The only thing necessary for Evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

Commentary by TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

A few good men!! Indeed where are these few good men? Am I a good man? Am I a moral man? All men fall in love with their own opinions of themselves. All men engage in self-deception primarily. All men trumpet their glories that they may be worshiped of [mad]men.

In my lifetime how many times have I stood up to Evil? Once, maybe twice? How many times have I buckled under the pressure that it is “Not my business.” How many times have I simply turned my head away so as not to witness the “crime of Evil?” Most of us have what I have termed “honesty of convenience.” We will be honest if it is expedient and convenient, but not if it will have a negative outcome for us personally. Thus we have a highly plastic moral center, if at all.

Here is a brutal question, “Is honesty a rigid, unbreakable and unalienable quality written in our Hearts with the very finger of our Prime Creator or is honesty, a human construct that becomes a malleable and plastic quality that is dictated by Justification and Rationalization?” I hate that kind of questions. Son-a-biche!! The Ego Mind honesty is of the second kind. The Heart Brain Honesty is of the first kind. And they are deadly enemies.

In my entire life I have never met a single man that can be 100% honest 100% of the time. “A man without deception is more rare than a fish without bones.” Archytas, Greek Philosopher. Perhaps that is one of the reasons we love philosophers, but only after they have died. It has been said that children and drunks speak the truth.  “Why would that be?”, I ask. Children prior to a certain age have not been saddled with the Social Filters of Lying to be nice and protecting other people’s feelings. Similarly, alcohol removes these same Social Filters and drunks blurt out the Truth.

The Christos stated, “Unless ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.” The critical word here is “as”, not to actually revert and become little children. Was the Christos referring to a certain quality that children have? The process of raising our children into adults encompasses a process of stacking social filters one on top of another to teach our children to function in the Adult Matrix of Insanity. Surely, there is nothing more maddening for children than to perceive the Adult World with its multiple layers of deceptions and betrayals. Raising children is a process of killing off their innocence and imagination and assigning them an ancestral and cultural keyhole from which to view the world. That is how we adult-erate our children. Additionally, the word “adult-ery” is also indicative of what it means to be an adult.

In all social interactions between two people, there is a complex system of interactions going on. First, there is a triple layer from where I interact. Who I am authentically, Who I think I am, and Who you think I am. Second, Who you are authentically, Who You think You are, and Who I think You are. The Who I am Authentically has to do with my Deep Self, the one person I have never met. My deepest Self is my Inner Dragon. This Inner Dragon has a holographic memory of all history dating to the Big Bang, if there be such a thing. As such, there is no deceiving the Inner Dragon. The Inner Dragon holds the most ancient of memories and as such sees only Truth thru Direct Perception.

Few even dare venture into the Labyrinth of the Inner Dragon. On occasion an errant Fool, a Mad Don Quixote fancying himself a Hero will accidentally stumble upon the entrance into the Labyrinth and presume himself to be the Slayer of the Dragon. However, few survive this encounter unscathed. For the most part these Errant Fools end up naked, stripped of their Social Persona, quivering and shaking with madness. In modern times we confine these fools in special housing institutions called “psychiatric wards” in State Mental Hospitals, lest they infect society with their special brand of madness. Indeed, to face our Dragon unprepared, is sheer madness.

Should however, a Hero/Warrior chance upon this same entrance to the Labyrinth of the Inner Dragon, he will enter like a child, free of fear and seeking only to embrace the Truth. Upon seeing the Inner Dragon for the first time, he does not run, flee or feel fear, he simply states, “I have come to the right Place.” As the Hero and the Inner Dragon stalk one another, a Cosmic Dance begins. It is a dance of awe, of respect, of Love and Compassion, without fear, for fear is the Great Destroyer of Everything. Should the Hero at any point display Fear, the Dragon will devour him instantly and spit out his bones.

If the Hero is worthy, the Dragon will reveal to him the Secrets of Creation and in the end they will embrace one another realizing that they are One and the Same. Thus there is nothing to destroy, but only to embrace. All of Creation is One. The Light and the Dark become One, Single Unity. The Hero emerges as the Phoenix, a newly born and purified by Fire Shaman into the corrupt world of Man, where the Great Reptilian Darkness in fact does exist and rules.

The Who I think I am, is my Social Persona. The Social Persona is of no interest to the Inner Dragon. In fact, the Dragon devours Social personas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please read my chapter titled, “Taming the Dragon.” J. Krishnamurti stated, “It is not a sign of good mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” In order to function in this profoundly sick society, called the human race, I had better adjust or suffer the consequences. Robert J. Burrowes wrote a profound article on raising children, “Why Violence” and when I first read it years ago, I broke down crying and sobbing while reading the text. It touched me deeply.

This Who I think I am persona is a fanciful chimera. This changes faster than I can change underwear. This Social person is a perpetual liar. To this Social persona, the Inner Dragon is cruel and uncompromising. It is rigid, and gives no quarter. See, this Social persona has the belief that the world is there to serve them. Thus Self Service becomes the main paradigm from which the Social persona functions and operates. Throughout the whole world there are only two types of humans. One, those who engage in Self-Service, and two, those who engage in Service to Others. This second class of humans is indeed rare, and far and few in between. In the Ra Material, The Law of One, Ra, states that there are roughly 65 million such beings on Planet Earth. This is about 1% of the total population.

Here is a great irony about social interactions between humans. We take our perfectly pristine and pure children who still have a Direct Link, a sort of umbilical cord, to Prime Creator, and convert them into “adults”, which is the root word for “adulterate and adultery.” So we take our children, who perceive the world thru God’s Eyes, and pervert and degrade them to see the world as we see it, with all of our injuries, traumas and humiliations. We pass on all of our own Ancestral Wounds. The Christos stated, “I shall visit the sins of the father unto the 3rd and 4th generations.” So do we raise our children to be honest and authentic or to be “Mini-Mees?” A chip off the old block to please our Self-serving Egos!!

The Who You think I am is also a chimera, that changes with the circumstances. These circumstances vary and are as multitudinous as the human population to the 10th power. Each circumstance will dictate how I perceive you for the moment and how you perceive me for the moment. This perception changes faster than an atom rotating around the nucleus of a cell. With every different thing you want from me, your perception of me changes, and thus a product of the Self-Service core.

There is the ancient myth of a Greek philosopher who carried a lantern, shining it in the faces of men  looking for one honest man. And he failed in his entire life.

A few good men? Yes indeed, I would love to meet them, and sit and sup with them!!

My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness.


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