Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Directly Addresses Swiss Citizens – Global Democracy Is At Stake [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is currently in Switzerland making an important appeal to its citizens, the video of which is found below.


On November 28, 2021, Swiss citizens, with their unique system of direct democracy – referenda held periodically to vote on particular questions, will go to the polls to decide on the fate of the Covid health pass. See this article from Swissinfo: Fate of Covid certificate to be decided at the ballot box:

As in many European countries, opponents of the vaccination certificate in Switzerland have taken to the streets. But the Alpine nation is unique in giving citizens a chance to express their views on the future of these controversial passes in a nationwide vote.

“Freedom, freedom!” For weeks, opponents of Covid restrictions have chanted this on the streets of the biggest Swiss cities. On November 28, they will have the opportunity to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

What measures are affected?

The referendum particularly targets the Covid certificate, which has been compulsory since September 13 for admission to restaurants, gyms, cinemas, and big cultural and sporting events. It also affects the extension of some financial aid, even if the referendum initiators haven’t made that a campaign issue.

However, the referendum project doesn’t affect vaccination or other health measures imposed by the government. Mask-wearing mandates or forced closures, which are covered by the law on epidemics approved by the people in 2013, can still be implemented or reintroduced if the epidemiological situation requires them.

What are the main arguments against?

Opponents believe the Covid certificate discriminates against unvaccinated people and leads to an indirect obligation to get vaccinated. The government’s action is designed to push the population to get vaccinated, given that Switzerland has one of the lowest vaccination rates on the continent. In their view, this measure divides society and threatens social peace.

The “no” camp denounces the government’s “health authoritarianism” and “an anti-democratic and dangerous” extension of its powers claimed under this law.

The initiators of the referendum also warn against extensive electronic surveillance of citizens as a result of electronic contact-tracing anchored in the new law.

Why another vote on the Covid law?

On July 8, three referendum committees submitted a total of 74,469 signatures judged valid by the Federal Chancellery opposing the March 19, 2021 amendment to the Covid-19 law. These citizens’ movements, which arose during the pandemic and have no clear partisan affiliation, criticise the extension of the government’s power and in particular, the Covid-19 certificate, compulsory since September 13 to access indoor spaces.

This will be the second time in a little less than six months that the Swiss people give their verdict on the same law – a first in the history of Swiss direct democracy. On June 13, after a first referendum, the Covid-19 law was accepted by 60.2% of voters and only rejected by some cantons in central and eastern Switzerland, where resistance to the government’s measures to combat coronavirus is concentrated.


Here are the points raised in Robert F. Kennedy’s 18-minute presentation (he begins by presenting Catherine Austin Fitts):

  • (1:15) We’re seeing a global coup d’état against liberal democracy in Europe, North America, Australia, in Canada, all over the world.
  • I want to make one comment on the medical issue. I’m not a doctor but I read carefully the clinical pre-trial studies as a litigator. Here’s a data point not mentioned here, but it’s one we’ve paid a lot of attention to in the United States. Pfizer is the only company that’s received FDA approval. So we’ve looked carefully at their reports and data points. Pfizer was originally  going to do a 3-year trial which got cut to 6 months because, as we now know, the vaccines lose effectiveness after 6 months. So justification would be impossible if trials continued for longer. So they unblinded the study and gave the vaccine to those receiving the placebo in the trial, so the trial was effectively over. But they still had to publish a study to justify their licensure by the FDA. One of the key tables in the study, called AS4, shows the most important data point: all-cause mortality.  Did more people die in the placebo group or in the vaccine group? You have to read their study carefully; they omitted some data. There were roughtly 22,000 participants in the trial group and 22,000 in the placebo group for a total of 44,000. After six months, there was one (1) death from Covid in the vaccine group, and two (2) deaths from Covid in the placebo group. So Pfizer told the FDA and the American public that the vaccine is 100% effective against death because two is 100% of one. (laughter) Most Americans then believe that they have 100% chance of not getting Covid if they take the vaccine, but that’s not what it means. It means that you have to vaccinate 22,000 to avert ONE death from Covid. So you have to make sure nobody dies from those 22,000 vaccines. But what their data show is that there were 20 deaths among 22,000 vaccinated people over 6 months; in the placebo group, 14 died. What it indicates is that if you get the vaccine (and it’s what Pfizer is saying), you have a 48% greater chance of dying over the next 6 months, i.e. you have halved your chance of dying of Covid. But in the placebo group, there was one (1) person who died of a heart attack. In the vaccine group, there were five (5) people who died of a heart attack. So what it indicates is that if you take the vaccine, you have a 500% greater chance of dying of a heart attack over the next 6 months according to Pfizer’s data. And it also indicates that for every one life they save from Covid, 4 will die of heart attacks, and that’s not a good bargain.

‘Democracy flourishes on the free flow of information’

  • The main point of coming here is that you have a referendum coming up on November 28. Because Switzerland is not part of the EU, you have retained your democratic rights to vote directly on the law. This is the only country in Europe where democracy has a chance to stand up to what is a global coup d’état against democracy. Since the beginning against Covid, we have not seen a MEDICAL RESPONSE to the pandemic, e.g. by being told to increase vitamin D use, reduce toxins, lose weight, have social interactions, stay outside, exercise, get sunshine, etc. It was a militarized and monetized response from the beginning. It imposed draconian controls on people’s behaviour with no scientific rationale given. In the US we saw a direct assault on our Bill of Rights beginning with freedom of speech. It’s the most important right because all other rights depend on it. So the social media companies and platforms began censoring the public and doctors and people like himself about the pandemic. Once they got rid of freedom of speech, so that government policies couldn’t be criticized, people who were injured by vaccines could not talk about them in public. Then they went after religious freedoms and closed the churches for a year without public hearings. Private property rights were attacked: they closed a million businesses without due process in law, without hearings, without science, without compensation. They got rid of jury trials (a trial by one’s peers), guaranteed by the 6th and 7th amendments. There is no pandemic exception to all this in the US. And the Constitutional Framers knew all about pandemics because they lived through them, yet they did not put an exception into the constitution for pandemics. They also got rid of due process in law (during Covid), which they did in all the countries of Europe. They didn’t hold public hearings, where public officials have to publish the proposed rule and do an assessment and cost-benefit analysis of it involving the science behind it. Everything has to be disclosed in a transparent way with public hearings where people can come and challenge this for themselves with their own experts. Democracy flourishes on the free flow of information. Free speech is the sunlight, water and fertilizer for democracy. We need to have ideas that can triumph in the market place of ideas as the basis for our policies. All that has been obliterated. Instead, we have unelected medical technocrats who have been thoroughly captured and corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry and banking interests. They are telling us to wear the mask, social distance, lock ourselves down, shut down the economy; and they have demolished the economy, destroyed the middle class throughout the world and demolished our freedoms.

‘Switzerland is the frontline for this battle’

  • The frontline in this battle if we’re going to win is here in Switzerland. The big battle occurs on Nov. 28, which is the one instance across the globe where the people of a nation are going to stand up and take back control of the government. We’re going to reclaim our sovereignty and rebuild our democracy. Switzerland is the one place this can happen. If it happens, it can spread virally. If we lose here, we lose a lot of hope. So it’s very important for the people of Switzerland to stand up for democracy; whatever our position is on vaccines or Covid, we need to tolerate each other, build respectful communities and let diverse voices be heard. We cannot turn our governments over to the pharmaceutical industries, the Big Tech data titans from Silicon Valley, medical technocrats and the banking system. RFK Jr. himself got banned on Instagram because of ‘vaccine misinformation’, but yet Instagram and Facebook haven’t been able to point to a single erroneous claim he made. Everything he posts is vetted, and sourced and cited to peer reviewed publications and government websites. The words ‘vaccine misinformation’ means anything that departs from official government policy and pharmaceutical industry profit-taking. It’s all to do with politics. And it’s government officials in league with Gates, Zuckerberg, Brin and Ellison, the Big Tech titans. They have not only engineered the destruction of our democracy and our civil rights, but they’ve also engineered the biggest wealth transfer in human history: 3.8 TRILLION dollars from working people to a handful of billionaires, many of them from Silicon Valley. This pandemic has impoverished the world and created 500 new billionaires. And those are the people who are strip mining our economies and making themselves rich from it. Is it a coincidence that these are the same people who are censoring criticism of the government policies that are bringing them trillions of dollars? People aren’t stupid. We can see what’s happening. We can ask the question Cui Bono? The people who are benefitting are the people who are squeezing away our constitutional rights and engineering the destruction of democracy worldwide. Switzerland is the front line for this battle. We need all the Swiss people to come out, not just for Switzerland but for the entire world, for every man, woman and child who loves democracy globally, who respects their fellow man or woman. Switzerland is the frontline battle for reclaiming those rights. Thank you.

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