native American or Caucasian. That once this mad dog regime is released, it will take an act of God to stop it. And it will not be bound to honor certain protections afforded by the Constitution or by the Bill of Rights. And just so we’re clear on this one major point, anyone who dares to get in its way will find themselves on the receiving end of this terroristic group.

    Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein have also shown without a doubt that they are will to take their long reaching capabilities to new heights. Even though, we all know that their actions are a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America in the most egregious way. In fact, they have taken a page right out of Vladimir Putin’s own playbook when they help to support the Clinton Dossier that was funded and orchestrated by Trump’s political opponent Hilary Clinton herself. All just so, they could gain the means of creating a Special Council which Mueller could take charge of; something that as we know they normally wouldn’t have been able to accomplish otherwise.

    But if that’s not bad enough imagine if you will what chance an ordinary citizen would have against such an organization like this. We have seen case after case of innocent people being imprisoned by the court system for crimes they didn’t commit. Then later exonerated when forensic evidence was reviewed that showed they couldn’t possibly have been the perpetrator of the crime.

    Now my question to every American is what do you think will happen, if this same unbridled action was directed at you personally – who supports one political party’s agenda – and didn’t like what you stood for or what you said? Would they be willing to fabricate something just like they did in the Trump Saga? To basically do whatever it took to remove you from the picture. Of course, they would!

    Just like the KGB both the FBI and the Justice Department are now engineering the means for re-altering the very core of our democratic and legal process to suite their purpose and agenda. For there are no checks or balances in play that would currently to bar these agencies from stepping across the line.

    Ronald Reagan said it best, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

    There is evidence now beyond a shadow of a doubt that these rogue officers are behind one of the biggest corruption scandals known to America. And for some strange reason beyond all comprehension, they seem to be invincible to culpability and accountability. All because the judicial system, which is the guardian of our laws and the Constitution has turned a blind eye to what’s going on and allowed the well to be poisoned.

    Also involved in this terroristic plot to undermine the very foundation of our sacred liberties, our country’s well-being, and the President’s ability to do his job is the mainstream media. For they too, have taken sides in this polarized environment which I personally believe has helped to promote it by their actions. They have even been willing to bring in all these so called legal advisors and expert consultants whose only agenda, is to twist and color up the facts. All in order to confuse their viewers into believing they are operating in their best interest and are neutral and impartial about their reporting of the whole thing. But let me tell you this is as far from the truth as possible.

    An example of just how warped their reporting truly is. All one has to do is go back to the Hilary Clinton email cover up. The mainstream media has done their best not to talk in depth about Bengasi, the Clinton Foundation corruption, the Clinton dossier which was funded by this organization and connected directly to Clinton herself. Nor, do they want to talk about the Robert Mueller and James Comey’s history either. Because between these two individuals who have held both a professional and personal relationship for over ten years shows there was a conflict of interest to begin with on Mueller’s part, and because so, Mueller should never have been appointed to Special Council from the start.

    There is no way that he could demonstrate his ability under these kinds of circumstances, to operate on a purely fair and impartial level. In fact, every part of this outrageous tale has had such an all-encompassing pack to it as well, as with every individual involved, that we can all rightly assume that they all go out of their way to keep the chain of evidence deliberately separated from one another. Even though, they are linked together in one big jumble up mess. Just so that they can continue to help seed this miscarriage of justice now be perpetrated both on the President and on the American public.

    In my opinion there is no way for anyone to respect these so called expert panelist who knowingly and willfully come on camera to promo covering up the “Fruit of the Poison Tree,” standard that all regular law enforcement officers understand clearly and have to live by each and every day they go out on the street. Yet, even more astounding is, having to watch while these same individuals and I’m taking about the Law Professors, and legal experts as they try to manufacture excuses which hold no legitimate weight whatsoever to them about the Justice Departments failure or refusal to release known documents that support a far different conclusion than the case they are trying to make in the public forum all in order to minimize the magnitude of this unprecedented horror. For, they know that once this material comes out and the truth surfaces, they themselves will lack credibility for trying to push that garbage down our throats day after day.

    There is no excuse in my book under any circumstance for any agency FBI, Justice Department or otherwise, to refuse the House Intelligence Committee access to any material that can establish proof one way or the other, the depth to which this rabbit hole goes. For Chairman Devin Nunes and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte are well within their jurisdiction to request this documentation by virtue of their trusted position and by the powers bestow to them by the American public. So, any obstruction by the FBI and Justice Department’s will only help to create the impression that these two agencies are indeed covering something up.

    Everyone or anyone who ever served in a law enforcement capacity or in the legal system knows that when an agency like this is deliberately putting themselves above the law. They are guilty of professional misconduct and obstruction of justice. That their actions in and of themselves is without a doubt a course of conduct that bears a good resemblance to a major Ponsi scheme.

    Clifford Hall

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