Rising Tides Lifts All Boats

 By: Joseph M. Lenard

A lesson I am happy to share from my Friend Ron Edwards (and the Edwards Notebook)… Your dollars do not just work for you and your Community, but all Communities (Community, not same as dictated Communism) as monies circulate in/out/through/around…

I have over and over stated how these pieces are inter-connect and relate in some ways. Often, I am a caller into WAAM Radio (Saturday LIVE Conservative Radio, while most other Stations do pre-record or repeat Shows) and many times start of my input with “you read my mind” as they are doing subject-matter that almost/seemingly Divinely directly relate or exact same subject-matter then can relate into their Shows (and I am so grateful they allow me to mention my CTP Show as well as TLB pieces).

Well, I sit here today (Sat. May 11th), yes well in advance of planned June 15th release of this, I am thankfully a bit ahead on my things to write/talk about) having just been part of the ART (Abolitionists RoundTable Show on WAAM, Sat’s 9-10aET) and this time the reverse occurred. They inspired, in-part, commentary from last week’s TLB piece and more-so directly this entire piece (and corresponding/correlating CTP Show).

VIDEO (43s): Rising Tides Raise All Boats JFK:

Normally I say (at least on my podcast) “the CTP Show is meant to be in conjunction with, corresponds and correlates to, the TheLibertyBeacon.com piece but are ‘different’ and meant to complement each other and you should be checking out both!” Well, this time I’m cheating, they are pretty much one-and-the-same as I am taking the CTP S1E52 Show and importing the  Transcript from the Show for use here-in (with some clean-up, trying to make the spoken-word a little more read ready and able to follow (written word, often should be presented/delivered somewhat more formal fashion than spoken word (usually far more “casual” delivery))).

[As the “Edwards Notebook” I speak on here, can be heard during WAAM Radio ART May 11th Show (audio) or via  DROPBOX (audio) file or video embed that follows.]

VIDEO (1m 26s): The Edwards Notebook – How Well Does Your Dollar Circulate:

Transcription Services below from: converter.app (Converter.app is a FREE online Transcribing service; and indeed the old saying “you get what you pay for” so yes there will be some “errors” but presented “as-is” from the service (with some minor updates/revisions)…

[ChristiTutionalist ™ Politics S1E52 – Segment 1 (of 3 Segments)]

Greetings everyone welcome to the show. I Want to tell you up front that I am actually recording this show very early. It’s gonna be several weeks out, I am, it’s several weeks out before it airs and the associated TLB piece will be dropped. I’ve not even begun writing that yet, but Something just happened. Today is Saturday May the 11th for those looking @JLenardDetroit YouTube behind-the-scenes you see me looking down at the calendar to get it right – Saturday May 11th and I just got off the phone a few minutes ago with Phil Stargel (Black Conservative Talk-Show host (later, why I bother to state Phil’s Race will be mentioned)) and Bruce Flurry (who is the author of “The Negro Project” the definitive book on Margaret Sanger eugenics and the plan to engage in black genocide).

At Any Rate, I spoke with them as they were waiting for their guest Michael Warren. Judge Michael Warren, who I supported for Michigan Supreme Court as did Bruce and Phil. To talk about other things but after that the reason I’m mentioning this is because my friend who used to be on the show more Ron Edwards who does host his own nationally syndicated show more importantly Ron Edwards has what’s known as the Edwards Notebook and they played the one today about Entrepreneurship.

I forget the other term he used about motivations of why to engage in starting one’s own businesses and in such he said the White community. I think it was that circulation of money generally goes around the White community nine times before exits. That and gets that money in the hands of another community. He quoted a statistic about the Asian community and the Latino community and then said but the Black community It only takes like 30 minutes before the money circulates out to another community. Now I don’t know, he didn’t say where those statistics came from, I don’t know about the validity of that statistic. The 30 minutes may have been a bit of an exaggeration to make a point and it’s an important and valid point.

I know Ron Edwards, Black American, great Patriot love him, great guy. Others listening to that might fully distort and say he’s a racist Right black only about black blacks helping blacks, you know all about them only about them That is the definition of racism when you’re all consumed only about your own race Racism well that is not his point. What must take into consideration? Everything else one says rights and does For the context You must take that Edwards notebook in context with the other Edwards notebook.

[Image source: TheRonEdwards.com (used with permission)]

I have no problem with what he said. It’s not about racism. He’s not a racist point – he’s making a valid point about any particular people’s engagement and involvement and attempts at entrepreneurship to better not only themselves their own race but everyone a rising tides lifts all boats as the saying goes. That is just point here. It’s incidental almost coincidental and a byproduct and I jokingly engaging in wordplay here BUY product as opposed to be why product both a byproduct and a buy-product that those dollars would circulate more within the black community if those within that black community indeed bothered to engage in entrepreneurship and formed their own small businesses Owned operated businesses in their community.

All right, let’s define community. Generally, it’s human nature. It isn’t racism in general. Usually certainly. Sometimes it is there are races of all skin tone that are all about their race only their race to the exclusion of other races. That can be a black racist too, That’s the definition of racism. So spare me. That only white people can somehow be racist, but that’s a bit of an aside a different rabbit hole but was necessary to say a community – it’s human nature.

I’m sorry. I gotta complete that thought about Human-nature. You generally associate with like-minded people and Like-minded people are usually within the same culture though. It’s not unusual. It’s not improper. It’s not necessarily – it can be but not always racist for – Asians to live in an Asian community, right? Look at Chinatown in both New York and California. Look at Mexicantown. I’m in the Detroit area Mexicantown is a thing in the Detroit City limits.

So it’s normal. That usually you’re born into a community by people of that community and a lot of times you stay and help build that community. It’s not overtly a racist conscious decision though a community could be a half a mile square radius within like the City of Detroit multiple miles square radius as Mexicantown is – and back to Ron Edwards point again just using Blacks as an example. It’s not all about Blacks, only about Blacks, and indeed it would coincidentally and as a byproduct get that statistic, he talked about up not a purposeful willful racist intent to only do business with other Blacks. But, of course, most communities have businesses owned and operated by people from that community.

For whatever reason Blacks don’t have that as much as the other races or classes of people. It’s not racist for Ron Edwards to point that out. It’s not racist in his intent to want to improve that situation. It’s about all people because again eventually with all the statistics he gave the money eventually circulates out of that community to another community though helping yourselves within your own community is part of eventually that rising tide that lifts all boats. That’s a good thing. It’s not a bad thing. It’s not a purposeful, willful, and malice of forethought, of racist intent that he talks about this.

Thank you, Ron Edwards, for that great Edwards Notebook commentary as well as all your other Edwards Notebook commentary and I don’t know the website off the top of my head I will of course look it up and put it in the Show Notes the Edwards Notebook dot-com or whatever his site actually is so you can look at it and hear other of his great Patriot, Pro-America, Pro-business, Pro-markets, Pro-everybody doing well, not just his community, that he has there. So I hastily indeed after the Abolitionist RoundTable WAAM Show; which was the show again Phil Stargel Black Conservative (and my friend’s skin-tone matters not to me, but has to be mentioned as The Left and their #IdentityPolitics manure would try claim “he ain’t Black” and same too/true for Ron Edwards), Bruce Flurry author of The Negro Project host, and they play the Edwards Notebook usually a new one every week every Saturday that show airs 9 a.m. Eastern time to 10 a.m. Eastern time. You can find that show on WAAMradio.com Saturdays 9 to 10 Eastern with the listen live link. I often call into that show so I absolutely listened and when I heard Ron Edwards talk about this, I felt motivated to talk about it.

So yeah, I hastily now at 10 10 a.m. on Saturday May the 11th doing this recording for ChristiTutionalist TM Politics podcast because in part inspired by what Ron Edwards. Again, Ron Edwards, and I’m proud and happy to call that Patriot a friend of mine, Edward’s notebook inspired by it as well as again the need in my mind to clarify and explain the overall context because some absolutely, positively, the left, will attempt to take his words and distort them and take them out of context to make it like he’s some Black Panther or something like that. Like a –  what’s his name? Farrakhan, right like a Black supremacist and always and only about Black this, Black that, Black the other thing, the Black community. He [Farrakhan] wants his own Black America. Ron Edwards is not like that. Most people of any race are not like that, not racist.

But, again, indeed there are racists. That’s not to deny there aren’t. There are racists in any and every race, class, group, racist classes, whatever, exist.

Well, Thank you for tuning in. This is going to be a brief episode I felt it important to discuss that and provide the full context and indeed reach out to all if and when you get the opportunity to become Entrepreneur and potentially start your own business. It’s great and I hope you can. I hope you will. I hope you’re able to then make a living at it. Not all businesses succeed some people indeed start one and actually earn less of a living than they were, would, if they were working for someone else – a giant conglomerate Corporation – but they like that freedom, personal freedom, and sense of power. I don’t mean in a tyrannical sense for themselves a little bit of control within their own lives rather than that nine to five at the Corporation but again most small businesses the misconception is ‘oh you own the business and you just rake in the cash’ ninety-nine percent of the time the business owner has to put in far more hours than any employee. They have to in order to assure the business runs well and right and they can indeed make money, it often is more work and more stress than the traditional nine to five working for somebody else.

I kind of rambled and went down another rabbit hole there, but I think it wasn’t necessary.

Thank you all for tuning in Take care God bless until next time. See you later.

[TLB NOTE: This piece appeared on BeforeItsNews on Mon. May 27th (Memorial Day) as a B4IN Behind-The-Scenes early Sneak-Peek of this article with a couple of additional images embedded in order to help promote TheLibertyBeacon (and, yes, of course, obviously, my TLB fare and my CTP Show). Doing a/the BTS/SP over on B4IN sometimes too helps me “develop” and “tweak” a TLB piece for publication here as it can be “perfected” (but no such thing as “perfect” and never really done as things can always be added, deleted, modified, to make better) before release here, as too I did the “Mother’s Day (retrospective)” article (MDR via B4IN and MDR via TLB).]


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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