Mother’s Day Retrospective


By: Joseph M. Lenard

First, I recognize this is way too long (but IF you indeed hang-in for all of it, maybe just “skim” those parts imported down-thread, you’ll see why I just could not come to cut much of it, this is very much “Personal” which I’m sharing) and only my most dedicated of followers are going to make it all the way through (that is OK, if nothing I just hope you all read the new/added fresh to 2024 TLB (6 paragraphs) opening parts) and apologies to TLB Staff that will be dealing with putting this piece up)… So, don’t do it (read through) for me, DO IT FOR YOUR MOTHER (what are you an ungrateful Child? LOL, do not make me tell your Mom on you!).

Next, yes, I realize that Mother’s Day was Sunday May 12th 2024… I am actually putting this together on Mother’s Day (May 12th, for publication Sat. May 25th) – I wanted to be “in the Day” and “in the emotions” that would wash over me as my Mother has been gone awhile now and I wanted to see as I revisit what I wrote back then (yes, I am republishing another prior BeforeItsNews piece (from August 13, 2021) titled “RIP: Donna Jean Lenard (Daughter, Wife, Mother, and an example to/for all)” and then even to ruminate beyond that many days to see what I might now feel compelled to input as “updates” exclusive TLB inserts. Yes, as I hope you’re a regular reader of mine, noticed “a pattern” that I do this with several different Holidays/Holydays (if you’re “new” to me here on TLB, please see those other Holiday themed ones (among TLB archives of my posts)).

I am, yes, grown Male Adult (aged 62) that still very much misses his Mama (go ahead and call me a Mama’s Boy if you like – zero issue if you do). Visited Mom’s grave the other day, didn’t break down there, but most certainly fighting back the tears here as I type. While there, yes, visited Dad’s, Grand-Pa’s and Grand-Ma’s (on Mom’s side of Family), more distant relatives (also on Mom’s side of Family), and spent extra time at Baby Norman’s (Mom’s Brother, that only lived a single day (the pain of a Mother outliving her offspring is horrible, but can you imagine the horrendous pain of (Grand-Ma to me, Elizabeth Kieler’s) losing Child one day after birth?)) grave-site.

VIDEO (9m 43s): The Real Dark & Tragic Origins of Mother’s Day | History

So this “retrospective” is mostly for those of you who were unable to be with/around your Mother this past Mother’s Day. What was the reason? I know, many are not in same State anymore as their Parents, travel especially if you have Children of your own can be difficult and/or very expensive depending on the distance; que “Dashing through the Snow, to Grandma’s House we go,” despite Christmas-time long past now; and in those cases we can all understand that – but you better have called your Mother!

If not that, what also/else in Life “got in the way?” I ask, not to be “condemning” (as aside, Matthew 7 is really “condemn not” as there are dozen plus other Scriptures covering that we are indeed to Judge and to “Judge Biblically” and same Standards we hold ourselves to – nor to try make you “feel bad,” please keep reading) because it is Human-Nature for us to take-for-granted so many things – as the saying goes “don’t know what you lost, ‘til it’s gone” as we are all caught-up in the hecticness of trying survive on this Planet.

So, really, the point of my sharing this Ex Post Facto to Mother’s Day 2024 – not about looking back but looking forward. Do you have a 2025 Calendar yet? If not, maybe get one now/early, and consider printing this article and filing it for May of 2025! This “retrospective” is really about “looking forward” and remembering Family, honoring Family, remembering we are all mortal and we don’t know when the last time we will see them will be.

VIDEO (2m 26s): Mother (comedy movie trailer (Albert Brooks and Debbie Reynolds))

Now, as for that piece that I wrote at BeforeItsNews on August 13th … And, yes, obviously, her death still very fresh/raw then I was very emotional and I actually did one of my sometimes “semi-cheats” by borrowing what I’d already written earlier/elsewhere – in that case a few social-media posts from days prior… Please forgive me, I am making “a few changes” to it (clean it up a bit), but pretty much as was and in my frame of mind then therefore not necessarily a “great writing” but provide both my tribute to my Mother and “concern” for the loss of importance of Family these days (Left assault on “traditional Family” Culture)…


RIP: Donna Jean Lenard (Daughter (of Josephine and Edward Kieler), Wife (to Thaddeus M Lenard), Mother (to Joseph and Michelle), and an example to/for all)

cut/pasted from postings on….

1) from (30 July 2021):

The passing of my/our Mother….

It is with a very heavy heart I must announce the passing of our (my Sister Michelle, and my) Mother today around 2pm (Fri 7/30) after being transported (back) to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital (HFWH). As most you know, she has been suffering from Dementia since around 2013. My Sister was living in with her and I’d go there daily. She had seemed STABLE. She had just come Home on Sunday from HFWH following dealing with an infection and we thought she was doing well. At least back to “her normal” these days, but took a rapid downward turn yesterday, stopped eating/drinking, started labored breathing, which we thought last week’s infection reared back up and into her lungs and that we’d have her back in HFWH today and pneumonia concerns addressed and her back home again in another week “back to her recent normal” too/again – but it was not meant to be. Just shortly after transport to HFWH she took her last breaths while in Emergency Room. We are making arrangements with Czopak Funeral Home Wyandotte Michigan. Thank you all who knew of her infection/Hospitalization last week and your kind consideration of thoughts and prayers then. We are grateful she went peacefully and without pain. previous related post (from when she was in Hospital).

2) posted from (23 July 2021):

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of my fellow Christians who took the time to DM me their thoughts and prayers for my mother who’s still up at Henry Ford Wyandotte hospital. It is now day 7 and she’s doing pretty good despite having dementia the issue right now is an infection and she’s been on antibiotics since last Saturday and it seems to be clearing up whatever issues she had she’s back to her general alert state though they’re giving us a hard time about physical therapy that we need her to have to get her up and walking back and forth to the bathroom again, so it is always with assistance either my sister or me or both of us to ensure she doesn’t fall, once we get her home which she has done all this time. So again I want to thank you. — Fri 7/30/2021 update — It is with a very heavy heart I must announce the passing of my Mother today around 2pm after being transported back to HFWH (more in comments).

Sun Aug. 22, 2021 update: Thank you to Thomas LaDuke (Host of WAAM Radio “Bourbon on the Rocks” Show (Sun’s 5a) [now rebranded as “Duke Over America] for his kind condolences for our Families loss, as he remains in our thoughts and prayers knowing he/they too are going through this with his Mother having Dementia…. Here is the audio snippet (please listen).

The latest attack on MOTHERHOOD and PARENTING by the Left.

And spare all of us the JOE BIDEN DOESN’T SUFFER DIMINISHED CAPACITY MANURE … [Those, us who spent years around a Loved one with such don’t have to be MD’s to “see the endless signs” of it.]


Posted to my Friend Thomas LaDuke (Duke Over America host (formerly Bourbon on the Rocks show)) who was caring for his Mother with Dementia too via Facebook

Hey Brother, #condolences (#RIP MamaDuke)

Listening to Show on playback (just got up Sun Sep 3rd 08:00) and hearing about your Mom passing (sorry to hear, her Soul ascendance and you added to my #ThoughtsAndPrayers in new respects/regards, as you’ve both been in my Prayers for years now). As you know, I know, as we cared for our Mom with Dementia for many years and she passed in 2021 and my heart is still in shambles and aches (I see her Face and Spirit in others’ all around me almost daily still).

Glad to hear you wrote a piece about/for her, as I did my mother: despite RedState now having PULLED my pieces (despite my still driving traffic their way for many years after I no longer was writing there) from their site, I will make a visit one last time over there to check out your piece*.

* just checked your author page (Sun Sep 3 08:51ET) and piece not showing yet, I will check back later today, but obviously I will want all here on FB to see it so maybe put the direct link in the comments to this post?!?!

[TLB NOTE: Now, as for that “The Left attacking ‘traditional Family structure’” part I hope you’ll delve in to…]

Are you a MOTHER or a BIRTHING PERSON? My Mother just passed (7/30/2021) and she took GREAT PRIDE in being a committed STAY AT HOME MOTHER to/for her Children.

This is going to be an ODD PIECE [yes, you’ve seen heard me saying/mentioning that in TLB and CTP Shows; my so doing nothing new] from my normal fare…
Hope you’ll read all the way through, this is NOT just about my Mother but Mothers everywhere….

THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT IN LIFE THAN FAMILY. AND RAISING YOUR CHILDREN TO BE GOOD, HONEST, CARING, LOVING, RIGHTEOUS, PERSONS/CITIZENS… Are you a MOTHER or a BIRTHING PERSON (A Mothers’ job is NEVER FINISHED, which is why THE LEFT prefers BIRTHING PERSON to suggest once you pop out your Kid, you’re done, they are now Wards of the #FASCICRATS’ STATE)? My Mother just passed (7/30/2021) and she took GREAT PRIDE in being a committed STAY AT HOME MOTHER to/for her Children.

< snip, cutting information already mentioned above >

B4IN NOTE: below originally published June 12 2021 (republished by my own permission as author) on the #MICD12GOP Website that I am the Webmaster of/for) [so, yes, TLB’ers, a republish of a republish of a republish, to expand its reach].

Are you a “MOTHER” or a “BIRTHING PERSON”???

Exposing more #FASCICRATS #PatheticalCorruptness #Orwellian #Newspeak and the #Marxist goals behind it….
BIRTHING PERSON, the latest Leftist nonsense…

Have you heard? The OMB (Office of Management and Budgets) has started the Liberal Deep-State NWO language twisting shift by replacing “MOTHER(S)” with “BIRTHING PERSON(S)!”

Do not be fooled, this is not “clarification” of language to be “inclusive” and pandering to LGBTQ Community that they prefer you focus on and argue about. It is the next step in the separation of Children and Parents (especially, this case, their Mother)! This is another step in the Left’s misapplied “IT TAKES A VILLAGE”  that was/is a good concept (even Biblical) in its original form/context. It takes Family, Friends, even maybe neighbors at times to Babysit when needed, to form a well-balanced Child! It does not mean “the Child belongs to the State, not you” form #Hitlery and the Left warp it into meaning/being!

There is far more to being a “Mother” than just giving birth! That, again, is what this is about, separating Children from Parents, and making them all Wards of the State! Indoctrinating your Children, if you are forced, no other “options” (Home-Schooling, Private/Charter), to send your Children to their Indoctrination Factories disguised as “Schools” (that fail worse year after year to Educate Kids in basics but excel in putting Marxist notions into their Heads instead; they want control of your Children even more! Can you say Hitlerjugend???

This is the usual extension of ORWELLIAN NEWSPEAK the Left engages in, because they cannot have any honest discussion of their intent and more-so their failed policy! Instead, just want to redefine (like they want to redistribute wealth) the language to fit their false-narratives!

[At this point in the original piece, and subsequent republish B4IN article, I shared a lot of “related items” links – I am cutting them from here, as again I know this has gotten way-too-long and far more material than some will read and enough already sub-link rabbit-holes to consider for me to here/now pile on more other than to just add “twisting of language” WAAM “Moment Of Clarity” (Sat’s 2p) Show clip to give you a break from reading if you might want to listen to (very much apart from this piece’s subject-matter and I have two TLB written pieces on.]

< snip, as the rest was still other “rabbit-holes” shared there, we can skip here. >


[TLB NOTE: Again knowing this piece is dropping well after “official Mother’s Day observed” in USA, important to make one of my points again: Celebrate YOUR MOTHER and show appreciation any odd day – to really show she is appreciated any and every day, NOT just on Mother’s Day. Something that YOU (YES, YOU, EVEN AS AN ADULT MALE (let’s drop the Males cannot be “Emotional” at times and DO CRAFTS thing) making something rather than just something 100% completely ready-made store-bought (or trip with her to local Eatery) MATTERS! Hence, the following video…]

VIDEO (10m 59s): *NEW* Dollar Tree DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2024 | Krafts by Katelyn

SNEAK-PEEK: The next several TLB pieces and correlating/corresponding CTP Shows (planned going forward from May 11th – June 8th) already outlined, ready to go, in some cases actually already pre-recorded. Why mention such? Well, it means I can add this COMING SOON (and/or recently dropped) addition/section to the Show Notes…

  • May 11 – S1E47: Continued Left-wing Violence

  • May 18 – S1E48: Let Them Keep Pushing, Generational Shift Occurring

  • May 25 – S1E49 (this piece): Mother’s Day retrospective (Ex Post Facto piece, just as last year’s Memorial Day and 4th-Of-July pieces were)

  • June 1 – S1E50: Slaves To State

  • June 8 – S1E51: Is Prayer Alone Enough?

  • June 15 – S1E52: Rising Tides Lift All Boats

  • June 22 – S2E53: TLB-Talk relaunch [also note: CTP2 dropping]

 VIDEO (4m 22s): Mama I’m Coming Home (Ozzy Osbourne)

Remember too, of course, this weekend is Memorial weekend and Officially observed on Monday May 27thsee: Honoring Our Fallen Beyond Memorial Day.

Other News from earlier in the week (I will NOT be writing a TLB piece about (but did earlier in the week on BeforeItsNews)): Iranian President died following Chopper crash… U.S. reaction criticized…


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
author: Terror Strikes (buy)
Former 12CDRC, Wayne12, WCRC, Committees member
W12 Newsletter Editor Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter
MI 12th CDRC Webmaster
Taylor (MI) Republicans Club TRC Michigan Webmaster
Terror Strikes book (B4IN write-up)

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